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Americans Need to Know.

July 13, 2004

Please Mr. President.

Tell Americans that our supposed ally, Pakistan, was financially behind the Taliban, through the auspices of the Pakistani Intelligence Service, who created it and Al Qaeda and continues to shelter it.

Tell Americans that Uday and Qusay arranged to remove the WMD materials to Baku, Lebanon at the outset of the War in Iraq, where Al Zarqawi is trying to secure them for his own terrorist purposes, today.

Tell Americans that Heroin is the greatest single economic weapon used by Terror Cells to seed their activities in developing operating plans against Americans and others around the world, and that Heroin, while it is grown in China and Afghanistan is REFINED and SOLD from throughout Pakistan, under the watchful dictatorship of the Pakistani government, whose prior leader, Bhutto, conceived of Global Islamist terrorism in India, against US interests, and elsewhere, in Iraq, Philipines, Spain and so on as SIMPLY AN ENHANCEMENT TO Pakistan's Strategic Tactical Advantage, a nation of 180 million with a standing military sizing in at 5-6 million souls.

The CIA has not told the Public, for reasons of it's own, since it is in the business of official secrecy and has no publicity. But much of Congress knows and remains mute. Please don't let American's continue to live in the dark. These "deep dark secrets" are not worth protecting at the expense of not knowing what's been happening to us here. The possibility of Pakistan selling Nuclear Bombs to Saddam Hussein on the face of the APPEARANCE of WMD programs, providing plausible deniability to the Pakistanis... this too must be revealed above all objections.

Cranford, NJ

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