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 50 Years from Lawrence Livermore to every desktop: Computer Science has changed the Entire World.

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Help us at the American Computer Science Association Inc. continue our exceptional work of nearly two decades providing programs of benefit to the General Public that really make a difference.  Each accomplishment of the past 20 years has made an enormous difference.  Even Tiny contributions turn into amazing projects at the ACSA.  By your donation you are making a significant contribution to the quality of life.  We devote ourselves to the efforts of the association, a volunteerism that goes well beyond that of other organizations to trying to make a difference. Void where prohibited by law.

WHEN YOU BECOME A BLUE, GOLD or PLATINUM CLUB SPONSOR: RECEIVE FREE GIFTS such as a Laptop, a Tablet or a high res LCD Monitor!
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A FREE Electronic Tablet Computer, the DigiMemo 692, with wireless writing pen, digitally captures your handwriting, notes and drawings, transfer them to your PC later, use optional OCR software to convert the notes to typed text and MS Office.  Works with Windows Vista, XP or 2000! (picture...>)


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All ACSA donations are potentially tax deductible under IRS Codes.  Please consult  with your Tax Preparer. Only 1 gift per donation. Gifts are non-cumulative. In the event of non-payment, ACSA retains title to the gift and it must be returned, if received.  Void where prohibited.  Allow 6-10 weeks for gift delivery.

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What your donations can do.

nonprofit organizaiton, animal welfare fundraising, fundraising for nonprofit organization, animal welfare donations, animal welfare organization, fundraising for charity    Help us create more programs like "Boycott Labor Off-shoring" aimed at convincing companies in America to give jobs to Americans: this project has single handedly convinced our industry to bring those jobs home. Started with a $100 donation. "Hydrogen Super Highway":  not only keeping Americans at work, but generating millions of new Jobs and quadrillions of excess BTU hours of hydrogen energy to power America.

   Help us do the research that led to "Radioactive Cigarettes: a Smoker's Holocaust", which could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, yet the research cost under $1000. And "The Elder Care Panther's guide to Elder Care" - an anonymously authored story every Elder Care Giver should read.  Advancement of the ethical and socially responsible use of science, business and technology like "The Ghost in the Machine" and "Zero Tolerance for Spam Project". Programs aimed at improving the quality of life, education and the environment. Programs aimed at improving the chances for those facing natural disasters and disabilities.  Yet they were fostered with very small expenditures AND produced gigantic results.

   Help us provide informative investigative research into sustainable energy such as Hydrogen and Solar, into exposing earthshaking Human Rights scandals such as the "Cain 2004: Am I My Brother's Keeper?".  Projects like "the Semiotics of the Mind" have been chaired by modern geniuses along the lines of Albert Einstein such as Professor John Norseen.  Help us to find a way to improve the
historical accuracy of and potency of education with such programs as "Colossus: the true First Computer", "Articulum: the Digital Library", Help our many health and well-being programs, such as: "ACSA's Eat Organic! Campaign", "Assist the Hurricane Victims of the Grenada/Cariacou Island Chain", "Assist the Pakistani Earthquake Victims" , "Be Ready!", "Donate to the right Tsunami Aid Relief Fund", third party sponsorship of orphans and "Fighting the Cult of Intolerance with Global Tolerance: a Roadmap to Peace". And help us expose corrupt spending and other corrupt practices in Washington and elsewhere, "BumsOut.org", while fighting for Consumer's Rights with our "Consumer  Concerns" program!  Last but not least is our campaign to improve Civil Defense in America through "MyCivilDefense.org", a growing prototype civil defense communications system that uses the resilience of the Internet.

   In America today, many people make donations to Charities with lofty names and have little knowledge of where their money is going.  Often, over 80% of the money simply goes to raise more money, and the balance is used to secure minimal objectives.  The benefits go to the money raisers and administrative staff, who appoint themselves with lofty titles and exceptional expense accounts.

   The ACSA, on the other hand, devotes at least 85% (today) of every dollar to actual philanthropic project work and relief efforts. Our leadership do not wear expensive suits, nor have expense accounts, we do not pay staff salaries, this is a volunteer manned organization.  As a result, you not only know where your donations are going, you know that the money you donate is earmarked for ACTUAL CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES.  This, at an unheard of level in the history of Charities.  We consider this normal.
 With your help we could be doing a lot more.  Now, you can render your support for our efforts using any Major Credit Card or eCheck. Simply click the "Donate" button below, and follow the easy step-by-step instructions.  Your charitable donations to the ACSA, under Code 501(C)3 of the US Tax Code, are tax deductible.  Help us to keep making a huge difference.



  -- Your assistance is greatly appreciated!
            Special Note to Memorial Donators:  You should email us if you wish to make a donation "in Memorium". email us here.

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  What is the ACSA?

The American Computer Science Association Inc. is a charitable research foundation organized by a group of computer scientists originally in the 1980s.  Starting with a mere 9,000+ members, with the advent of the modern Internet ACSA has grown steadily and now has 2,536,230 comp-sci members, and 7 million+ "associate" members. 

Our stated goals are to help advance computer technology, our industry, and to provide a commonality for all members of society to turn to.  Among our many programs are:

1. Consumer Concerns™ -
We are a consumer watchdog group who follows and studies problems and issues in the computer industry, on the internet and about everywhere else. Where feasible or where demanding, we try to take steps to help solve the problems.

2. Watchdog on Public Policies™ - We watch public policy that directly affects our and other industry and society as a whole, including the laws, the trends, and those who break the laws or exceed the trends. Then we let you know.  That way, you can make your Vote count by Voting on the basis of knowing, rather than a coin toss.  Over time, we hope to make everyone's job as a Citizen and Voter, easier. Wading through the Morass in public policy can be very difficult.  We can help.

3. Elder Care Panthers™ - Many of us have lost loved ones in old Age.  Today, Health Care itself is as great a risk to Elders as disease.  ECP endeavors to increase Patient Advocate Knowledge and endeavors to effect change to make Geriatric Medical Care a more caring, more accurate, less risky process for our loved ones to be cared by.  Cleaning up Rehab and Nursing facilities and eliminating negligent doctors, and other practitioners, is our next task.  Won't you help us?

4.  Electronic Ethics™ -  We observe, study and make recommendations for standards that apply to corporate, business, legal, computational, and communications ethics, and monitor those who violate such standards, particularly in areas directly affecting the computer industry, but not solely limited to the computer industry.

5. Articulum Digital Libraries™ - From it's infancy in 1989, this project has grown dramatically, what it does: we promote the organization of FREE and SUBSCRIPTION DIGITAL LIBRARIES and COLLECTIONS.   Included among the "Articula" we value are:  historical records, multimedia (such as Film Libraries, Radio Recordings and TV Broadcast Recordings, along with Artistic Recordings of any kind), artifactual libraries (representations of objects in digital form rendered from the original, for preservation past the expected lifespan of such objects), Published Books and Public Records, Government Repositories, Technology Records, USPTO.gov, Language Libraries, Law Libraries, Geophysical and Astronomic Libraries and so on, all easily accessible from the Web.  We are also promoting the TRUE CENTRAL DIRECTORY for the Internet, URL411.com.

6.  Historical Verification Project™ - For many years, our own industry labored under the misconception that Univac Corporation had invented the programmable electronic computer, and that it used an architecture first visualized by Alan Turing.  In fact, Alan Turing had nothing to do with it.  But under the cloak of WWII Secrecy, Sir Thomas Flowers invented 10 programmable electronic computers, known as Colossus, in another part of the British Decoders Station-X at Bletchley Park. His brainchild, first visualized for use in the British Telephone Establishment in the 30's, Sir Tommy Flowers is the true father of the programmable electronic computer and its inventor.  After discovering so fundamental a flaw in the history of our own industry, we set about verifying various historical claims, and noting that Marketing genius often misrepresents "original invention" for "early commercialization", we are compiling a more accurate history of our own Industry.  Since the same thing applies to ALL of recorded History, we created this project.

7.  BumsOut™ - Ever wonder how it is that so much money gets spent in Washington, yet so little changes?  Do you believe it has something to do with subtleties in the System that allow entrenchment and corruption to take place to such a degree that it has become the norm?  You'd be right about that.  In fact, it effects State and Local politics too.  BumsOut works on political records, and endorses Candidacies that have Integrity and Political Participants who stand for the Public Good.  We also work towards removing those who are abusing the system.  We have independent fund raising efforts but need your support, so we can do good.  We want ALL THE B*U*M*S OUT OF GOVERNMENT.  Need we say more?

8.  Healing First Americans™ - This is a project with a unique goal - to help the American Indian population restore its health, welfare, property rights and freedom, in society not of their own making, but which they are now a part of, America.  They are the First Americans.  We have a debt of obligation to help them recover their rights, including religious freedom, family structure, and to help them preserve their modern lands, while at the same time, giving them back what was really stolen from them: their heritage and their dignity.  HFA could use everyone's help.  For, whether we want to admit it or not, America has benefited dramatically from their participation in our society.  We have become wiser, learned their ways, they have defended this land through multiple wars, and they have asked little in return.  They have mined Coal for us, Uranium for us, and worked as our labor force.   They have shared with us without selfishness. They deserve our respect and our admiration, and our apologetic support for the madness that came before, and even continues to some degree today.  To that end we are supporting the creation of individual museums for each Tribe, restoration of the Tribal Elder Counsels, legal support enforcing the Land Use Autonomy of each Tribe, legal support preventing Tribal hijacking, and a variety of other programs including those intended to help First American families with Education and Health, and attaining financial independence, and programs that make it simpler for First Americans to trade from their Nations with the rest of America and the world.

9. Educating the Consumer™ -  A new project as of 2006, ETC is focused on helping Americans learn how to avoid the Big Consumer Con that has plagued the American pocket book by leveraging peer pressure and public advertising to create trends that lead to addictive purchasing behavior from which the cycle is almost incurable in most Americans.   Ranging from planned obsolescence to industrially toxic foods, and the deplorable health care and disease cycle imposed upon them, Americans face the greatest challenge ever: overcoming Corporate avarice.  Whether it be understanding how a product like iPod or Zune can lead to children who zone out of getting the little education available, and how to teach your children NOT to zone out, to finding ways to pressure lunatic Federal and State Educational Government into bringing back music, art, crafts, creative reading and writing and other educational programs to help young minds develop.  All of it comes down to educating the consumer, and that's what ETC is focusing on.

10.  The Continental Water Supply™ - It has been said by the ACSA's scientists, that if one REALLY wanted to cure AIDS and other diseases in Africa, one should start by building a vast, clean water supply system for the entire continent.  TCWS is a project aimed at looking at how to better fulfill the Clean Water Supply requirements of the Six Continents on Planet Earth.  For without it, Humanity is headed for Extinction.  It has been estimated that the cost of Health Care could be reduced by 50-60% or more in all six continents just by cleaning up the ground, aquifer and piped water supplies throughout the world.  If true, we may be seeing the very same debacle that hobbled the Roman Empire, upon us on Planet Earth: toxins in our water supply.  Imagine, we've polluted the Ocean to such a degree, its no longer safe to eat certain fish.  Isn't that shameful?  Finding ways to insure and safeguard clean water, even after natural disasters, is a self-redeeming effort. Help us do this.

11.  The HOW TO SURVIVE AIDS project™ As it turns out, AIDS is a complex disease with more than one cause.  Triggered by a retrovirus, the disease has many phases at which point it could be prevented, progress halted, consequences eliminated.  The Human Body has the greatest natural defenses of all against AIDS, yet modern medicine is only partially looking towards those defenses, due to the fixation in most modern medicine on Pharmacology.  Mr. Bill Gates, one of the two founders of Microsoft (and its Chairman) recently plowed untold billions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation into incentives for research groups to find a cure.  However, in the meanwhile, people continue to die, or eventually will as the so-called "cocktail" only slows the disease.  Believe it or not, ACSA heard of protocols based on alternative methods that have not only reduced the effects of AIDS, they have resulted in reversal of the actual diagnosis from AIDS positive to AIDS negative, resulting in a clean bill of health.  We attempted to verify this, and were very surprised to find out that it is true. That surprised us as these anti-Aids protocols did not just require use of the so-called Pharmaceutical Cocktail. In fact, while very rigorous, it has since been observed that they are far more effective than the PC.  We investigated further and now are organizing the HTSA project to convey this knowledge to those who have become infected, so that they can decide if they want to work with the professionals who have evolved the immuno-supportive programs that have given many a future WITHOUT AIDS, who were previously diagnosed with the dread disease. 

  We are also compiling information for Teens and Adults on which practices are most likely to instigate catching A.I.D.S., so they can be avoided, with the underlying goal being to make Teens and Adults aware that the epidemic of A.I.D.S. is upon us, it is quite rampant and spreading like wildfire. Clearly it is not to be scoffed at nor laughed at, and those who participate in high risk life styles need to know that they have more than a 50% chance of catching A.I.D.S.  While monogamy and celibacy are always the two most effective practices in preventing A.I.D.S., if one thing has been established over the centuries, its that Human Beings are very tempted by the hormonal effects of temptation.  In a society which now focuses music and entertainment almost exclusively on human attraction, the temptation is amplified by exposure to same.  So, we believe that Education about avoidance of the disease, safe practices and about alternatives is critical to the future survival of Humanity.  A.I.D.S. is an epidemic on a time delay fuse.  We're trying to put the fuse out.

12. HALT!  (Let's Halt Underage Abuse on the Web™).  This project is self explanatory.  We endorse the work of organizations like "http://www.PervertedJustice.com", Stone Phillips, Dateline, the FBI, the "National Clearing House on Child-Abuse and Neglect" division of the US Health and Human Services Agency, and all similar organizations working to help prevent further abuse of children by Predators and certain Adult Content Website Operators.  We are intent upon devising electronic methods for rooting out Minor Abusive Web Content on the Web, and bringing its operators to Justice, with the help of the Authorities.  Because of the laws governing Child-Abusive Web Content, private investigation of the subject can subject the private investigation organizations to criminal prosecution for downloading the content during the course of seeking out an adult content operation's operators and exposing illegal content. This represents a dichotomy that makes Law Enforcement's job more difficult, since the only witnesses available are "snitches" who are willing participants in such Child-Abuse activity.  Any member of the public who might be a witness, could also be classified as a criminal perpetrator for having downloaded or viewed illegal online content as the law makes intent a very subjective issue.  The line between unwitting receipt of such content and knowing pursuit of such content is very slim. The presence of Sting operations on the web furthers the likelihood that such privately sponsored investigations might be misinterpreted as otherwise.  So, we are devising some pretty advanced technology, some of it rather futuristic, that can trace the origins of the abuse of children by certain WebSite Providers and across communications lines anywhere, without exposing Human Operators not part of the FBI or the local Police to potential prosecution for having pursued criminals on their own. The methods intend to eliminate the need for Human non-law enforcement personnel from having to look at such illegal images, video and content online by preventing them from ever having to outside of a Court of Law.  Accordingly, ISPs and other Service Providers will be able to detect the presence of hidden or cloaked illegal content and take preemptive steps turning them over to the Authorities, without the danger of being misinterpreted.

   We believe it is possible using modern advanced photo analysis software robot entities, modern advanced communications algorithmic advances, and modern technology capable of making advanced, fine line determinations about Chat Room, Web Site and Email content that should be brought to the attention of the Authorities, at light speed, without requiring any human exposure initially to view the predatory content.  While in America, everyone has the presumption that their privacy is sacrosanct, and we are advocates of Privacy, we do not believe that operating an Illegal Web Content Ring or attempting to engage in predatory contact with a minor entitles one to that privilege. However, we also realize that it is vital to respect the privacy of businesses who are NOT breaking the Child Protection and Welfare laws, even if we do not agree with their business practices or online content.  This project has also evolved into a research effort to define how images, text and communications can be observed confidentially yet legally, without giving those engaging in distribution of Illegal Web Content operations a chance to flee prosecution. It's all still just Research, but it is addressing a HUGE question of Privacy versus illegal content provision.

And there are many more.  We invite you to join ACSA and to help us, for in the coming four years, we will be organizing chapters and setting up group luncheons and setting up meeting places.  Any contribution is appreciated and it can be treated as a charitable donation!

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