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Blog™:   Featured Feed                                                                                                                                                  posted 11/1/2005
October 28, 2005: a Book about the betrayal of America by the Rockefeller Family.
in memory of Ida Tarbel: who first identified John D. Rockefeller as the real Nosferatu...


 "...And these atomic bombs which science burst upon the world that  
night were strange even to the men who used them."
H. G. Wells, The World Set Free, 1914

   In a disturbing revelation, the American Computer Science Association's "Round Table on Terrorism", headed by John Knight, and staffed by other volunteers with expertise in intelligence gathering in the technology industry, disclosed its findings this past month to me.  They coincided with much of what I'd already known for decades.

   After four years of evaluating evidence, reviewing financial transactions, and interviewing personnel, it has been forced to conclude that ExxonMobil and ConocoPhilips Corporation and several of their partners David Rockefellerin the Oil Industry, at the direction of David Rockefeller, had attempted to illegally buy a direct 2/3 interest in Iraq's huge Oil Reserves of 150 Billion Barrels from Saddam Hussein insists that the Gulf War was a victory for IraqSaddam Hussein, between 1996 and 2002 in a way that directly violated American law, International and Atomic Weapons laws and treaties. Just as countries and companies alike kicked back billions to Saddam Hussein in the now emerging scandal known as "Food for Oil", David Rockefeller saw an even greater opportunity: making Saddam his partner.  Rockefeller's super secret Nukes for Oil trade with Saddam Hussein was allegedly planned to have been made as an exchange for Iraqi Crude Oil by covertly providing Saddam with several completed Nuclear Weapons, built for them in Pakistan by the AQ KHAN Network, and arranging for UN imposed sanctions against trade with Iraq to be lifted. The Price?  Granting Rockefeller's ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips full title and ownership of 100 Billion Barrels of Iraq's Oil Reserves (or more: Iraq has vast unexplored subterraneous zones that could bear even more) in a top secret deal that may ultimately be determined to be the reason why the Bush Administration came to learn about possible Nuclear WMDs in the hands of Saddam and his sons Qusay and Uday, and how it is that conventional intelligence gathering may have missed it completely. 

   In the interim during the pre-war time period, prior to 2003, Bulgarian or French Yellow Cake Uranium was to have been and was covertly delivered to Iraq so that Pakistan could later claim Saddam had built the 25 Kiloton Nuclear Weapons himself, while the Rockefeller family and their cousin in the Senate, Jay Rockefeller, could keep deploying the notion that Saddam would have developed a full nuclear arsenal by the end of 2006.  A caravan carrying nearly 250+ Kilograms of such Yellow Cake Uranium entered Iran and traversed to the Plains of Baku in Lebanon just as President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a caravan led by Uday and Qusay Hussein trying to preserve their father's stockpile of Uranium for future use.  Meanwhile, that development, beyond Saddam's grasp, would have been 'accelerated' by the Rockefeller's gift: several Krytron triggered Nuclear Bombs courtesy of their partner, President Parvez Musharraf and A Q KHAN. [ ED: That's A.Q. Khan to left: for basic background on Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Programs, up to date as of 2001, GO HERE ]

          "If India builds the bomb, we will eat grass or leaves, even go hungry, but we will get
         one of our own. We have no other choice."

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto - 1965 (former leader of Pakistan, assassinated, around the time of the Bangladesh War)


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In an effort to KICK START Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program into full sway, so as to fulminate a useful nuclear weapons confrontation with India, the Rockefellers  in 1971 had the Rockefeller controlled Canadian General Electric Co. complete a 137 MW (electrical) CANDU power reactor for the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) which went critical in August 1971 and began commercial operation in October 1972. CGEC also provided a small heavy water production facility. These facilities had been contracted for in the mid-60s, thus predating Bhutto's drive for nuclear weapon capability, but perhaps influenced by him in a ministerial capacity. The technology for KANUPP was the same natural uranium/heavy water technology used in the Indian Cirus and later Dhruva reactors used by India for producing weapons plutonium.

This seed became AQ KHAN's foundation for building the Nuclear refineries used by Pakistan to extract fissionable fuel from the spent fuel rods to manufacture Nuclear Bombs- using a design provided them as a result of a transaction involving them, China and Rockefeller's investment in China's Gobi Petroleum Desulphurization program.  Today, Canada having pulled the plug on further Rockefeller/CGEC participation in fueling Pakistan's nuclear programs, KANUPP has diminished as a significant power source, as Pakistan discovered Uranium deposits within its own borders, and developed thousands of centrifuge systems and hydrofluoro-oxidization / gasification HEU processors to produce enough fuel to build as many as 10 new nuclear weapons each year or more. 

Here's something about KANUPP today, 35 years later.

"David Rockefeller, the scion of the Rockefeller family, leads you to believe he is the Pecks Poor Boy of billionaires, with a near public obsession for modern art and his mother's MoMA, yet behind the scenes he travels with a bodyguard with a shotgun, and drives business deals on a global basis with leaders of countries and private correspondences with rapscallions like Hussein, and Castro, who owe him their everything... he is like the caricatured devil, John Milton, in a recent film starring Al Pacino... the Devil's Advocate.  It's almost as if the bubble of pseudo-sanity surrounding the man in his Rockefeller Enclave and Home, insulate him from the enormity of the wrongdoing he is perpetrating, crimes against Humanity hidden behind misinformation so poisoning to the mind that it has become a catching disease that invades the Dan Rathers, John Stewarts, David Lettermans, Chris Mathews, at CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS the left, left of center and pundits who simply rise up on breeding hatred of leadership, all the while ignoring the millions of murdered innocents crushed beneath the toe of the jack-boots hidden under Mr. Rockefeller's $20,000 Jon Green Custom Tailored Pin-Stripe Bankers' Suit and his prosaic 'Money has made my life quite wonderful, it does contribute...'."

"From his stained tooth, rotting gums smile to his extreme wardrobe that alone must cost more than the average person spends in a lifetime, from his discussions of Cezanne and Van Gogh to the Government Subsidies his Organic Farm earns to offset the overheads of the associated Organic Restaurant in Westchester County, the allegedly retired, slightly reclusive trillionaire who hugged Fidel Castro on the podium with more than the usual cordial courtesy, hides secrets involving major decisions of a global nature that have sent entire nations into the depths of poverty and the chaos of insurgency."

"He hides a near satanic obsession with oil and money behind a formally 'Christian' morality, while placing on hold his further development of real estate upgrades to his holdings in New York - 'on account of the 9/11 attacks' - terror attacks which his decisions and business movements were likely the very cause of. He is at once both enigma and the embodiment of suspected evil on a par with Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun, in fact, far, far overshadowing them. His family's efforts in that area have led to the deaths of millions and millions of human beings, a toll so large that it exceeds any other historical tyrant, all carefully wrapped up in a Pin Stripe Suit and an oval Red White and Blue oil company logo..."

"The insult of it all to the spirit, mind and morality of Humanity is incomprehensible to the common man, to such an extent that the reality of murder of millions by Saddam Hussein and the threat of nuclear aggression by him without buying even a pound of Yellow Cake Uranium courtesy of David Rockefeller and AQ Khan/Parvez Musharraf of Pakistan... becomes invisible.  The price of Freedom, the sacrifice paid by our valiant Soldiers, becomes defamed and smeared by selfish, greedy hell hounds bought and paid for by David Rockefeller's vast deciduous business organization as it hides its every effort to squeeze the last drop out of the price of crude oil to the point where they simply take it, leaving entire nations in a state of perpetual poverty with ruling royalty with no bloodline receiving bribe money from 'foreign investors' that keep them quietly hiding behind official sounding royal titles. And all else, from terrorism to crime to disease and other horrors, stems there from, a bane upon Humanity and this world's existence."

      -- Edward G.v. Englebart - November 13, 2005 (in a speech to a NJ State Press Association Lunch)

Dr Kelly   A series of deliberate deceptions were used to hide and cloud over this overall promotion of Terrorism's goals under a cloud of seemingly liberal thinking (actually, misthinking) and effort by the Rockefellers' to seize oil and power along with it all, through their operations staff during the the past few years. Such has included desperate measures to undermine the ability of the Bush Administration to discover these covert crimes, among them, the murder of David Kelly, a weapons inspector involved in leaks of information that may have led back to those involved in trying to cloud Administrative knowledge of the affairs, in the United Kingdom.  It has been suggested that while the CIA has known of this for many years, personnel on the payroll of the Rockefellers deliberately hid this information so it would not be easily detected amid intelligence gathered by the Agency.  Among them, unfortunately, George Tenant, who allowed CIA personnel to perpetrate one embarrassing set of misinformation about Hussein already "possessing stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Bio Labs" - misleading and false information frequently asserted by David Rockefeller's cousin, Senator Jay (John S) Rockefeller in the four years prior to and first three years of the Bush Administration.  When CIA Director Tenant tendered his resignation in July of 2003, (President Bush asked him for it) his suggested replacement, Porter Goss, came into the gun-sights of the Rockefellers.  Allegedly, two Nazi oriented domestic terrorists, known only as "Cain" and "Abel" (associates of convicted domestic terrorist William Krar, depicted to the left-below, whose caches of hundreds of explosives and poisons all over the USA have not all been found by the FBI yet...) recruited a team provisionally to assassinate Goss prior to his confirmation hearings. by planting bombs on his limousine inside a front tire, using speed sensitive detonators. Krar (pictured at right), Caine and Abel's domestic terror cells have a habit of testing their newest members' loyalties by breaking their arm with a ball-peen hammer, then seeing if they remain loyal after the assault. This plot to assassinate Porter GossPorter Goss came by accident to light among the Authorities when one assaulted team member tried to flee.  Despite the fact that insufficient evidence existed to even question, much less indict the plotters, "Cain" and "Abel", learning of the publicity from the underworld figure who had hired them, a resident of Kirby, Florida, murdered their operations team feeding the bodies to the local alligator population in central Florida. The Rockefellers had feared that Goss (pictured at left) would not only expose the information in this Anatomy (note: Goss was not privy to this secret intelligence report prior to our publishing it from a confidential source), but would empty out the secret Rockefellerites from the CIA, of whom Goss objected to the employment by the CIA, at the time he left to go into Public Service (and become a Congressman from Florida) years earlier. In his past capacity he would have been in a position to be able to now trace the tainted Rockefeller-pay-rolled corrupt CIA officials and fire them all. The Rockefeller business "consortium" had spent nearly 80 years developing the tactics for infiltrating US Government Agencies, among them the CIA and the FBI.

David Kaye  Again, this supposedly CIA sourced Rockefeller misinformation about "Stockpiles of WMDs in Iraq" came about as a result of "paid alteration" of CIA findings, compounded by a steady stream of paid speeches by friends of the Rockefellers in the House, Senate and elsewhere.  Even Senator Jay Rockefeller himself gave nearly a half dozen or more such speeches shortly after 9/11 insisting Iraq had stockpiled weapons of Mass Destruction, and labeling them as "the most dangerous terrorist threat to the USA in the world today, even more so than Al Qaeda". This ploy was confirmed to be "likely misevaluation or misinformation" in phone calls to former Secretary of State Colin Powell after the President was already acting on the basis of it: by readying the Invasion of Iraq. Former Weapons Inspector David Kaye took it upon himself to inform Powell, but due to intervention by a top secret Intelligence Team who was covertly tracking the plan by the Rockefeller operatives to trade Nuclear Weapons for Oil with Saddam Hussein, Powell's hand was stayed. The President was not dissuaded from invading Iraq based upon the misinformation, since the true story of the secret deal between Rockefeller, his off shore alliances and Saddam Hussein required intervention by the American Military. Not only was the original, tainted Intelligence intended by the Rockefeller controlled CIA personnel to mislead the Bush Administration into not realizing that Pakistan was intent upon supplying completed nuclear weapons to Saddam Hussein, but to begin to lay the groundwork for allegations that Saddam had a sufficient program to build them himself, so as to protect the Rockefeller backed Pakistani leader, Parvez Musharraf, and his ISI Intelligence Service and his Taliban and his Al Qaeda creations, not to mention the actual Nuclear Weapons sold by Pakistan to Saddam covertly with the help of the Rockefellers. 

   The Rockefellers never suspected that their plan had been intercepted by a super secret American intelligence group, nor that Bush would be allowed to invade Iraq anyway, once it became known that the "Stockpiles of WMDs" consisted of aging Biological and Chemical Stockpiles, and the newly acquired Yellow Cake Uranium black marketed to Saddam by Rockefeller and obtained from Lukos Oil of Russia. Soon it became clear that something had happened to convince Bush to invade despite growing knowledge that Jay Rockefeller's "Stockpile" warnings were not accurate, but hiding a more sinister plot to lift sanctions off of Saddam, and trade oil for Nuclear Weapons: the invasion was already underway.  The Rockefellers had hoped only that "the threat of an American invasion" would push Saddam to move more quickly on the exchange of oil for Nuclear weapons, followed by a cooling off period, and a decline in aggression, followed by their French operatives convincing Jacques Chirac to start a movement to get the sanction hanging over Iraq lifted within the UN.  Unfortunately for the Rockefellers, the American invasion was aided by a general support by the downtrodden Shia and Kurdish peoples and their soldiers among Iraq's military, who quickly "melted away" rather than facing the American invasion with any military opposition. The plot thickened when hopes were expressed by a tactical advisor of David Rockefeller that Pakistan could deliver at least one Nuclear Weapon, as previously arranged for by the Rockefellers, and that Hussein would be able to launch the nuke at American troops to hold them off from gaining control of the Oil region, which would have had the secondary effect of not letting the Rockefellers have control over it.   It has since been determined that Hussein would have actually used the Pakistani nuclear weapons he bought in an attempt to bomb at least one American city, most likely New York. Researchers have concluded that that was a concession Rockefeller was happy to make, believing that post attack his real property holdings in a NYC Reconstruction would lead to enormous long term gains, much as during the urban renewal projects of the 60's that gave NYC the World Trade Center and Robert Moses's highways and community realignments in the first place. 

W-80 Warhead being handled on the Ground.  It was confirmed by a highly covert communications monitoring group, that these plans were and had been underway for some time. But it was when David Rockefeller accepted the agreement with Saddam to arrange to transfer the Nuclear Weapons from AQ KHAN while continuing to build the "Saddam built them" storyline" that the most covert intelligence organization in the United States began taking action which, to this day, is entirely unknown to the Public and even only partly known to the President. The unit, known only as Unit Extreme Echo, placed a very big gun aimed right at the door to Pakistan (this covert unit's job description, among others, is to protect the United States from, among other things, Nuclear Attack by any party by whatever means are necessary, but that is not its only job, say sources).  Said "gun" indicated to Parvez Musharraf that not only were they were aware he and AQ KHAN had been commissioned to deploy three Nuclear Weapons to Saddam Hussein, but that if the 25 kiloton weapons were detected crossing the borders to Iraq by any means or deployed to forward locations for Saddam Hussein to attack the USA, that likewise five nuclear weapons of the W-80 variety would be detonated inside of Pakistan immediately.  Sources indicate that each would possess a scaled down yield of 100 Kiloton designed to concentrated "down blast" minimizing fallout to a 150 mile radius. 

AGM-129A Advanced Cruise Missile   The plan to conditionally reprise against Pakistan were it to transfer any weapons to Saddam or any other terror group, reportedly depended upon the use of five AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles (actually, the equivalent stealth version: the AGM-129B at left) armed with W-80's (or equivalent "dial a detonation" warhead) on Pakistani targets from a Submarine platform belonging to said super secret intelligence unit.  Pakistan is only 400 miles at its widest (averaging 300 miles) and 800 miles long, yet it has a population of 180 million.  It is believed that nearly 1/2 of all Pakistanis would be killed immediately and 1/2 of the remaining survivors would die within a year, were five such devices detonated at five overlapping points within Pakistan.  Sources have stated that the design of such an attack would have been intended to keep fallout within Pakistan's borders and is meant to be the ultimate deterrent.  Thus far, considering that it is very likely that such an attack would occur upon confirmation that Pakistan take any further nuclear or biological attacks against the US on: Pakistan has accepted the alternative: being "an ally" of the United States in the War against Terror, however reluctantly, rather than transferring nuclear weapons to any Terror Group under its control or influence.  However, Pakistan has been nothing but brilliant in continuing to orchestrate traditional Terror attacks in Israel, India, Bali and Iraq, covertly, for the Rockefeller interests with whom they are allied, despite the threat.  However, the direct message to Pakistan, from intermediaries, was and still is: "if you let any nuclear weapons get to any terror group for use anywhere, Pakistan will be reduced to a glowing cinder".

Jamie S. Gorelick   Prior to 9/11/01, in undermining the US's position, using the resources of the Rockefeller dominated Trilateral Commission and the Counsel on Foreign Relations, infrastructures that represent David Rockefeller's initiatives and a key part of his globalization infrastructure: Clinton Administration personnel were maneuvered into key positions: Rockefellerite Deputy US Attorney General Jamie Gorelick (on the board of Rockefeller Oil Field Engineering/Equipment company Schlumberger and David Rockefeller's "Counsel on Foreign Relations") went about the practice of her job creating divisive memoranda (1995: the Gorelick Memorandum). Rockefeller influenced lawyers at the Pentagon  were directed to ignore President Reagan's Executive Order 12333 (part 2.6) that had ordered cooperation between intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and instead dictated rulings of law intended to divide intelligence gathering by the CIA, NSA, FBI and DIA and keep them entirely separate and non-sharing from criminal investigations by Law Enforcement Agencies inside the USA. This Clinton-era behavior was conceived of by Rockefeller so as to hamper the FBI and Law Enforcement Agencies from being able to detect the presence of Al Qaeda and Pakistani ISI operatives inside of the USA. This had the secondary effect of further hiding the Rockefeller's involvement.  VP Al Gore headed up a Transportation and Safety Commission which completed in February of 1997. The final report of the Commission, charged with analyzing security and other problems in US Airlines and Airports, progressively failed to assign financial responsibility to improve X-ray and surveillance screening, it coaxially stripped away the security at America's airports, limiting X-Ray screening and screeners.

[- UPDATE November 26, 2005 - David Rockefeller sends Ramsey Clark to rescue Saddam Hussein ]

David Rockefeller's personal friend, Ramsey Clark, who served as Attorney General under Lyndon Johnson, is sent (at the request of Ted Kennedy, Hillary and Bill Clinton and Jay Rockefeller) to Baghdad to assist in defending the Butcher of Baghdad, Rockefeller's partner: Saddam Hussein.  In hopes that it can further weaken the Iraqi Government's self rule Democracy, David and Jay Rockefeller are personally paying the Democrat, former Attorney General Clark (Retired General Wesley Clark, Democratic Party Spokesperson's uncle) to Iraq to head up Saddam's defense team.  The former AG under the Democratic Johnson administration that criminally assaulted Vietnam to weaken China and Russia's grip on Gulf of Tonkin Oil and Gas fields, for Conoco, is hoping to topple the efforts to prosecute Saddam as part of the overall effort to blockade the Bush Policy of allowing Iraq to control it's own destiny and benefit from it's own oil.

[Note: People think the Democratic Party is anti-war.  They are mistaken.  The only time the Democratic Party organizes demonstrators against war (as it is now, using it's MOVE ON PAC) is when the Republican Party is in control of Congress, the Presidency or both, and generally only when the ongoing war was either started by the Democrats and inherited by the Republicans, or was necessitated by an attack that resulted from Democratic Party Policies of liberalism and negligence in coping against such as Al Qaeda under the Clinton Administration.  The Democratic Party uses anti-war demonstrations and programs as a Political Ploy. ]

In order to do so, Clark will go in under the pretext that Saddam Hussein's 'rights were violated' and he will blame the US Government and the Bush Administration of everything from depriving Hussein counsel (in reality, Hussein had 1500 attorneys, two of whom were assassinated by Rockefeller allied terrorists so as to allow Hussein's other attorneys to claim that Hussein could not get a fair trial) to out and out allegations of physical and psychological abuse.  This farce, being perpetrated by Rockefeller, is yet another sad example of the detante of Nazi-ism embraced by the Rockefeller Aristocracy.  Here's an article by the ever Rockefeller-biased Associated Press.

Note that I have submitted multiple FOIA requests to the FCC regarding ownership of the Associated Press, and they have been ignored.

[ End of Update ]

[- UPDATE November 14, 2005 NEWS -]

   As reported in the news, Ms. Gorelick's Rock Board Position on Schlumberger, brings here into contact with new allegations of Schlumberger's carelessness with MINITRON Drilling Borehole Accelerator Porosity and Geochemical tools and Porosity Detection systems that have reportedly gone missing, even this evening at a tristate airport in the NJ/NY area, by the hundred each year.  These detectors are used to ascertain statistics caused when Neutrons pass through the walls of mud where an Oil Well Drill is exploring.  Those statistics are used to ascertain the porosity, water and hydrogen content of the material, which is usually a giveaway that a Drill is approaching a well of oil, natural gas or other hydrogen/carbon basis mineral or pool.  However, it was reported in the press (CBS News 11:00 PM report November 14, 2005) that "Hundreds of these Schlumberger Minitrons go missing each year."  That is a frightening fact, since it is well known that to produce Tritium, 3-H, a component material used to enhance a Nuclear Weapon to produce much greater yield, one needs to start with seeds of Tritium in some concentration.  The primary content of a Schlumberger Minitron is concentrated Tritium, which produces the weak Neutron emission so precious to the oil industry.  A traditional Nuclear Explosion is greatly enhanced by at the moment of nuclear reaction, superheating and compressing a mixture of Tritium (Dual Neutron Isotope of Hydrogen) and Deuterium (Hydrogen Isotope with One Proton and One Neutron), causing a cascade effect that significantly enhances the nuclear yield of the device.  Even a smaller device can be substantially enhanced.  Since it takes Tritium to do this, it is not surprising that the NJ and TSA Authorities are panicking tonight regarding the missing Minitrons that Schlumberger so routinely mislaid en-route here from Kuwait. While a single Minitron contains a relatively small amount of Tritium, a number of them combined with sufficient Deuterium could be used in the assembly of an enhanced Nuclear Fusion reaction. It is also understandable, given the undeniable access to such materials, how it is likely and evident that Rockefeller companies like Schlumberger in the USA could through (as alleged by the Press) simple carelessness, enabled others to have the ability to supply Nuclear Secrets and Nuclear Materials to countries such as China and Pakistan all along, in exchange for special business opportunities, behind the backs of the US Government, right behind Schlumberger's management's backs.  Chalk it all up to things which were allegedly "missing and presumed mislaid."  One can't help considering that perhaps, just perhaps Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg were actually framed and made scapegoats.


[-- UPDATED by Thread Owner: new NEWS November 9, 2005 --]

   Our ally, Jordan, was hit very hard today by three timed simultaneous suicide bombs, one in a Hotel in the middle of a crowded wedding ceremony, two in nearby hotels, Radisson, Grand Hyatt and Days Inn (later, a bomb was found in the parking lot of the Meridian Hotel, fortunately it was removed and detonated elsewhere).  We express our condolences and deepest sympathies to the people of Jordan and to the families of those lost and wounded from Jordan and from around the world. At least 55 were killed another two hundred of our Jordanian friends wounded.  This continuation of the trilateral attacks on American interests abroad and our allies, aimed at trying to elevate the pain level of world commerce and the evolving break down of trade barriers only runs to prove that Pakistan and the ISI are alive and well.  In the public sector the constant teeter totter battle of words continues. Such as Indian Economic Trade Secretary Raman, who has literally been been publicly addressing Bin Laden and President Musharraf, goading them, goading Osamma to issue a public statement.  The ACSA's Round Table on Terrorism has concluded that the next statement publicly by Osamma Bin Laden will be a credit taking speech intended to serve also as a signal to a go code for attack on the continental USA or other interests abroad.  It is noted that, once again, the Israelis heeded specific intelligence warnings that preceded the Jordanian attacks, evacuating their nationals from Amman in the hours just prior to the attacks. 

    Our contact with a super secret intelligence group deep inside the US Department of Defense, has indicated that it has its sites set on certain individuals who it believes are quietly involved with Musharraf and the ISI in planning and deployment of such attacks, lesser known individuals with contacts at Al Jazeera, the CNN related Arabic News TV Channel whose editor, Dr. Al Najjar, is a dyed in the wool Palestinian Supremacist, with an anti-American, anti-Israeli agenda. Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer al Thani, Al Jazeera's Chairman of the Board recently announced he was opening up an international polling and gathering center for the company which has become known as "the Terrorist Channel".   It is suspected that Sheikh Hamad is among these six key hidden figures believed to be "middle man" (although he has a very large number of assistants and staff of his own) advisers to the Rockefellers and Musharraf on global terrorism targeting and issues related thereto.  This, if true, would run contrary to his position as the appointed chairperson of Al Jazeera which owes its existence largely to loans from the Qatari Government, in which the Shiekh is a "minister".  Qatar is considered a staunch supporter of the United States. Nonetheless, his situation is conducive to intermingling with another Rockefeller venture, CNN and the Turner Broadcasting System which has run a number of highly flattering interviews of the Sheikh, calling him a "visionary" who pushed Al Jazeera into the top Five of International Broadcasting Companies.  The notion that he might be a middleman in the network between the Rockefellers and Musharraf and Bin Laden, is quite intriguing.

Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani   Numbering some six covert individuals, we have heard rumors that these "policy advisors" around the world to Rockefeller on the Pakistani ISI's Terror Network, provide guarded information that is passed to the Pakistani government is suffering from the Bush Administration's policy of closed mouth briefing and recent enforcement of the closed mouth nature of such briefings, in the wake of critics about the Valerie Plame matter.  David Rockefeller's cousin, Jay, who is the second in command at the Senate Intelligence Committee and privy to many classified briefings, is now publicly criticizing the Bush administration for briefing him in "closed sessions", replying "He (Bush) is doing this so I can't tell anyone any of the classified information for the rest of my Life!" Oh, poor rich little Jay Rockefeller who can't share those goodies with his family's internal communications channels.  In fact, he does share it through carefully guarded family channels designed by his family's security personnel to insure that the Bush Administration, and any other US government entity, never finds out Jay has breached National Security, delivering up entire briefings worth of information to them.  He is exceptional at his mime, putting on airs of outrage at being given National Secrecy briefings behind Top Secret classified doors shut sessions, while actually never honoring his commitment to keep Top Secret matters when it comes to sharing it with his extended family.  And, yes, I'm mentioning this because it all does have something to do with the 11/9 Jordan Suicide bombing and the thwarted 11/9 Australian Suicide Bombing.  In fact, it suggests that the thwarted attacks on Los Angeles Airport by Al Qaeda operatives (Ahmed Ressam and others) apprehended in Washington State as they crossed the border just before the new Millennium in 1999, may have come round on the "Al Qaeda Lazy Susan" now, suggesting that a follow up attack on LAX may be forthcoming shortly.  Note that 9/11 occurred just as the Al Qaeda Millennium Threat trial was first scheduled to get underway. More to come. 

[-- END OF November 11, 2005 update --]

[-- UPDATED by Thread Owner: new NEWS November 7, 2005 --]

    It appears America is on the eve of yet another terror attack, if sufficient care is not placed on diligence and details by the FBI and the DHS and CIA. 
France is facing secretly organized islamist riots patronized by its own President, Rockefeller Dupe French President Jacques Chirac, who says he "deplores" Ghettoization of Middle Eastern and African youth in France.  Yet, if one were to look closely: every immigrant sect in history has faced and climbed out of Ghettoization in France, America, England and elsewhere, and were better for having risen to the occasion, made stronger by the very struggle they faced to gain a political and economic foothold legally in their newfound homeland.  This is one of the few cases where a self-imposed Ghettoization and deliberate Al Qaeda / Pakistani instigated rioting and agitation is somehow politically coped with by an apologist rationalization spouted by a leader as prominent as the Dupe Chirac.  France could have been friends with America, its liberator during WWII. Instead, France, who started the war in Vietnam, is friendly towards murderers like Ira Einhorn of Philadelphia. All Einhorn had to do for 19 years was claim "I opposed the Vietnam war and they framed me in the death of my girlfriend!". The incredibly "dense" French legal community then fought his extradition until it became an International Human Rights case, trying to surface Vietnam issues during and after the Bush vs Kerry Election campaign (another Rockefellerite trilateral subplot twist). Fortunately, the murderer Ira Einhorn eventually lost after cutting his own throat and slitting his wrists (some war protester, hmmm? no inclination to violence from Einhorn, hmmm?)  He was eventually extradited, convicted and sent to jail for a lifetime without parole. The family of Holly Maddux, Holly had been visiting Einhorn to end their personal relationship at the time of her strangling and bludgeoning to death, has obtained partial closure only. Her body was found decomposed in a steamer trunk belonging to Einhorn in a front hall closet with evidence that he had stored her corpse for a lengthy period of time in a rear closet before moving it. An apologist France tried vainly to suggest that Einhorn was victimized by CIA over his views on Alien Visitations and over his public opposition to the Vietnam War.  At the time, Einhorn was not much of a public figure and the suggestions that he had upset the CIA by espousing Alien Visitations during and after the alleged Roswell event, is utterly preposterous. To this date, Holly Maddux and her family who never gave up on the authorities seeking to extradite Einhorn, have only attained partial closure over her brutal murder.

Police stand outside a western Sydney apartment block that was raided by police in the early hours of Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2005. (AP /Mark Baker)    Australia has halted a 19 person Terror attack led by a radical cleric with ambiguous views on jihadist murder of innocent civilians, which was apparently intended to take place on 11/9 inside Australia's borders. The raids took place November 7, 2005.  The muslim community expressed ignorance and surprise over the attacks that were prevented.  The ignominious Australian lawyer representing most of the alleged Terrorist defendants immediately surfaced his most prominent defense at their bail hearing: "our clients have only been charged with membership in a Terrorist Group intent upon harming Australia, not participating in an actual terrorist attack."  We are torn between lawyers who speak in defense of murderers with bombs and poisons in terror factories in downtown Melbourne and written plans confirmed for operation within a matter of days, and the criminal legal statutes that suggest that it is okay to be one of those so long as you haven't actually carried out the attack yet.  Such as if to suggest that Australia should have waited for the bombs to go off and tens of thousands to die FIRST, then it would be justified to arrest the "members of the Terrorist Group".  Criminal Law FAILS on the face of such trilateral plotting by allies of the Rockefellerites. It is very likely that the attacks would have been against Australian Schoolchildren or large Government or Commercial centers and likely would have rivaled 9/11 in NYC.

  Yet, on the very face of it, left wing opinions flare against the notion of Military Tribunals with regulations that govern acts of War and crimes against Humanity.  Clearly, the criminal laws and defense lawyers of the world can concoct the worst of all possible defenses to render our defense against a covert Terror War ineffectual, then turn right around and blame the leaders of our country's for not doing enough. Senator Robert ByrdSuch is the Gang of 12 in the US House and Senate, those 12 Rockefellerites ranging from Hillary Clinton to Nancy Pelosi to Bob Byrd, to Harry and Jack Reed and Reid, to Teddy Kennedy: people who shamelessly attack any administration for doing the right thing, even after spouting their support for the very same course of action for years and years, even documenting it on their own websites. It's okay if Bill Clinton, a Democrat is in office at the time, does it.  But if George Bush, a Republic is, it's not.  This bizarre disloyalty by American Politicians to the American Flag in the interest of misleading the American People regarding the threat of a Saddam Hussein, speaks to the fundamental issue of how the political situation can be manipulated trilaterally by the Rockefellers in the first place.  Honesty is not a political virtue among such Rockefellerite Politicians. Sadly, the political effrontery continues because such liars as John Kerry and Ted Kennedy stand by using political attack dogs to lie publicly about the subtle political situation for power sake only.  I am reminded of Kennedy's stance on Wind Turbines off Nantucket, which he claims to oppose for reasons relating to saving birds.  Birds.  Meanwhile, his family is deeply invested in Coal energy in Massachusetts.  The man is simply two faced, a two headed snake who sat by and watched his two brothers be assassinated and said nothing publicly about who was really behind it all.  He knows.

[-- END OF November 7, 2005 Update. Continuing with main thread...]

   In the Commission's Final Report, Gore covered his President's behind by saying the Commission would address the issue in its "final report", a rather odd inscription found in the Final Report itself.  The steps which were recommended by the Commission left the Airports so mediocre a security system that the 9/11 plotters walked right onto the Jetliners and contractors were able to place knives on board the airliners. President Clinton, at David Rockefeller's direction "made it so" and lifted any economic responsibility to provide improved X-ray and screening at the airports from the Airlines and Airports backs. It is believed that Rockefeller let Clinton in on many of the details of the elaborate effort to instigate the necessity of a "War on Terror" during the Bush Administration, leaving all options open to profit from the ensuing response by the US Military and Law Enforcement/DHS organizations.  Rockefeller saw this as a key way to drive up profits from munitions, fuels, money, and also a way to leverage the American terror response, to soften up territories, like Central Asia, Iraq and Iran, for his eventual take over of oil fields and natural gas, a perennial Rockefeller strategy. In the early 60's, David and Nelson Rockefeller financially convinced their close friend, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, to stage the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, deploying a series of fake photographs [see picture to left] and a thorough deception on the American people.  That is what led to a complex entry into War against North Vietnam, designed largely not only to trigger a strong response in the USA, but to also destroy the South Vietnamese and Chinese business investments in developing Natural Gas in the Gulf of Tonkin, eventually leading to ConocoPhillips exploitation of the seabed fields. 

  After creating this fake war, Democrats close to David Rockefeller spun the war against Richard Nixon using the very gullibility of America's "hippie" generation to turn public consensus against Nixon even though it was Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson who had so deeply involved America in Vietnam, again a very clever Rockefeller cover up of its ability to use the Democrats to start one of these "crusades" that serve to soften up future oil and gas research shopping, and to fuel the rate at which our economy consumes the Rockefellers' goods and services. The entry into war was assured after his staging of the false Gulf of Tonkin incident, by the concurrence of the Directors of CIA, DIA, STATE and NSA, with FBI and others abstaining, delivering a Top Secret Report that contained fallacious intelligence assessments of the situation in Vietnam and Laos and the probability of full scale counter assault by the North Vietnamese).  By fostering his covert pro-terrorism agenda in the 90's and assisting it behind the scenes during the Clinton Administration, from within the Clinton Administration, and from the anti war movements, MoveOn Pacs, and turmoil he brewed up against the Bush Administration responding to the terrorist attacks Rockefeller instigated, David Rockefeller believed he could further entrench his staggering businesses and business influences, which today control most economic segments by holding a market share of between 48% and 63%.  The Royal Rockefellers have, since nearly the Civil War, continuously fed on America, and fostered the open betrayal of this country and its global reputation. America has taken it on the chin for them, while the Rockefellers implemented a wide ranging covert agenda of "softening up" and "raping resources" and "controlling labor pools" and "genetic cleansing" which has led to conflicts that have needlessly murdered tens of millions of humanity every decade since the betrayal commenced.

   The roll out of commercial internet, as a means to re-unite the Telephone Companies created by David Rockefeller's father and Grandfather as the original AT&T (see: SEC approves merger of two largest local phone companies in US with two largest long distance companies) is now helping merge them into two competing camps (SBC vs. Verizon) to avoid anti-Trust. He is simultaneously doing the same thing with the 12 energy companies through progressive mergers (ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BPAmoco, ChevronTexaco, ShellRDP, Peabody Group).     These among other such realignments, David Rockefeller believes he will be able to complete his Grandfather's vision of a general economic buyout of most of the United States economy. Yet, he is cautiously rebuilding the Rockefeller Trusts into pairs of what would look to regulators like competing entities (GE vs Phillips/Sylvania, Sun vs. Microsoft, AOL vs MSN, CNN vs. CNBC, Intel vs. AMD, Krell vs HP-Compaq and so on, the reflections of this dualistic parallel trust building is one that simultaneously violates yet also appears to support anti-competition restrictions of the AntiTrust laws, examples of it are endless). Constant turmoil spells higher productivity, lower wages and expenses, subdivision of consensus that might prosecute him, and marginalization of the SEC and Law Enforcement in efforts to stem Rockefeller Monopolization, to David Rockefeller.

[ SIDE NOTE: Some things never change, as the Bell System and GE's parent company, Standard Oil, lives on today with 16 major subsidiary oil companies anchored by Standard Oil of New Jersey in hidden subsidiary relationships, GE and its many similar subsidiaries, and major munitions and aerospace companies under its control, not to mention the computer and communications industry: the most significant "Gear" in the Rockefeller "ESSO" / GE / BELL System Machinery.  Here is an ancient 1919 depiction cartoon of then single company Standard Oil, whose money went to building GE, AT&T, RCA and myriad other Rockefeller business long since having abandoned the "centralized Trust" design of John D. Rockefeller, and moved to an almost un-prosecutable "octopus" of involvement in every aspect of Banking, Electronics, Munitions, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Communications, Computing and, still, Oil, Natural Gas and Coal. The Trust Bust of 1921 intended to subdivide Standard Oil, quite clearly had little impact but to subdivide the Rockefellers' JP Morgan run business super trust into a large number of small "mini-trusts" all working together into a common goal, a similar methodology that the Rockefellers' taught the Japanese after World War II and the downfall of the Japanese emperor.  During that time period, Rockefeller's GE and AT&T subdivided the benefits of the Transistor and use these Japanese "Keretsus" to build global domination over electronics, by licensing technology to them, without facing Trust breakup until, having had enough, the US Department of Justice unsuccessfully broke up AT&T in 1984.  That apparently did not work, either! ]  

Prophetic 1919 Political Cartoon of Standard Oil of New Jersey's enormous power. 86 years later: What about now?

   The head of the FBI, Louis Freeh, had to be side-tracked by the Rockefellers, so he was progressively stripped of his ability to proceed on counter intelligence operations' discoveries by President Clinton gradually and deliberately reducing his prestige in the government, using a receptive Democratic party to marginalize him.  All of it as directed to by David Rockefeller, laying the groundwork of a plan that originally intended to load a Nuclear Weapon onto a Jetliner and fly it into WTC Tower Two.  [It turns out that the US Intelligence Community began to suspect a domestic-backed terror attack on the USA, and realizing that it might involve the oil industry in 1999 and 2000, it took emergency steps to disrupt the original Nuclear Material transfers from Pakistan, so that the 9/11 plotters were forced to use six jets and rely on Rockefeller allies in the NJ DeCavelacante Mob (allegedly headed by North Jersey resident Anthony Rotondo, seen at right, who some have said is the real world model for the HBO Hit Show Gangland Leader "Tony Soprano") and the New England Patriarca and Angiulo Mob to allegedly plant knives on the Jetliners that were hijacked and then used to implode the WTC towers, and attack the Pentagon, or were crashed by valiant passengers as in one jetliner's case.  Though the 9/11 tragedy could hardly be called a fortunate situation, it was fortunate that no nuclear weapons were successfully transferred to Al Qaeda plotters in North America at the time, or one would have been on board one of the jets used to strike on 9/11. It is unknown if the Mafia knew its use of cleaning and maintenance personnel under their influence at the airports the days before 9/11, was to support an attack on the United States, and it is not known what compensation was given. It is clear that all immigrant workers involved in planting those knives for Al Qaeda, by the Mob, at the direction of David Rockefeller's vast business infrastructure, are now dead.] The bigger picture of just what went on is now just beginning to emerge, it being 2005 and other terror plots having been hatched and apparently heading towards continental USA.

  The AQ Khan Nuclear Weapons network is operated for Pakistan's President Musharraf, who is a political ally of Exxon and Rockefeller. General Parvez Musharraf rose to power in Pakistan through a bloodless coup, and is an unlikely yet fanatically devoted fan of the military strategies of Adolph Hitler's Nazi Generals: Irwin Rommel and Friedrich Manstein.  Pakistan and the ISI began organizing Terror Groups around the world underneath the Pakistani ISI (Secret Service) as a "means to extend Pakistan's Tactical Advantage in the world".  Rockefeller, at a meeting outside Paris, France, sometime in 1999, agreed that he would do everything he could to block George W. Bush's election, and if he did not, agreed that he would look the other way, if Musharraf's ISI orchestrated an attack on the USA in an effort to discredit Bush's efforts which would otherwise step up further efforts to unseat Saddam Hussein, who was an integral link in the recruitment, training and financing of Pakistan's global terror operations. Another critical link which defies the alleged Rockefeller opposition to narcotics, is the Illegal Heroin Economy in Pakistan, which refines and supplies 95% of the world's Heroin and Opium to the Black Market, trafficks its black market shipments out of Karachi on Exxon's and Conoco's third party operated Oil Tankers and Transports. Most of the poppies it uses are purchased cheaply from Afghani, Chinese and Kashmiri farmers, but the trilateral partnership that puts the finished Heroin on the streets of our cities, makes 1000's of times what it pays the farmers in illegal profits from Heroin Sales ranging from NYC to Moscow to Johannesburg to Sydney to Brazilia.  In fact, this entire unreported, State operated Heroin economy exists in Pakistan and is larger, once one factors in the global sales price of Heroin injections and snorting, than the other economic segments of Pakistan combined.  However, no one knows to whom the majority of these profits go, having something to do with the use of oil tankers to move the refined Heroin around the world. ) At the meetings which took place over the years of the Clinton Administration, Rockefeller promised that he and his oil companies could economically convince Koffi Anan to go along with a joint effort: lifting the then Sanctions imposed upon embargoing Iraq at the United Nations. He also assured Hussein's representatives that he could use paid CIA employees to blockade pursuit and information from the United States political establishment.  Rockefeller had previously financed Parvez Musharraf's rise to power and bloodless coup in Pakistan, seeking to use Pakistan's Al Qaeda, Taliban and other Narco/Terror and Munitions organizations in seeking to install political allies in areas around the world where Exxon and its energy peers controlled by the Rockefellers sought oil, natural gas and other resources and markets for their commerce. 

Osama bin Laden   Post invasion Iraq, with the strong grip held on the oil by the people of Iraq, Rockefeller's infrastructure started stirring the pot, again leveraging his Musharraf connection, the 70,000 man strong ISI worldwide, began recruiting terrorists, using staging camps in Syria and Iran to place suicide bombers and terror campaigners on the ground to create an ongoing insurgency in Iraq. Additionally, despite being ill and wounded, Osama Bin Laden and Dr. Ayman Al Zawahari, leaders of Al Qaeda, began a series of public statements, while Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, the Iraqi field commander for Al Qaeda whose activities are funded through Syria from Pakistan using Rockefeller money laundered to the ISI, commenced a duality of Rockefeller instigated bombings and regional Taliban like takeover attempts inside of Iraq, all aimed at undermining the appearances of authority of the Bush Administration. The canned violence is being used to fuel the fires of dissent inside the United States by Rockefeller media, PAC's and political figures.  Individual US Citizens were recruited to take up the so-called "Move On" pac (a Rockefeller financed / Exxon-lawyer directed political group in the USA) and its peace vigils, so as to put a 60's style anti-war spin on the efforts by the Administration to introduce a functional democracy that could stabilize Iraq's administration of its greatest national resource, oil, for its own benefit.  Key public figures on the Rockefeller payroll, such as Senator Kennedy, Reed, Reid, Pelosi and Clinton maintained an ongoing banter attacking the President, seeming on the side of Democratic Party ideals, while each of them knew well that Rockefeller was mounting a political campaign against the Bush's exclusion of his Exxon led oil industry team from gaining domination of Iraq's oil and diverting its economic benefits away from the Iraqi reconstruction and deployment of a Democracy.

   Further ramifications, including the activities of political activist groups and press controlled by the Rockefellers' historical interests in NBC, TIME WARNER CNN, CBS and ABC so as to frame and otherwise Bash the Bush Administration, were also funded by David Rockefeller and continue to this very day.  Knowing from Musharraf that an attack to take down the World Trade Center was going to happen later in 2001, earlier that same year David Rockefeller sold his interests in the WTC and saw to it that the building was divested from any further Rockefeller relationship, along with any building in its immediate two (2) block periphery he had an interest in.  Since that time, from his 5th Avenue Office in NYC, Rockefeller, through a network of powerful businesses he maintains as infrastructure to hide his familial control over the descendents of his grandfather's businesses, has been calling the shots on progressive political and subterfuge attacks upon the Bush Administration, having lost his alliance with Saddam Hussein, upon Hussein's arrest.  His goal: to weaken the Administration's grip on Iraq by embarrassing it, funding attacks and insurgency in Iraq, fostering peace movements, and press assaults and White House bashing and undermining investigations. All of it: in an effort to extort President Bush into allowing Exxon to step in and create another Saudi Arabia out of Iraq, with the Rockefellers getting control of all of its oil and hiding that control through a Proxy Emirate Royal Family as it has done elsewhere, paying a "commission" to controlled partners who hold the oil for the Rockefellers.  Greed has turned David Rockefeller's business methods into a covert pro-terrorism agenda.  Meanwhile, a steady stream of seemingly philanthropic activities are painted over his activities by a very talented team of image managers. A compartmentalization was layered by the Rockefellers' financial control apparatus to support and give descendents control over the enormous Rockefeller business enterprise, a literal 1 Trillion Dollar asset base through which the Rockefellers' 7 Trillion Dollar asset business base is controlled, much of it run from NYC, but located all over the world.

Click photo for screen-resolution image

Almost 1,500 newly trained Iraqi soldiers graduated from the Kirkush Military Training Base March 20. Photo by Sgt. Lorie Jewell, USA   (Click photo for screen-resolution image)
high-resolution image available.

   The sudden invasion of Iraq in 2003 came about largely because the mid level management of the Iraqi military had signaled the Bush Administration to confirm that Saddam was being promised Nuclear Weapons by David Rockefeller, in exchange for 2/3 of Iraq's oil. and at that point, with intelligence provided it about this situation, facing the release of embarrassing misinformation being pumped into the picture by Rockefellerite CIA employees and George Tenant, President Bush realized that the only appropriate steps would be invasion, in spite of obvious breakdowns in intelligence reporting within the CIA.  These same Iraqi mid management GUARANTEED that 90% of the Iraqi Military and Republican Guard would simply put down their weapons (what has since been called "Melting Away") and allow the American Military to enter Iraq and take over, with only a token force putting up any resistance.  That is exactly what happened, and advisors from Extreme Echo also advised the Pentagon on exactly how to bypass the regular army and Republican Guard who had agreed to immediate surrender.  Furthermore, only a few of the "melted away" military returned to their own Sunni strongholds and took up arms against the Shiite and Kurdish led Interim Government.  Since the successful invasion of Iraq and the successful if bloody transition period, Syria, Pakistan, and Iran have allowed Pakistani and Al Qaeda recruited suicide bombing coordinators and takeover insurgents to enter Iraq at the request of the Rockefellers.  Meanwhile, the Iraqi male population is training wholeheartedly to repress the insurgency and insure survival of their new Democratic nation.

Click for Larger Image   So much oil is at stake as far as Exxon and Rockefeller are concerned, that even political assassination is not beyond them.  They have stepped up the activities against the Bush Administration ever since Bush put the Iraqi's and Iraq's own oil companies in charge of Iraq's oil, having taken the unlawful use of those oil reserves away from Saddam Hussein.  Efforts by ConocoPhillips to stake a claim in Russian Lukos oil interest (payment to Lukos by Rockefeller for an exchange in Yellow Cake Uranium) have been rebuffed by Iraq's new government.  This may be the first case that an American Administration has had to take military steps to block the unlawful actions of the Rockefeller Oil Industry, although it has been suggested that Rockefeller's father had funded Adolph Hitler and the rise of the Third Reich, during the 1930's, to create Germany into a huge Standard Oil customer, and use it to take over all the markets of all of Europe and Russia, resulting in World War II. It is believed that the current flack over the CIA Valerie Plame incident (see Wilson and wife Plame in a Kodak moment during a book signing at picture to right: is the vindictive Democrat Wilson just a political opportunist who participated in a scam to fame Carl Rove? It appears so.) is nothing more a fairly clear cut semantic entrapment by Rockefeller owned Press (which comes in all sizes and shapes: liberal and conservative, left wing and right wing) which defined a way to add Plame's name to general discussions of Wilson, in an effort to frame a White House advisor and embarrass the Bush Administration.  The Prosecutor named Fitzgerald knows that general discussions can be merged with names scratched by reporters in notepads, to make it look like a leak. Yet, he acts like it is his job to prosecute the Administration simply on the basis of circumstantial-ism, a series of extreme "bloodless coup" moves manifested by Rockefeller backed political, legal and press organizations as a way to try and further undermine the Bush Administration. David Rockefeller commented over dinner to one of his aides, that "if this doesn't convince the bast*rd to give us direct access (to the oil), then we'll impeach the son of a b***".  Rockefeller pundit David Letterman has rephrased this into endless colloquy about impeaching Vice President Cheney, as has Rockefeller GE pundit Jon Stewart on the Daily show and every other left or liberal Press or Host under Rockefeller Rule.  The overall goal: blackmailing Bush and his family by constantly attacking their reputation, falsifying opinion polls, and public attacks to attempt to usurp direct control over those 150 Billion Barrels of oil lurking under the Sands of Iraq away from Iraqi businesses given control by the Bush Administration. The Rockefellers are pushing aside a President who turned out to have more conscience and morality and ethics than the Rockefellers' could tolerate.  That's how one gets to be a Jon Stewart, a David Letterman or an Ambassador Wilson: suck up to David Rockefeller.  Note that the Rockefellers are trained from birth to act one way publicly and do another way privately.  Business is business and is never confused with personal morality or ethics, in the Rockefeller Klux Klan.

   As far back as the Reagan Administration, Rockefeller lore had anguished over the disposition of the 150 Billion barrels buried in Iraq's oil fields.  There had been more than sufficient time to plan for every contingency. More than just Book Writing Clinton Partisan Democrat Ambassador Joe Wilson had indicated to the President that Yellow Cake conversion was not underway in Iraq, which only served to confirm what Iraqi middle management and the US's most top secret intelligence units had already determined: the Rockefellers (especially Jay) had been spreading rumors about the "Stockpiles of WMDs" and Uranium to throw investigators off.  The goal, hide the fact that Saddam Hussein didn't really need a nuclear Weapons Production Program, what with Pakistan and the AQ Khan network building a half dozen Nuclear Bombs for him as part of the Rockefeller Deal.  It was all just a cover story to try and hide the Pakistanis and the Rockefellers' hand in it all.  In a country like America, an American President is extremely vulnerable to the country's wealthiest family.  And the wealthy, such as the Rockefellers, they don't look at risk versus reward the way you and I do: its all just about appearances and usury and achieving the takeover: the oil, the nation, some competing business, eliminating loose ends along the way, like David Kelly in UK. What's a few million Jews, or Arabs, or Americans to David Rockefeller, when he has hundreds of billions of barrels of oil to peddle as a result?  With Saddam a full partner, enough oil for several decades was within his grasp.  But with George W. Bush thwarting him at every turn, making it impossible for Exxon to seize the oil, making certain it was under the control of the Iraqi People and their new government, that the South Korean Petroleum Distribution Company delivered that oil globally and not the Exxon Valdez and its sister ships, must have seemed a tremendous slap in the face to David Rockefeller. "That young pipsqueak, I'll crush him like a bug!" Rockefeller was overheard muttering after one of President Bush's speeches about the progress being made by Basra Oil and South Iraqi Petroleum Company getting their oil production back up to several million barrels a week (see picture above left).

   That oil must seem like the world's largest carrot to the Rockefeller "Bugs Bunny"-like Oil Consortium...  Sadly, all this is just, to the Rockefellers: "simply business as usual".  To the ACSA, it appears that David Rockefeller has lost ALL of his marbles... and now all the little Rockefellerites around King David of Rockefeller are trying to push the agenda as if it matters what Joe Wilson or David Kaye found, since all it did was confirm that David Rockefeller had organized a trade of 100 Billion Barrels of oil (worth roughly $300 a barrel in fuel and distillates, a mere $30 Trillion Dollars to him) in exchange for a fist full of pre-built 25 Kiloton Pakistani Nuclear Weapons, and a carefully orchestrated plan to revoke the Trade Sanctions against Iraq at the UN, all on the road towards: Rockefeller building his next NAZI GERMANY around the "Royal Nation" to be comprised of Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and Iran, a formidable Nuclear Power who would demonstrate their strength by Nuking New York City, a plot that just hasn't been able to get off the ground due to that little "disastrous" war in Iraq that just GOT IN THE WAY. As luck may have it, the Iraqi People just may be the best friend America's got, because by exposing this plot, they likely saved us from losing Millions of Americans in a Rockefeller facilitated Nuclear Attack. (Picture to right is the Basra Oil Union, who service the South Iraq Petroleum Company in the delivery of Iraqi Oil for the benefit of the Iraqi People.)

   King David of Rockefeller defrocked and exposed, his $30 Trillion Dollar NUKES FOR OIL DEAL a forgotten memory, exposed by a people from a foreign land that was once the roots of civilization.  King David of Rockefeller trying to regain his position at the expense of the United States and its Government so as to reek vengeance against the Iraqis by stealing their oil out from under them all over again, after seeking to depose George Bush for being "an impudent young punk" (that's a direct quote, by the way).  For people like David Rockefeller, and his businesses, GREED KNOWS NO BOUNDS AND SUCH ENDS JUSTIFY ALL MEANS. As I said before: David Rockefeller has lost ALL his marbles.


   For a while, most of America has been aware that the major TV networks and many newspapers are directly under control of the Rockefellers, and are creating false reality using the likes of David Letterman, Flavia Cogan, Chris Mathews, MSNBC and so on.  The FCC has been singularly negligent in not noticing.  For those curious as to how the Rockefellers have exerted control on TV alone, here's a little assertion of ownership chart. In each line a "->" means stock control by proxy, and "=>" means hidden stock control by nominee.

a.  Rockefeller Family ->  General Electric (Citigroup) => AT&T/SBC -> Capital Cities -> Walt Disney Enterprises -> ABC

b.  Rockefeller Familiy ->  General Electric Company -> NBC & =Radio City

c.  Rockefeller Family  ->  ExxonMobil => Sony -> CBS

d.  Rockefeller Family  ->  Chase Group and Morgan Capital Corp => Time Corporation Proxy -> TimeWarner -> CNN & TBS

e.  Rockefeller Family  ->  Chase Group and Morgan Capital Corp => Time Corporation Proxy ->  Warner Brothers -> The WB

f.   Rockefeller Family  ->  Citigroup & formerly AT&T NJ Telephone / Western Electric => formerly MCA/Universal & Paramount -> UPN

g.  Rockefeller Family  ->  GE (Citigroup) => Microsoft

h.  Rockefeller Family  ->  GE & Morgan Bank => IBM Corporation  (their private information technology refuge and how they have access to and directly influence the bottom lines, practices and management of nearly all of Corporate America and the world.)

   The above information, traced by "America's Largest Corporations and their Wealthy Owners" by Robert Pitman, through shareholder records, proxy rosters, board of director votes and multistage and mutual fund lists at the SEC, is just the tip of the iceberg of Rockefeller control over the Titanic of the American economy (the analogy, by the way, is apropos). There is a vast network of Rockefeller Family controlled businesses out there: some huge, like GM, some not so huge. As captive businesses they fuel the demand side chain of companies like IBM and SBC/AT&T with assured annual business.  But it all still falls on a single pair of lynchpin commodities upon which the entire enterprise rests upon: OIL and COAL.  The Management of such businesses would kill, steal, destroy a country, sell their own Mothers if it would insure the continued flow of Oil and Coal into the massive Rockefeller machinery. (Picture to right is David Rockefeller being inducted into the "Founder's Club" at "Chicago Convenes" in the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel at Chicago University, Chicago, Illinois in 2004.

   The six networks represent interests controlled absolutely by the Rockefellers, like the six oil companies. They also use middlemen to proxy the management control of these companies through hidden partnerships assuring bonuses that are similar to the way they insure that each higher up in the six major twin oil companies continue to be subservient. Which they compliment by use of interlocking boards of directorship. Spinoffs, like "Comedy Central" (owned by GE/NBC) with Jon Stewart, a perennial assault on Republicans and the Bush Administration's pro-Iraqi ownership of oil, proliferate on Cable Networks, sponging up the remaining audience seeking other than the six major networks for entertainment.  In each and every case, the Rockefeller influences have broken up the areas of news, talk show, and entertainment preferences to create a continuous abuse against the Bush Administration for so long as it refuses their demand to give control of Iraq's oil to Exxon (arguably now the largest corporation on earth ahead of GE and GM). However, to this writer the six major twin energy companies, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BPAmoco, Chevron Texaco, Shell-Royal Dutch Petroleum, Peabody Kennecott Group, are all really THE SAME COMPANY representing the six major phases of Standard Oil related development of energy resources.  To me GE represents, essentially, a Rockefeller mirror to these oil businesses, but in the Electricity (a byproduct of Coal and Natural Gas) a "demand chain" byproduct business stemming from the Rockefeller's buyout of Thomas Edison's company and what followed over a period of a hundred years, the history of which was colorfully flanked by names such as Westinghouse, Sylvania, Nikola Tesla, Emilio Marconi, David Sarnoff, William Shockley, Walter Brittain, John Bardeen, and a cast of thousands epitomized by the GE Ad of the cat walking on the table, knocking over a beaker and "like magic" Lexan was born while the Scientist puffs on his Meerschaum and says "Hmmmm!".  One might look at each other and nod, knowingly, but despite the fact that they are young, the target 14 year old to 34 year old market Advertisers and TV Programmers reach out to to sell this kind of misinformation to, are not well enough educated to know the difference.

   Adding to that: GE and Citigroup are tightly coupled,  the six oil companies are tightly coupled to Chase Bank and Bank of America, as is NEARLY ALL OF HOLLYWOOD, all three of which are Banks materially under the direct or beneficial nominee control of the Rockefellers, suggests why it is this monster of a Keretsu (Japanese for "consortium owned by a single family or group, that tries to look like a lot of independent, unrelated businesses so as to avoid conspiracy or antitrust charges") simply refuses to take "No!" for an answer from the US Government.  It, like Rockefeller/Morgan company's IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Sun in the computer industry simply not only refuse to accept "No!", but are constantly creating these marketing plans which focus upon an imaginary trilateral conflict designed to confuse regulators and the public together, so as to hide the hidden hand of the Rockefeller ownership.  Apple isn't at war with Microsoft.  Microsoft isn't at war with Google.  It's all a well scripted show for our benefit, as they exclude everyone else from the dinner table of human wealth and well being.  As the Rockefeller family has aged and wizened and become more wealthy it has found that keeping its elevation over the rest of Humanity a secret is both life preserving and insures that the "enterprise will live on" even as elders like John, Winthrop and Lawrence Rockefeller grew old and passed on, there are 84 more Rockefellers where they came from.  Yet, as they say, you can't walk down the street at night in the middle of the highway and not expect to get hit by a Truck. So they avoid the headlights altogether.  When the Third Generation are gone, passed on into oblivion, I would challenge anyone to name even a single Rockefeller you know by name.  You see, they keep us scampering around on the superhighways of their creation like frightened deer, constantly encountering the headlights of an onrushing family saloon or 18 wheeler hauling logs, foraging for food and shelter, and paying a dear price for it, hell hounds on your trail, hell hounds on your trail. Then there's the Christmas Tree Lighting, the announcement of the beginning of the American Holiday Season... time to buy, buy, buy...

   And their Rockefeller Press Manipulators singing fairy tales they call "the News" and even their screenplays for TV shows reflecting the opinions they want you to adopt through subtle manipulation of what appears to be "agreed upon" around you.  Deprive a man of his opinion, and brain wash him with TV, Radio, Film and Newspapers, and all that's left is to put a big red button in front of him and you can get him to vote for whichever candidate you want in office so you can get that oil out from under those "irrelevant Iraqi people sitting intolerably on all that oil", to quote David Rockefeller and a friend of his who worked for the Regan Administration, James Brady. Politics makes very strange bedfellows.

   And so, the next time you hear that utter airhead David Letterman going on about indicting Dick Cheney, or someone on MSNBC saying "it's over" referring to the accountability amendment in the Senate, you hear the manipulation of your opinions, your beliefs, what you think is going on, 90% of which has been manufactured by script writers from Hollywood who work for the Rockefellers inventing all these imaginative flourishes to keep you from understanding one single, resounding fact.  That is: our entire economy is under their control, they want the oil in Iraq, they want the oil under your home, they want the Natural Gas and Oil off the Coast of New Jersey (but Photo of Mallick Well in Canadaat the right time), they want the Natural Gas under the Artic Ice Cap, they want the Oil off the coast of Korea, Japan, wherever it exists, they will continue to develop deeper and deeper drilling knowing there is plenty of oil and natural gas and coal on planet earth, but keeping everyone believing its all just those few pools in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela, Central Africa and East Timor, etc.  That way they can keep everyone believing the utter nonsense that it's a life or death struggle to GET THAT OIL OUT ON THE MARKET to keep fueling their rather totality of a monopoly.  We pay, we do all the work, they sit back, mess with us, and get wealthy. 

   Every government on earth has materially capitulated to them, short of the US Government, and it becomes a struggle between their manipulation of our Society to twist it against its own government versus our Government's tenacity to stay in the fray and ensure the Rockefellers are forced to pay an extra $55 a barrel to the Iraqi People, rather than saving $55 a barrel on the barrels they ultimately earn about $550 a barrel in revenues (largely profit) from.  And the Rockefellers, knowing George Bush will have to leave office in two years, are planning to plant one of their own in the White House, so as to get a change of ownership on that oil.  And you and I have very little to say about that.  And the Iraqis either.  It's why Venezuela's Communist President Chavez is going nuts over in Venezuela.  He knows Bush won't steal his oil, despite what he says.  But by accusing America of wanting to, after he nationalized ConocoPhillips oil interests in Citgo in Venezuela, he calls attention to his price tag for cooperation with Citgo- total and utter control and communism in Venezuela.  Then he'll let ConocoPhillips and Citgo have the oil and gas they want (so long as they continue to bribe him.)  The so-called CAFTA plan being pushed by President Bush in South America, is opposed by the Rockefellers so long as it encourages free selling of oil into the market by Venezuelan Entrepreneurs, thereby increasing its price to the Rockefellers, who control Oil's refining and distribution.  So they are using Chavez to interfere with CAFTA's adoption, just as they've been paying off the Mexican Government to oppress or allow the oppression of its people while charging 18-36% import and export duties to any company entering the Mexican Market, opposing NAFTA. That is, except for Rockefeller Controlled PetroMex... of course.  Meanwhile, they have the average Militia-oriented Mid and South Western American so fearing Mexican immigration, that we've a line of Minutemen gradually extending across our Southern Borders.   Which explains the purpose for Chavez's broad and noisy demonstrations at the CAFTA SUMMIT in Argentina two weeks ago and his "counter Summit across town" - drive fear into the minds of Americans. Does that not sound like MoveOn Pac and their "counter Convention" and picketing of the Republican Convention during the past election?  Yes, that is exactly the same.  Again, Rockefeller paid for, planned and instigated.

1979: Pol Pot leads the Khmer Rouge back into the jungle after the Vietnamese invasion   You see, all it is is about the price of the resources that fuel the Rockefeller Keretsu, and nothing more.  It's us and the American Government and the people and governments of the free world, versus the Rockefellers Keretsu and their minions instigating political, military and business conflicts of a trilateral nature, everywhere you look.  At an ENORMOUS EXPENSE IN HUMAN LIFE and reduction in the quality of life on Earth.  Those who have helped the Rockefellers implement it, have gotten wealthy (like Michael Moore, who also called the entire Republican Party "a bunch of losers"), but not for very long (see: Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy... and other examples of those who ended up on the wrong side of their benefactors).

  THAT'S ALL THAT'S REALLY GOING ON. COST REDUCTION AND MARKET EXPANSION BY STANDARD OIL. Because that is THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A NATION WHICH CAN SELL ITS OWN NATURAL RESOURCES FOR ITS OWN ECONOMIC BENEFIT (as Bush is implementing for IRAQ) versus a NATION WHOSE RESOURCES ARE BEING RIPPED UP OUT OF THE GROUND AND SOLD OFF BY A ROCKEFELLER BUSINESS. You see, it is exactly those two choices that spell out the difference between a nation which can AFFORD to have Democratic Self Rule (if it can sell it's own oil and gas and coal for it's own benefit and that of its people) versus a nation that has a small elite ruling class paid off by the Rockefellers, and a vast impoverished class of potential Terrorists, as in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and to certain extent, Saudi Arabia and other royal ruled nations, who do not return their country's resources in benefits to their people, but hoard them for themselves.  Worse, in the case where the Rockefellers do get control directly over those resources such as Oil in a country, those country's impoverished millions BLAME AMERICA, thinking we are the same as the Rockefellers.  And for so long as we do nothing here in America to combat that perception and fight the Rockefellers efforts to monopolize entire country's oil, gas and coal resources, THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH RIGHT ON.  Which is why President Bush is trying to block the Rockefellers from doing that to Iraq, something the Rockefellers were doing behind everyone's back before the war.  Bush and his people know that what the Rockefellers' do when they get control in a country: that fuels Terrorism against America.  Not because you or I did anything, but because we DID NOT STOP THE ROCKEFELLERS FROM IMPOVERISHING ENTIRE PEOPLES over that extra $20-50 per barrel they'd have had to pay for the oil they made $500 a barrel on.  So, even though he can't publish his beliefs on the subject, Bush is doing PRECISELY THE RIGHT THING.  He's helping Iraq become a Democracy, self rule, and control their own natural resources.

    Odd, isn't it, to discover we're all really on the side of the present US Government, considering what you hear about on Rockefeller Television and in Rockefeller Newspapers?  Unless you listen to Fox of course.  That Rupert Murdoch.  Those Bush's. Imagine the impertinence of standing up to King David of Rockefeller, and his successor, Prince Jay of Rockefeller, and standing by and defending moral authority, the truth and protecting the rights of people all over the world?  And Roe V. Wade?  Is it about a woman's rights, or is there a sinister agenda? I'm not a pro-lifer, yet: how can women's bloodlines be limited by the Rockefellers, if abortion isn't the standard for "unwanted pregnancy" and "unwanted" the standard for pregnancy among modern females? The Rockefellers don't want those "Sluts" (we call you modern women, they call you "sluts", Ladies!) to become "Mothers" bearing too many offspring and populating the planet, they just want women answering phones and waiting tables and packing narcotics in from some foreign land, oh: and passivating the men folk with their femininity.  That hypocrisy appears to be a primary agenda of "population control" and "genocide", only it has become a very high tech solution with subtle manipulation of all sides of the issue, another one of the Rockefellers' "Trilateral Conflicts", a conflict they control by puppet strings. If only the people working on the Rockefeller side of the fence at places like CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN realized that they picked the side of the BAD GUY. They are a family who financed the wars that led to the murder of 6 million Jews, 20 million Europeans, 30 million Russians, 15 million Chinese, 10 million Japanese, 10 million Asians, who knows how many Africans, who sterilized 60,000 Americans of "substandard genetics", or are trying to sell the idea of buying Sperm from a "genius" or someone "of wealthy standing" to produce offspring... through so-called "planned parenthood"... To them that's cheaper and less politically sensitive than  killing off competing fathers' bloodlines through involuntary sterilization... That is exactly what the Rockefellers have been doing this past century! What would those same Journalists and Broadcasters do?  Live in denial?  Or wake up and realize the evil that they are party to? I pray the latter, I live in dread of the former, that they will continue on as Rock Press Zombies right out of Mein Kampf...

    And to think about the only thing the Rockefeller Keretsu fears is that someone will introduce an energy source cheaper than gas, oil, nuclear and coal, one which they do not control.

    In my former country, Germany, we were bankrolled in the 1930's by John D Rockefeller to rise up and conquer Europe, so he could gain full control over all the Oil, Gas, Coal, and economies of Europe, through his ward, Adolph Hitler.  That's his banker, JP Morgan, in the Punch cartoon on the left.  As good little German boys and girls we took up arms against our neighbors and did terrible crimes against humanity, as we were trained by the SS and Adolph, who were bought and paid for and backed and trained by the Rockefellers businesses which supplied weapons, oil, computer technology, technological know how, political training and a way to exploit minorities such as Jews, Gypsies and Catholics so as to gain unity against a perceived enemy, when in fact, none of the Jews, Gypsies or Catholics ever were our enemies.  They were fellow Germans and fellow Europeans..  We every last man of us knew it and we all knew that Hitler was backed by the most powerful forces on Earth, the oil, gas and coal industrialists from Americas led by the Rockefellers.  My mother knew it and fought against it.  My father, too, and paid for it in a prison for those politically opposed to Adolph Hitler, with his life. I grew up amidst it, and learned from my fellow Germans, from the surviving Nazis, from the new wave of business and government that followed our downfall in World War II, and it is a story which has become vital for America to learn so it can avoid becoming the reality of Nazi Germany before very long.  For it is headed there in the hands of the Rockefellers, for they will displace the Moral Authority of the Bush's and the Regan's and replace it with the amorality of the Clintons and Gores and Leahy's and Kennedy, whom they can trust to implement their Agenda.  It is a COVERT PRO-TERRORISM AGENDA and it has the intention of gaining long term control of America and turning it against the Freedom and Human Rights of Humanity.  In Germany, it took a scant 10 years post depression, for the Rockefellers to seize power and proxy through Hitler.

   How long now, with them using every ounce of their agenda to displace Bush and scare the Republicans, before they seize power over America?  I would suspect a matter of years, if you and I and everyone are not cautious, aware of the problem, and take steps at the voting booth to defend America, maintain security AND Freedom, in this great place of Liberty and Justice for All, keeping it away from those who would have Liberty and Justice only for themselves and their covert agenda.  Were I all of you, I'd demand Jay Rockefeller's removal from the Senate and from the Intelligence Committee (especially) immediately, to start.  Then, I'd demand AntiTrust investigations of every Rockefeller Core Business named above, and their breakup and elimination of Rockefeller interests in them. Last, but not least, I'd demand a migration to Solar, Hydrogen and Wind energy, to reduce dependency not just on Foreign Oil, but on ANY OIL OR COAL OR NATURAL GAS AT ALL.  A country independent of the need for a particular fuel stock, is a country who can CHOOSE, and thereby is FREE in all of it's choices.  That is the fundamental greatness of America and its Constitutional form of Government: the freedom is based upon choice. Yet, the fundamental weakness is the average American's general lack of awareness that a problem as described above, exists in America.  Choose carefully, America!

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Written by Edward G.v. Englebart
I am documenting this story in memory of my late mother, Anna.  She fought against Nazi-ism and helped the Allies prevail over the great evil that overtook our homeland which became formal the day Adolph Hitler became Dictator, March 23, 1933. She taught me never to sleep on evil, and to never trust the family from the Rhineland who, from their American home, financed Adolph Hitler's rise.  "Investigate them, Edward, reveal them for who they are!" she once begged me after I became a Universitat professor, having left a job with Democratic West German Intelligence after the fall of the Cold War Berlin Wall.

"Write a book for all the people they murdered!" My late mother, Anna, was an intelligence double agent working for the Allies inside the Nazi German Government, an operative working for a British agent code-named TRICYCLE, as a German National inside the offices of the Reichsfuhrer. Anna was able to provide stunning insight into the encoding methods of the German Intelligence and Military General Staff, and helped England break many codes and learn of many military moves before they happened.  She also misdirected intelligence gathering done by the Gestapo.  She was never suspected and was rescued by MI5 (British Intelligence), working for Bletchley Park and MI5 for many years after the war.  A math genius, Momma, as I called her, was involved in early experimental work in computer software, and also consulted with the Americans on the mathematical logic of Radar triangulation of long range anti missile batteries to hit their target.  She never trusted certain Americans who, in her Double Agency, she came to know as German-American backers of the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler's rise to power. To my mother, I dedicate the information about them that almost no one knows, the deadly secrets they have kept for a century and a half. I will be writing a book.  But right now, this information needs exposure.

A significant percentage of the United States Congress are on the Rockefellers' Payroll or allied with them/under their vast political influence.  After reviewing this story with some in the intelligence community, I learned that many people in the Government, upon learning that the most top secret element of the American Intelligence Community have chosen to summarize what happened that lead to the Iraqi Invasion, are trying to find ways to counteract the story so as to, in essence, use 2020 hind sight to 'decide' about the value of intelligence and the reasons for going to War, so as to try and black out this story at the same time as the Rockefellers organize yet another round of political attack on President Bush trying desperately to dislodge his control over his plan to develop Iraq's Oil for the benefit of Iraqi's, and steal it for the Rockfellers' private reserves. It is noted that every single Senator and Congressman who ultimately voted for the Iraqi War, had each independently for several years or more longer than President Bush, been publicly reporting that Iraq was engaging in moves to stockpile WMDs, and that the time to take steps to prevent that from happening was BEFORE Hussein obtained Nuclear Weapons since it would be too late afterwards, as once in his possession they'd be used against America.  For them to say otherwise now at the political prompting of an Oil industry angry that Bush is actually making them PAY FOR THE OIL from Iraq's Basra Oil and South Iraqi Petroleum Company, and that includes Leahy, Kennedy, Rockfeller, Pelosi, Clinton, Reed, Reid and Byrd, is a nonsensical political farce, sheer partisanship and an egregious two-facedness that keeps a favor bank pocket book open behind each of these' politician's right rear pocket, open to engaging in a devious deception to discredit the Administration, since they can get all the campaign loot to run for the Presidency with the backing of David Rockefeller's organization. Not that a majority of Americans are fooled by this behavior.  Don't believe Political Polls taken by Press companies with a conflict of interest. Were it not for the Rockefellers' Oil Industry businesses stooping to a new low to see to it that there is one, there'd be nearly NO INSURGENCY in Iraq, since its primary purpose is to embarrass Bush, were Exxon in charge of the oil in Iraq, stealing it from behind the backs of the Iraqi People, the insurgency would be virtually nonexistent.
                                     >> DR. EDWARD G.v. ENGLEBART, PhD, JD. NOVEMBER 1 - 11, 2005.

NOTICE: The information in the above opinion blog, which was written by Dr. E. G. v. Englebart, does not necessarily contain information that is shared by nor agreed with by the American Computer Science Association Inc. (ACSA) , its staff or management. The article is a preliminary publication of a chapter in a book placed solely by Dr. Englebart, without compensating ACSA, which represents the opinion of Dr. Englebart, and contains information he is the sole author of.  As a reported expert in Intelligence and World Affairs, Dr. Englebart has stated that he has used every resource at his disposal to verify the information contained within his opinion article. According to his staff, he has checked and rechecked the factual content, backing the substance of it with citations and references to journals and online resources that tend to qualify his statements.  Nonetheless, Dr. Englebart is, as are all who post to this blog, a volunteer. His written materials published here on this log, solely represent views that may be his own. Readers should decide for themselves as to his opinions.  ACSA does not render opinions on public subjects, nor post them to blogs. However we are legally allowed to pay for and reprint news, and opinions, and to operate a blog with third party content at our discretion and with impunity and indemnification.  If you wish to post a comment or log requesting clarification or correction of any opinion that is published to this blog, do so by sending a letter to us by email at: info@acsa2000.net or use the Submit Comment link that follows.
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- the first computer "data center". Based on the MIT & Air Force Research collaboration on the MIT Whirlwind I, it's core CPU incorporated enhancements jointly developed between IBM and MIT/Lincoln Labs. The SAGE FSQ-7 Computer, circa 1955, was the first modern era computer with a large scale operating system.  Its central computer is a binary, parallel machine with an 8192-word magnetic core memory and a speed of roughly 75,000 single-address instructions per second. Numbers representing positional data are stored and processed as vectors with two 16-bit components in order to facilitate processing. The SAGE BLUE ROOM and it's Air Defense System was the prototype from which NORAD's National Air Defense System was developed. SAGE's Radar facility was derived from the Cape Cod Radar Tower in South Trujo, Ma.  As fascinating as all this was, it is interesting to note that had there not been a Cold War, then there would not have been a SAGE. And had there not been a SAGE, IBM would not have developed the 360/370 series of computers, nor fostered Microsoft and the Personal Computer nor Apple, Apollo or Sun, with AT&T.  Instead, where would we have been today?  One might ask was this all just staged so that we'd have Government sanctioned R&D that led to the development of modern, money making, computation, telephony, Cable Television, Satellites and the Commercial Internet?  Oddly, the American Computer Science Association has polled its members and a resounding 97% agree that the Cold War was staged as many conflicts have been, by business interests wanting to spike R&D that offshot technology they could then convert for their own commercial profit/gain, and that that has been the driving force at companies like IBM and AT&T and the RBOCs and their offspring since the days of the Great Depression.


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