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October 7, 2004   ACSA Freezes it's US Terror Threat Level at Red!

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A spokesperson added: "It appears these terror groups are quite SENSITIVE to being pre-detected.  Thus far, only the predicted attacks on Israelis (bombings of Egyptian Seaside Resort TABA today, aimed at Israeli Tourists, wounded 150 and killed 25; 3 Rocket Attacks on Sheraton Baghdad, today) have happened as predicted by ACSA weeks ago.  Yet, that's 1/2 of what we'd predicted and we're only 40% through the predictive timeline... clearly trouble lies just ahead. It remains to be seen if the attack on Continental US will follow..."  ACSA indicated it is now going to spend as much time as is necessary monitoring every single information resource we can to anticipate when they will NOW attempt to unleash their next attack, be it today, tomorrow, next Monday or on the eve of Election or New Years Day." 

Dr. Abrahamson continued: "We're not going to allow the governments of the free world to be without adequate eyes and ears to ascertain, in advance, where to be to preempt such an attack.  And, we recommend every member of the General Public join us in this effort.  We will be releasing a white paper shortly on how you can do that without interfering with the effort by the Government to fight Terror!"  ACSA indicated that based upon responses to it's news releases by some known terror connected persons, it has concluded that being apprehended was not in the terrorists' plan: they likely adjusted to the warnings raised by ACSA and others, adding additional layers of deception to their attack plan and adjusting the schedule, to elude apprehension after analyzing the threat. 

"We won't be out of the woods until November 3rd," stated the Chairman of ACSA, "and even then they aren't just going to stop once the Election is over.  America needs to remain diligent and ready.  Congress missed the significance of terror camps for Al Qaeda hosted in North Eastern Iraq by Saddam Hussein, staging areas for what would have been a nuclear and biological attack on the USA (on Saddam's nickel).  There is evidence there was recent WMD development there, ACSA has learned that since the war, it was moved 50 miles across the Syrian border, then relocated to Baku, Lebanon. DHS could miss the significance of this attack intelligence if we don't make it clear to them that what may not be empirically obvious may in fact be an impending attack designed to fool them, as in the case of 9/11. Not everyone is being open minded out there enough to recognize what we may hear about here every day." 

Dr. Abrahamson added: "Some of our congressmen have sold their opinions to the Election process, unfortunately. In times of War, that is an anathema. At this moment, many of the opinions found in the Nation's highest body of representatives have been prejudiced by the greed of knowing that the oil industry is desperate to get control of Iraq's oil reserves, reserves President Bush has instead reserved FOR THE IRAQI's DIRECT BENEFIT, as is only right.  That brave act on the President's part has led to this unbelievable election year, where his opponents are putting words he never said in his mouth, then attacking him for it, in their obsession to seize power.  One can not remember one past President who has willingly jeopardized his own holding of office to benefit our National Integrity  as has Bush, as did his father in the situation that faced Kuwait in the early 90's, all while while protecting our National Security.  Instead of slinging mud, the American Press should be singing Bush praise for doing the right thing!  But wittingly or not, the US Press has sacrificed it's own integrity to seek out and make trouble, and to pretend to back an alleged underdog, Kerry, who is backed spiritually by Exxon, Chevron and Conoco, the three most powerful businesses on planet Earth. They have offered power and prestige to anyone who can help them get that Iraq oil control. As to Kerry: some 'underdog'! His election would, in it's unlikely event, end freedom from oil company dominance altogether. We'll be on big oil's hook forever with Pinocchio Kerry.  Believe otherwise and you've bought the big lie. The oil industry bias found in CNN, NBC, AP and CBS reporting has become overwhelmingly obscene."

ACSA indicated it was watching movement of over 8 sleeper cell groups inside of the US area, largely near major metropolitan areas, along with similar groups in Canada and Mexico, and expected another message from Osamma Bin Laden's PAKISTAN hideout, shortly.  ACSA has previously placed responsibility for Bin Laden's Al Qaeda and other terrorist group activities on a combination of tactical intelligence and military activities of Pakistan, started originally by Madam Bhutto and continued by the current president of Pakistan, General Parvez Musharraf, who had been the principal proponent of the tactic under Bhutto's regime.  ACSA had indicated that a special relationship between Musharraf and the oil industry dominated by Rockefeller family interests was leading to the instigation of terrorism since 1991, causing tactical interference with competitors of Rockefeller distribution and oil and gas mining companies, and assisting the world's most powerful oil empire in softening up and obtaining control over various oil and gas reserves around the globe.

ACSA had identified 9/11 as "an attack that served multiple purposes."  It allowed blockading for decades of Russian Oil developers who were intent upon building a pipeline to India from the Ural Mountains, which would have eroded OPEC business with it's second largest customer base, India.  Hence, it was an act which was supported by both Rockefeller (OPEC's partners and distributors, and foreign investors) and Saudi oil interests not wanting the competition.  It also created an opportunity for luring America into war in Afghanistan, while simultaneously providing America knowledge of a growing threat of nuclear proliferation from Pakistan to Saddam Hussein and Iraq, necessitating immediate invasion of Iraq to block a future nuclear assault by terrorists training in North east Iraq.  The commitment of AQ Khan's nuclear weapons capability by Pakistan, had made it feasible for Saddam Hussein to allow his own nuclear development activities to wind down, replaced by his alliance with Musharraf and Khan's nuclear development capability, e.g.- he had all the oil he needed to buy several nuclear weapons from Pakistan, felt Hussein.  After the situation forced America's effort to institute regime change in Iraq, President Bush elected not to award the resulting oil fields to Exxon (who did approach the US government about this idea for months) and instead had L. Paul Bremer get the main oil business in Iraq, the Southern Iraqi Petroleum Company, back up and running, so the Iraqi's could control their own oil.  In response, Exxon tried to move it's Valdez ships into Kirkuk, Iraq to take over distribution of SIPC's oil distribution, but were once again rebuked.  Bush appointed the South Korean Oil Company consortium as "the official distribution partners" of the SIPC of Iraq, thereby fully punishing Exxon by preventing it from gaining control of Iraq's reserves.

As a result, ACSA has provided evidence that "open market offers" for Iraq's oil from angry owners and executives at Exxon, arguably the world's largest company (after GE), including it's Rockefeller owners who are dominant in control of the company (and of GE), resulted in pouring money into the election candidacy of John Kerry (a Rockefeller Democrat) and funding films like Michael Moore's F911, and various shadow campaign activities supporting Kerry, largely to no avail - President Bush still leads handily in all the electoral college polls.  Finally, over the past six months, open market offers from the brokers maintained by Exxon, has driven Al Qaeda and it's related Islamist Fascist Groups to offer up their services, through General Musharraf, to once again engage in terror against the US at home and abroad, to bring more pressure to bear on the Bush campaign.

Months of analysis of intelligence, transmissions, history and monitoring of behavior of the Pakistani Government, known allies of Bin Laden and the Al Zarqawi insurgency in Iraq, along with following money from domestic interests of the Rockefeller family to offshore activities separated by 35 levels of plausible deniability, caused ACSA to start formulating the present prediction of a pending terrorism attack on the US mainland.  ACSA's predictions have frequently, as in the present case, turned out to be remarkably accurate, and so today's attacks in Egypt and Baghdad simply confirmed suspicions of impending attack.

"When you get to the middle of the timeline and you're prediction has already come half true, you know trouble lies just ahead!" stated ACSA's Chairman.

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