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*  Updating... note that more articles will appear as our database downloads them to this webpage.

*  JUNE 30, 2006: Kim Jong Il, Parvez Musharraf: Nuclear Tyrants and who's behind them  ** SPECIAL **
   ACSA holds an impromptu Press Briefing on Pyong Yang's intent to build "miniature nuclear weapons" by
   improving designs supplied them by Pakistan, with a yield of 500 Tons to 1 Kiloton of explosive power,
   about the size of a small piece of luggage. "The Terrorist Weapon of the Future", states consulting editor
   Dr. Jack A. Shulman, who during his younger days in the physics community, developed ways and means
   to monitor nuclear weapons development in foreign lands for the US Government, decades ago. "These
   weapons being sold to the likes of Saddam Hussein, Machmed Ahmadinejad (of Iran), and Kim Jong Il (of
   North Korea) by General Parvez Musharraf (head of Pakistan) and his AQ Khan network, require the various
   buying countries to meet certain requirements for Pakistan.  For one, they must support Pakistan's
   covert use of Terrorism against the West.  For another, they must be allied with the People's Republic of
   China.  For a third, they must have what appears to be, but does not necessarily have to be, a fully
   functioning nuclear weapons development program.  The key is appearances, so as to relieve the blame
   from Pakistan for the sale of nuclear weapons to them.  The Pakistanis built large, low yield, Chinese designs
   with an approximately yield of from 15-40 Kilotons, depending upon the load of weapons grade material.
   However, Kim Jong Il has agreed to perform a very dangerous and crucial task, with Saddam Hussein and
   Iraq completely out of the picture: he has agreed to import engineering from South Korea, Japan and
   Russia, and make low yield, miniature version out of these weapons, using their fuel and basic design.
   The purpose: to provide back to Pakistan a new weapon that is even more dangerous than the Chinese
   design bombs being exported by them to Terrorist sanctioning nations.  The purpose is to equip Terrorists
   with small portable devices capable of destroying a 1/3 of a square mile in a major metropolitan area.
   This, to create the threat of an "embeddable device" which would be used as Nuclear Blackmail to allow
   these nations to conquest their neighbors, while keeping the US, UK and Canada at bay. Of course, there
   is the very slight possibility they want to build an H Bomb, which in some designs requires a smaller A Bomb
   as a Trigger.  However, it is very unlikely they could easily militarize sufficient fuel to make enough Hydrogen
   Bomb grade material." 

   Dr. Shulman continued with a lecture on the many ways Pakistan has to hide its central role in terrorism,
   and nuclear weapons proliferation, and an analysis of Parvez Musharraf's "bifacial character", putting on
   a placid face while engaging in extraordinary aggression against the West and his neighbors. He also
   commented on China's 'ambivalence towards the safety of the planet', stating: "I spent years perfecting the
   technological and social relationships we presently have with China, I and many others did so of hopes
   that we could put behind us, the errors made during Harry Truman's Presidency, with China's invasion.
   However, post WWII China has become exceptionally paranoid, and internally malicious towards the rest
   of the world, even those of us who liberated her from the Japanese invasion and prevented Russia from
   doing likewise.  As a result, China has presented one face to us as an ally, and another in this instigation
   of nuclear proliferation among its neighboring allies such as Pakistan, Iran and North Korea.  The sooner
   China realizes we are not her enemy, the better, for China's own good and that of the rest of the world,
   whether it be now that China has come out of her closet to participate in the world's economic
   development, or even for those dating back to the nuclear seedlings planted with Pakistan and North
   Korea.  This ambivalence needs to end and China given a chance to insure its domestic tranquility WITH
   the rest of the world, not AGAINST it.  It's one thing to participate in the global economic competition, its
   another to do so with a Nuclear weapon held covertly in each outstretched hand. Of course, were it not for
   the constant support of the offshore business interests of the three principal Rockefellers, David Rockefeller,
   Sharon Rockefeller and Jay Rockefeller, and their enormous business network and vast wealth, none of these
   Nuclear Tyrants would have the confidence to be pursuing the Nuclear Terror Course.  This, because these
   three and their family trusts, want the revenue from the pursuit of conflicts on a worldwide basis.  Frankly, I have
   for several decades been convinced that these Rockefeller leadership should be prosecuted for high treason, if not
   for the present anti-American activities they've fostered outside this country, for violations of American National
   Security during four consecutive wars, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Conflicts and Terrorism. They've been
   illegally playing both sides of the fence against the middle for years, buying up everything laid waste to in sight for
   $.10 on the dollar, and profiteering on each side's need for oil, munitions, technology and money. They did exactly
   the same thing during the Cold War, fostering hate between Democracy and Communism, and always to their sole
   economic advantage.  It's time we in America grew up and dismantles their hate mongering, war instigating
   apparatus and sent them packing off to a penitentiary somewhere. They've caused the deaths of tens of millions of
   their fellow humanity, all without being held accountable, since not very long after the American Civil War."

*  MAY 1, 2006:  Announcing "BumsOut.org".
   ACSA calls for a halt in the practice of Government "Benign Bid Wiring" in the computer industry and other
   fields. "A Return to the Three Independent Bid" system which requires "NO BRAND BE NAMED IN THE RFP",
   unless no other company offers a product reasonably similar.  MORE >  Cites recent rise in Government
   bids for "HP Printer", "Xerox Copier" and "Dell Optiplex", demands a recession of the procedures that sole
   source individual brand names, as it is "oppressive of competition" and "repressing innovation".  Ed
   Englebart commented: "As a result, the market become more focused on brands largely owned by the Oil
   and Banking Industry, such as IBM, Dell, HP-Compaq, Xerox, Sony and Apple, and younger companies do
   not have an opportunity to produce a better, less expensive, more reliable product.  Recent indicators of
   product safety shortcuts among the Major Brands, and unreliable 'planned obsolescent' designs, leads us
   at ACSA to believe that the Wolf is in the Chicken Coop, that the buyers and planners in Government
   America have been corrupted into buying from a 'Name Brand Only' tray, ignoring smaller businesses, and
   thereby contributing to the vicious cycle.  Judge only by the number of large 5 Billion to 50 billion dollar
   financial charitable trusts owned by the founders of these Major Brands, and you'll see where your Tax
   Dollars are really going: not into quality products or customer care, but into the pockets of these businesses
   who are deceiving the public.  It applies as much to GM with its highly vulnerable, unsafe in the presence
   of an IED or RPG Humvee, as it does to Dell with its PCs, or HP with its printers: there will be no progress
   in American industrial technology without rampant competition, and today, the competition is so
   controlled, that before long AT&T/SBC and Verizon will merge, and come up with a new name for their
   enterprise: 'The NEW Bell System'.  This is what we pay Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton a salary for?
   Heck, all they do is point a finger at President Bush, anytime anyone notices anything out of place.  But
   it's their doing!   They simply ally with a Woodward, or a Bill Maher, who jaw lies through the press, in
   books and on Sumner Redstone's very strange TV network, to undermine detection of the real culprit: our
   Senators and Representatives in Washington. They simply take a million if we give them an inch.  Check
   out ACSA's next effort to prevent these Bums in Congress from continuing this rape of the American
   pocketbook, our newest sanction: BumsOut.org.  We're going to hit them were it hurts, by letting the
   voters know what's really going on with their political representatives.  What good is Representation,
   when we have no say over where the Taxation goes? But then again, the vast majority of them have been
   bought and paid for by Rockefeller / Citibank / Chase / GE / Standard Oil business interests, that you can't
   tell who's on who's side anymore.  You have the Democrats screaming for more equality for Gay and Lesbian
   interests and equal rights, then turning right around on their heals and capitalizing on Gay Phobias by parodying
   Mark Foley and then mischaracterizing the Republicans in a Gay Bashing manner.  It's disgusting the depths these
   Bums will sink to... So it's time to throw the Bums Out of Congress so we don't keep getting this perpetural Bum's
   Rush from these jerks!"  MORE >

FEBRUARY 15, 2006: Be wary of your Laptop, for it can get very hot!
   ACSA renews its warning about "overheating Laptops from Sony, Apple, Dell and IBM", cites a prior article
   by Dr. Shulman regarding "Fire Prevention Systems a mandate in mobil computing design."  PRESS
  Englebart indicates that system fires could endanger consumers if proper protective
   steps are not instituted.  Cites Dell's 2006 litigation against CompAmerica and Dr. Shulman for public
   allegations he made of fire safety hazard, suggests Dell intended to shut Shulman up but failed. Shulman
   commented when asked: "This was a persecution lawsuit spearheaded by two attorneys for Loeb and
   Loeb, representing Dell.  I can't comment about its details. It followed multiple repression efforts by certain
   powerful figures in our industry, those who own Apple, Dell, Sony and IBM, who know the central role I
   played in the modern PC Industry, and never halt the effort to libel or harass me."

   "These actors represent certain members of a very wealthy Citibank affiliated family, the principal member of
   who died about a year ago.  They've plagued my career over and over again, interfering with its progress,
   as since I first went to work for them, decided I was their personal property.  They've interfered with my
   livelihood, with my family, they've even sik'd racist/supremacists from Oklahoma on me.  They were
   directly responsible for stealing a very valuable set of intellectual property from me which has influenced
   just about every part of the modern computer industry, they owe the $35 million from the theft, plus
   interest, dating back to almost 1985, and they have reneged on every single agreement made, every
   single promise offered, it's not just a Dell thing, Dell is just a symptom of a greater problem.  So my
   pointing out certain companies' lack of Fire Safety / Prevention in their laptops, the lack of care in customer care,
   the lack of quality engineering in products, and the lack of humanity in business methods just
   put salt in the wound caused by my polite yet utter refusal to work for them. Would you work for the family
   or company which fostered Adolph Hitler and the rise of Nazi-ism, or the rise of modern Terrorism, were
   you me?  I'm American and I'm Jewish, for gosh sakes, I won't work for Nazis!  I treat all people equally,
   have the utmost respect for my Arabic Muslim 'cousins' throughout the world, think very, very highly of
   Christians, their religion, and their commitment to Love, Charity and Compassion, and in fact all peoples,
   all religions. However: Nazi-ism, Facism, Terrorism, Hate, Racism, Supremacism -- are not about
   commitment to God, to one's fellow man, they are fostered divisionism that leads to only one thing: global
   conflict.  And to me, the reason my former 'employers' foster it all, is because that is how they sell their oil,
   their munitions, their drugs, their money, their newspapers, magazines, computers, technology, all at a
   highly accelerated rate, greed fueled by avarice.    How could I ever allow myself to be thought of as
   property of such hate mongers?  When I woke up to what kind of people these were, I simply had to
   leave. So I left.  Which hasn't stopped them from following me at every step, engaging me every time I
   make a public statement, harassing me at every turn.  Yet at least I no longer have to work for them, for
   they are commensurately evil.  There is not enough money in the world."

*  JANUARY 22, 2005:
    LONG TIME ACSA CHAIRPERSON, Dr. Jack A. Shulman, to relinquish full time Chair to Dr. Edward J.
    Englebart to take leave, as "co-chair".  Dr. Shulman advised the Board that his father's ongoing illness
    required greater support for his family during this critical period of care giving.  Dr. Shulman will
    continue on voluntary leave as ACSA co-chair for the foresee-able future.

*  DECEMBER 22, 2005:

*  DECEMBER 9 2005:
    It looks like Bill Gates' actions have created yet another opponent in Dr. Jack A. Shulman, who is
    the first programmer who ever created a Windowed User Interface, and who had significant
    influence in the 70's over the design of Desktop PCs that played out in the IBM PC, Apple MAC,
    and Apollo and Sun Workstations. Until now, Dr. Shulman had been an ardent supporter of
    Microsoft and Bill Gates.  This series of public statements today decry Gates for investing $1.7
    Billion in the Nation of India's programming industry and education, while alleging neglect of the US
    Software Industry. This represent a very significant departure from Shulman's past compliments of Microsoft
    and its Chairman, Bill Gates.  PRESS RELEASE HERE >>

*  DECEMBER 7 2005:
    The controversy about how far an ecommerce company can go, before facing anti-trust or fraud + bait
    and switch class actions, is epitomized in the current situation facing industry leader Krell.  Is it an
    intentional tort when the there is controversial discontinuity between TV Ads, Web Ads and Phone
    Orders?  Or is it simply the byproduct of multi-lateral advertising? Krell: Crooks... or Victims of pall
    mall web promotion?  PRESS RELEASE HERE >>

* NOVEMBER 2005:

   Read the inside story of conflict that brought about the Iraqi Conflict, Democratization, and similar
   tragic consequences in Edward Englebart's startling new book...  PRESS RELEASE HERE >>


Press monitoring project

Note the variations of news releases we've been tracking as part of our study of  "integrity in news reporting" following Yahoo, Google, Lycos, and other organizations. We've noticed certain stories are being undermined or deleted by some of these carriers.

STORY 1 -  ACSA's Public Integrity in Campaign 2004 study workgroup engaged in a study of the Bush and Kerry Campaign's respective assignment of facts and claims to the actual circumstances found in the world political sector.  The findings were startling.  Bush, when confronted on any issue by Kerry, found issues his administration was faced with and either successfully dealt with or was still in progress with.  Kerry, on the other hand, found every issue Bush had faced and dealt with as "inadequate", and took issue with any which were incomplete.  Furthermore, Bush then usually responded with a reference to prior administration's work (Clinton) which demonstrated the ineffectuality of the effort, while pointing out that Kerry's approach would be even more ineffectual than Clinton.  In EACH CASE, the American-French Press or Associated Press then added a misstatement of facts, such as "Bush did not dispute the apparent lack of progress to dismantle North Korea's nuclear program", or "Kerry is thought of as being more responsive to Environmental Issues".  These "entendres" by the Press reflect the Press Bias of their Editors and Writers. In the case of the French Press, the French have been openly critical of the interference with their Uranium for Oil transactions with Saddam Hussein, so nearly 1/2 of the French population is anti Bush, while 1/2 is anti-Kerry.  So, the AFP Organization, which resides in the camp controlled by the pro-Kerry, pro-Uranium for Oil transactions being undertaken before the Iraqi War, always violate their own Press Ethics, by biasing their stories with an attack on Bush, no matter what.  The AP, CBS, CNN and NBC appear to do so, as well.  So, we took out one of our back burner stories, about the odd timing of John Kerry's Press Contacts which seemed to Mirror Osamma Bin Laden and Dr. M. Al Zawahari's Tapes and various terrorism activities, and placed it onto Yahoo and other internet wire groups. We are studying the likelihood that one of the Advisory Groups who is directing elements of the Kerry Campaign has actual connection or a pipeline to Bin Laden, Zawahari, Al Zarqawi in Iraq and various violent elements of the Terror Groups, which appears very likely:

   Here: ACSA"s Public Integrity in Campaign 2004 Initiative - Kerry Campaign Described as "Desperation During a Nosedive" - Kerry + Terrorism, Coordinated

STORY 2 - Kerry discovered to be one of the backers of the infamous Genocide against Native Americans in Arizona, and support for John McCain and Massachusetts Peabody Western Coal Company, involving Rockefeller, Kennedy, Clinton and others... Kerry falsely accuses President Bush of "bashing McCain" in the 2000 Elections. We at ACSA bashed McCain and we were TOTALLY JUSTIFED for doing so.  Allegedly, after we released this article, demanding release of Kerry's and Bill Clinton's medical records: Bill Clinton developed severe  chest pains and had to be admitted to a hospital in NY State (the infamous Westchester County Medical Center - a hotbed of NY State Mafia Activity, painted by the 'Mafia Friends of Jay and David Rockefelller' Club's private painting contractor "Warren something or other"), oddly. 

In the article, ACSA indicated Clinton had refused to release elements of his Medical History. Strangely, Clinton has an extremely advanced case of heart disease, requiring quadruple bypass and demonstrating lesions that take decades to develop, "just discovered today" by the WMC Doctor on Duty.  Further, his refusal to release his medical records when in office, has not appeared in Yahoo, just the false statement that no medical history of heart disease was found during his presidency, a complete falsehood.   If you monitor the Press, you learn their agenda by what they misrepresent.  Yahoo is, reportedly, a Morgan venture related to the Rockefellers in ownership. We have observed censorship of this story within 3 days of it's release, at Yahoo, then it's removal, then misrepresentation of Clinton's story about his health: he had a Heart Attack this morning.  We have emerging information in our possession about John Kerry's ill health but are not releasing that yet, to give him time to consider his position. To the Democratic Party we say: HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY FOR THOSE IN OFFICE.  We ask them to come clean, and clean house, on the Peabody Energy issue regarding Genocide against the Navaho.  Meanwhile, we continue to monitor the Press.

OF COURSE, we wish Bill Clinton a speedy recovery, and recommend he obtain the assistance of a Holistic Medicine Practitioner, such as http://www.garynull.com: in changing his lifestyle, the average life span of someone with a 4 or more bypass is only SIX YEARS.  The former President should completely revamp his diet.  We fondly remember the late, great Phil Hartman's parodies of Bill, in which he chomps down on Big Macs, Fries and Choc Shakes while describing the methods why poverty occurs in Afghanistan or Iraq, yelling "Warlords!" at the top of his lungs.  Hartman died when his wife committed murder/suicide after she learned Phil intended to leave her, while she was extremely high on Cocaine, another reason for poverty in the Middle East and America that President Clinton also didn't mention, and another aspect of his alleged health condition unrevealed at this time, but one we confirmed with several former US Secret Service agents who had to go on "drug runs" to safely secure entertainment commodities for use periodically at parties held inside the White House. We will miss Phil Hartman, and our concerns for Bill Clinton go out to him, his wife, and his daughter Chelsea.  Do not mistake our political releases for malice, we do want him to recover speedily.

STORY 3 - Local Businessman L. Kislak spoke out on Terrorism, angrily towards Jim McGreevey's failure to be prosecuted for putting his lover on the Government payroll as head of NJ DHS, and in his similar failure to understand the threat of terror, to John Kerry.  His office space is in our building.  We are watching the results of his expression of his First Amendment Rights. 

STORY 4 -  ACSA Condemns Tobacco Growers and Tobacco Companies for it's use of Radiation bearing FERTILIZER.  In 1998, we began publicizing the presence of sufficient traces of Polonium 210 in Tobacco, to explain same as being the primary source of Cancer in use of Tobacco, responsible for nearly 150,000 of the deaths from it.  We have studied further, and concluded that the use of Calcium Phosphate that bears the Polonium is DELIBERATE.  The consequences lead to a long, slow development of a wide variety of radiation related mutation in the DNA and bio-physiology of smokers in later years.  This has the consequences of masking other sources of illness, and killing the patient slowly, while he or she remains fully addicted to Nicotine in the Tobacco, and spends a lifetimes savings on Medical Treatment and Pharmaceuticals.  We believe the knowing use of Polonium 210 based fertilizer is a DELIBERATE effort to drive later years smokers into medical treatment for cancer (and other diseases) for the purposes of generating revenue in the Health Care field.  The effort to addict young persons to tobacco by portraying it in Movies and Film is an abject effort to attain long term addiction by savvy members of the Medical Community who know that by creating long term diseases requiring advanced care, enormous revenues result.  Hand in hand with the Tobacco Industry and the Fertilizer Industry, these Health Care Giants in Pharmaceuticals who manufacture Chemotherapy Drugs and X-Ray treatment equipment languish in the life threatening shadow of Cancer from Smoking, becoming wealthy by covertly allowing Tobacco to prosper.

Similarly, Senators are pretending to confront the Tobacco Industry, but appear more interested in Tobacco picking up the Health Care costs to the Federal Government, than putting an end to this vicious cycle.  We note that, other than a frenetically unhappy call from the misguided Senator Reed from Wisconsin, no publicity has erupted, even when theTruth.com played it's "Radiation People" Crazyworld TV Ads.  A big "clunk" due to the influence of organizations like Sloan Kettering and Rockefeller University who make Billions on Cancer and apparently are being Big Brother to the problem, blocking public outcry.


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