The Devil vs. Dr. Rice

Boxer, Kennedy, Byrd, Baye - the effete Rockefeller puppets of the Senate Democratic Party express anger at President Bush for not turning Iraq's Oil over to Exxon and Chevron by trying to beat up Dr. Condoleezza Rice during the confirmation ...  Oil politics + carpet-bagging at it's worst.

By J. David Chase, January 25, 2005
(A Political Opinion.)

Today, and tomorrow, the Senate and House will be holding hearings. The hearings are over the nomination of Condoleezza Rice to replace Secretary of State Colin Powell and head up the State Department, her confirmation... During it, 13 Senators will try to use the opportunity to make a programmed statement.  That statement is bought and paid for by the Rockefellers' Oil Business.  Jay Rockefeller will likely vote for Rice.  Because, he does not wish to be associated with his own dirty work.

While most certainly Dr. Rice will be confirmed, the above named four Senate associates of Senator Jay Rockefeller, have frequently "boxed" the Administration's "balls" with leftist Rhetoric. Snakelike, they cautiously avoid any mention that they are all in the Rockefeller Camp, steadfastly using manipulation to attempt to blackmail the Administration.  They support Big Oil's effort at turning control over Iraq's VAST Oil Wealth to the Rockefellers' Oil Businesses.  They have the support of the Rockefeller-owned Press, such as the AP and Al Jazeera.  Their sole intent: keep the continuous assault and pressure on President Bush.  The job: during the next election, get his successor to  attempt to "unite" the parties.  Such just might cause a future President to strongly consider the Oil Barons' Strategic Ploy.  Perhaps his election may result if he effects a secret deal to sell Iraq's oil down the river to the children of Pocantico Hills, and their Standard Oil(s).  The consequences of which could be yet another world war, that much is quite clear.

This world is highly dependent upon fossil fuels.  Virtually all the world's fossil fuels involves or is controlled by the vast influence of the Rockefeller family.  And one of the tricks the Rockefellers use is to fuel military disputes between countries, siding with both.  Once one wins, the Rockefellers' use their vast infrastructure of business, energy and industry to swoop in and set up a cheap takeover infrastructure in the loser's territory.  Meanwhile, the winner by then has exhausted his or her fuel reserves and must buy them from the Rockefellers.  The profits from that pays for the infrastructure used to take over the loser's business territory.  Ironic, isn't it?

The Bush Family is no stranger to these bizarre "wrong way Corrigans": the elitist Oil Industry Tycoons descended from John D. Rockefeller. These super wealthy, 85 Rockefellers carefully hide their wealth, only demonstrating it, their hidden trusts by the thousand, by reporting their "pocket money" alone to the IRS, so if you see one of them is worth $5 Billion, that's just his "traveling money"!  Among the Rockefellers holdings are nearly a trillion and a half US Dollars held in trusts and in companies and nearly five times that in stock, along with nearly ten times over that in foreign interests they simply don't report to anyone including the IRS.  Over the past century, they have grown so big, they are almost invisible - they make Bill Gates look like a kid with a lemonade stand, they're so big.  They control Banks in countries around the world, Automobile Companies that dominate their industry, Broadcast TV by the six-some, Hollywood film companies, ALL the Credit Bureaus, most of the Computer Industry, entire industries like Aerospace, Semiconductors, Electric Lights, Generators, Jet Engines, Plastic, Electronic Components, Grocery Distribution, Theaters, and even Steel, Building Materials and Chemicals.  The Mob considers them their "superiors" and does not mess with them, having gotten so much work from them over the century.  And the Rockefellers know how to treat a competitor, Rocky style: boom, you're acquired, boom, your on the payroll but not working or boom, you're dead.

After deciding it had to sell fledgling Zapata Oil to the highest bidder: Chevron, forced by pressure from the acquisition camp in the oil industry, the President's family came to know the Rockefellers' Oil and Business and Political Stealth Policies first hand.  They know it has deliberately incited a multiplicity of military disputes for over 60 years. Such has including World War II, Korea, Vietnam.  The Rockefellers have but one objective in Iraq. For 8 years they have gradually lobbied to try and get Saddam's sanctions lifted covertly while first offering, and then trading Nuclear Weapons Knowledge and Capability with Hussein in exchange for promises to allow their vast distribution enterprise to gain control over his vast Oil reserves.

When the "Clinton Gravy Train" began to wane, and as it became known what they were up to in Iraq, they manipulated the facts surrounding their own efforts to create a specific appearance.  Then they used the pose as a covert strategy of brinkmanship to force the Bush Administration to invade Iraq.  Once invaded, they then have resorted to using backstabbing political pressure from the four horsemen of the Rockopalypse, by name above, to try and force Bush to make a deal with Exxon over Iraq's oil, after the fact. 

Meanwhile, the Rockefellers' can't let on: they can't let US know that they know America found Saddam's WMDs and whisked them away to hide them in some dark cavern in the south west USA.  Instead, they must keep the appearances up and not give away the depth of their penetration of American National Security.

Very bravely, President Bush did not sell out to the devil Exxon/Chevron nor has he backed down on his effort to provide Iraq it's free society FIRST.  In spite of the fact that the oil industry has been instigating terror attacks throughout Iraq, he and the Pentagon are hanging on to their integrity and ethics.  Meanwhile, the Oil Industry Barons and their partners have made it no secret that they approve of the attacks on American Soldiers and Iraqis in Iraq, anything to destabilize the Bush Doctrine.

Today, Iraq's oil reserves are predominantly controlled by the Iraqi people themselves. They by arrangement use the services of South Korea's Petroleum Company for global distribution, thereby creating a 1-2 punch: 1 against Sino-Pakistani-Rockefeller alliance dominance of the Pacific Rim and 2 protecting Iraq's reserves and reserving them for the benefit of Iraq, where they belong.

The Rockefellers are greedily seeking to have their own oil businesses in control.  If they have their way, they will "hire" their own royal family and build a "Rockefeller" Iraqi government, one where the top 2000 members of that family are grossly wealthy "overpaid underlings", while the balance of Iraq goes hungry and is a breeding ground for Terrorism.  By "managing terrorism", they'd direct it against America or the Jews (as is the present condition in the Middle East). 

Does that all sound familiar?  Sound like Saudi Arabia, a bit?  Sound like Opec?  Well, it is. 

For decades, the Rockefellers have dominated Democratic Party and Liberal Politics, using that liberalism to ignore the actual horror that the "Ugly Rockefeller syndrome" has been wreaking on the Planet since the late 1920's. It's been said that the Great Depression was their doing, payback for the antitrust activities against John D. Rockefeller.

And all the while, they've dominated the globe's oil reserves.  Recently, unbeknownst to the Press, the Rockefellers acquired Russia's giant Lukosoil and Yusko's reserves in Russia's Ural Mountains.  The Rockefellers have Putin bottled in, supporting them.  He has failed to notice that Chevron, Conoco, Exxon and BP are not America and have interests that run contrary to his own.  Or he'd have appealed to President Bush for help in protecting his oil reserves.  Now, they are largely under foreign ownership.

Still, President Bush has not given in, he continues to promote Iraqi democracy, and Iraqi self rule and Iraqi self management of it's oil and alliance with South Korea.

And it is a strategy that is working.  Despite the constant guerilla assaults funded by Pakistan and Syria in Iraq, Iraq is steadily moving towards independent Elections and a Democratic Society.  South Korea continues to expand it's economy and even North Korea seems to be ambling towards breaking it's ties with the People's Republic of China in favor of a more favorable relationship with the West, to it's own betterment.

Not wanting chunks of the Chinese and Korean markets drifting out of their control, the Rockefellers of the Rockopalypse recently developed strategic growth for a modern Chinese marvel.  Lenovo - IBM of China, is growing to become a world market maker in Chinese computing.  IBM even arranged to sell (merge?) IBM PC Company with Lenovo.  This "planting seeds" phenom is usually the first step used by Standard Oil towards instigating a market feud between say, a Nazi Germany, a Japan or a China, with the West, so it can then sneak in and sign up all form of hidden alliance with the Chinese behind America's backs (in figurative terms).  The pattern of Germany, Japan, North Korea, the Soviet Union and North Vietnam is being repeated here, with a few rearranged bricks in the Great Wall.  It appears the Rockefellers are attempting to instigate a limited nuclear exchange with the West.  This mirrors past strategies.

The massively "Ugly Rockefeller syndrome" usually results in a heated war, as the buoyed up nation, such as China, decides it no longer needs the West and declares war on it after whipping itself and being whipped up into a Frenzy.

In the past, Exxon and Chevron (Standard Oil) during the 1930's and 40's, forged a secret alliance with Nazi Germany, for example.  It began by supplying the depression ridden nation with oil, chemicals, materials, weapons designs, engineering, computer equipment and punched cards.  The results: a revamped, formerly bankrupt Germany which the Rockefellers turned into a global colossus, leading to World War II and the Nazi Holocaust.  Irony has it that the Rockefellers themselves are of Rhineland German descent and shared most of the supremacist views of Nazi Germany, in fact were their origin.  Claims that the Rockefellers are either Hungarian or Jewish is sheer nonsense, more playing on endearing themselves to their victims than anything else. 

In the 1930's/40's, the company used by the Rockefellers' IBM back then which planted advanced tab computation technology to cure Germany's organizational woes, was called Watson Business Machines a/k/a Dehomag.  While IBM expresses complete ignorance today as to its responsibility, the Rockefeller family and it's Morgan Bankers were the key forces behind Thomas J. Watson and his "tab card blitz machina". They were also responsible for the organization of Death-camps and Railroads into a highly efficient killing and slave labor machine production for the Nazis, turning the wealthy Jewish middle-class of Europe into canon fodder, slave labor and using their assets stolen for the purposes of funding expansion of Nazi Germany. 

During that time period, to contrast: the Walker Bush business, the President's grandfather split with the Harriman Train Conglomerate it was partners with. It then completely dropped Germany as a client, once it realized the extent of Nazi Germany's crimes against the Jews.  It boycotted further relationships once it ascertained that Germany would go to war against France, England and then America.  The Walker-Bushes also loyally spied on certain German business families, families who retained ties to the US on Wall Street. This led to a long relationship with the OSI, which eventually became the US Central Intelligence Agency. Eventually, the CIA was even headed by President Bush "senior" prior to becoming Vice President under President Reagan.

During the Korean War, and the Cold War, secret illicit relationships between Rockefeller businesses in the USA deliberately fed illegal technology through the KGB to the Soviet military, all done illegally through backdoors into Soviet Russia.  It also engaged in illicit transactions in Oil and Chemicals with the Soviets behind the backs of the US Government, which were fostered through France and Eastern Europe by the Rockefeller family businesses, so as to profit from both sides of these two conflicts between the West and Communism.

During the War in Vietnam, a different approach emerged from the Exxon-Texaco trust. The vast oil riches of the Gulf of Tonkin and the Indian Ocean beckoned the Rockefellers. The vast wealth selling fertilizers to the Poppy Growers of China (China's number one export at the time was Poppies, primarily used in opiates, and heroin narcotics) also waved them in.  But with the French out of Vietnam, it looked like Japan or China might cultivate the Gulf of it's vast subterranean Gas and Oil fields. So, with the help of Lyndon Johnson, with John F. Kennedy efficiently taken out of the way, the war in Vietnam was manifested overnight by a ruse drummed up by Johnson (the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which itself never happened). The purpose: soften up the Vietnamese Peninsula by deliberately destroying its infrastructure and gilding the lily of it's relationship with China.  Once the war was out of control, it was dumped squarely on the backs of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, while during it all, the softening up of the entire Pacific Rim made it undeniably simple for the Conoco and Chevron companies of Standard Oil lineage to drop anchor and mine for oil. 

Believe it or not, despite the appearance of wrongdoing during Watergate, the information being sought by Nixon at the time was not about "Communist Infiltration" of the Democratic Party. Information had been leaked by the Rockefellers through covert infiltration of the CIA to the staff of the White House, that  volumes of financial support for the Democratic Campaign against Nixon had been delivered up from the Oil Industry.  Nixon couldn't believe it.  Low echelon employees of the Nixon campaign with ties to the CIA then set out to drag Nixon's name into the middle of investigating that which Nixon could not accept.  Rockefeller "bought and sold" CIA personnel to leak some information that led these republican paranoids to not only engage in the Watergate infiltration, it also leaked the "plumbers" were going into the Watergate to the Police, so as to create the appearance of "Commie-Scare Happy" thieves, and get Nixon impeached.  Nixon, they felt, was too quickly moving towards ending the Vietnam War.

Losing, North Vietnam had started waving a better deal in the face of Big Oil: "Help us gain control of the South, and we'll give you control of the Gas and Oil."

A few dollars spread around by the Rockefellers with Ben Bradlee, Woodward and Bernstein sealed Richard Nixon's fate, and led to Gerald R. Ford's Presidency, but delayed the end of the Vietnamese War by over a year. That was just long enough for the Rockefellers to covertly ink an agreement behind the scenes with contacts in North Vietnam who traded away the oil/gas rights (for a percentage) under the Gulf of Tonkin, and to arrange for the disgraceful behavior of the John Kerry's before Congress, all the while Kerry knowing full well he'd helped foster an Oil Deal with Exxon and Chevron and Conoco and sealed the fate of the Republicans.  Despite the fact that for six years, it was Lyndon Johnson's war, Nixon was forever blamed for a war he didn't start, and wanted to end.  When Nixon left office, it was because he had the starch knocked out of him, a Quaker by birth, he'd already been overrun by pangs of guilt for inheriting that nasty little war.  In all, Nixon never realized that he'd been set up from the get go by the Rockefellers.  No investigation of Johnson's fake reasons for starting it.  No investigation of the secret deal between Standard Oil and the North Vietnamese (now: the Vietnamese).  Nada.  Irony indeed that Kerry should run for President on a Rockefeller backed platform that attempted to seal another theft of oil reserves, this time from Iraq? 

At all times, whether by infiltration of the US Government, whether by favor banking or downright corruption, such as in the case of John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, John McCain, etc., or by having loyal Rock employees on the books at the CIA or elsewhere, political naiveté in the USA has made it simple for the Standard Oil companies to mine gas and oil resources right out from under entire countries, while the US Government looked on bewildered. 

It was not until Ronald Reagan's time, after President Reagan decided he could end the Cold War, that there appeared even the remotest likelihood that the Rockefellers would be exposed for what two faced toasters they are.  For creating a run down for the Cold War that eventually ended it, the threat to Rockefeller dominance such an international conflict had for decades insured, President Reagan paid dearly. He suffered both political attacks and an attempted assassination, all resulting from his intention to end the cold war. For this intention tended to undermine the Rockefeller's "both sides of the Iron and Bamboo Curtains" strategies.  As a result of their influence over Organized Crime, the Rockefellers employ the ability to influence even the likes of a Manson Gang, they have had so much time to build infrastructure in this country.  They have their hands in everything from Narcotics to door to door cosmetics and everything in between.

Since Reagan, both President Bushes have engaged in their own efforts to halt the progression of looting of foreign countries by the Rockefellers' Oil Companies, although in most situations, it's been called a "war against terrorism" or "an anti money laundering act", or "a new director for the CIA".  All of their steps were taken so as to prevent further World War.  And were intended to prevent such conflicts as Terrorism that occur in the wake of the "Ugly Rockefeller" Syndrome.  Both Presidents have as a result faced repeated personal attacks from the Rockefeller camp, including more than one assassination plot.  Their strategies, following in Ronald Reagan's footsteps, are about the only thing that works. But one pays a dear price being a President and opposing the whimsy of the Rockefeller Camp.

It became known that Mr. David Rockefeller himself flew to France back in 2002/2003 and directly orchestrated negotiations with intermediaries of Saddam Hussein. His efforts were closely guarded, hidden behind the "food for oil" program.  Rockefeller covertly promised to arrange to lift the sanctions on Iraq under Saddam. In conjunction with certain of his company's allies, he promised to provide Saddam with "a basic nuclear franchise to protect himself with".  However, all the while he and his staff were simply attempting to secure and guarantee a 2/3 interest (such as his companies have in Saudi Arabia) in Iraq's Oil Reserves for Exxon-Mobil and Chevron-Texaco (knowing well that they did not belong to Saddam).  The news tossed a massive wrench into the relationship between Rockefeller Big Oil and the Bush Administration.

In fact, it also necessitated the absolute requirement for the USA to immediately invade Iraq. There was substantial evidence that Saddam had made progress in likely landing a half dozen pre-built 25 Kiloton Nuclear weapons.  Hussein triggered a near feeding frenzy bidding war, weapons which he'd have used on us here in the Continental USA. 

The Frenzy was caused when Saddam began covertly violating the "food for oil" program, using it as a negotiating tool with the world's most powerful munitions suppliers and oil companies (creating direct conflict between the aging scion of the Rockefeller family and foreign bidders in Russia, Belgium, France and Germany). Saddam's goal was always to secure nuclear weapons through the black market, all undocumented. Such was very well known to the UN Secretary General and yet, the UN did nothing to stop it, since those involved in the "food for oil" program with Iraq had already had their silence bought and paid for.  The 25 pre-built nukes, along with nuclear materials already in Saddam's possession, along with biological weapons, and classified information leaked him about building crude nuclear weapons by the French contingency of the Rockefellers and Pakistan's AQ Khan Network, was more than sufficient for Saddam to form a rudimentary plan to wreak a decisive assault on the USA, one that would have left America reeling for decades. 

The US NSA was able to piece together a plan from a myriad of encoded transmissions it intercepted. One analyst pieced it all together: the plan involved Saddam and it was not only aimed at embedding and blow up nuclear weapons secreted and assembled outside of Iraq, in the New York and Washington area, but during it all the Rockefellers intended to play dumb (but be out of harms way) and to find ways to advance their own interests in the wake of a limited nuclear excursion.  In the interest of their effort to gain control of Iraqi and Russian Oil Reserves, the Rockefellers simply continued instigating attacks on the Bush administration through their "devil squad".

They also instigated attacks in Russia and on it's leader, Putin and even at a different level, in person, through the floor of the senate Democratic puppets of Jay Rockefeller (the heir apparent to the Rock leadership) in deploying attacks upon Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.  They also attacked through the campaigns of the Democratic Presidential Candidates, a massive onslaught of monstrous libel against the Bush Administration.  All to keep President Bush from ever revealing what he already knew: the Rockefellers, using intermediaries in Europe, had tried to trade nukes and lift sanctions on Saddam in exchange for what would have turned out to be an empty promise of control over 2/3 of his oil reserves. Upon accidental discovery by an analyst working for the US NSA, the news resulted in the mandatory invasion of Iraq so as to prevent Saddam from using his newfound alliances and his newfound nuclear WMDs against America. Though some of them were not yet assembled, inside Iraq, more still were on their way to Iraq and might have been launched by Saddam outside of Iraq for reasons of avoiding retaliation.

To begin with, it should be mentioned that while they seem not to be, the Rockefellers are fundamentally racists.  Supremacy is the cornerstone of the foundation of their personal theories about life, labor, business and religion.  They believe "other races" should be cultivated and harvested as resources for their labor force.  They view America as a big juicy "customer" and big juicy "labor pool", not as their homeland. 

They are also reportedly into Witchcraft and the Occult, although allegedly less so since the death of Laurence Rockefeller in November 2004.   Purportedly, they maintain dousers and witches on staff and try to influence human affairs using black arts.  They taught that practice to Adolph Hitler, during WWII. The Office of Human Genetics founded by them in the 20's and 30's experimented on sterilizing Black Women and then Black and Jewish persons of all ages right up through the 1960's.  Doctors on their payroll routinely sterilized target races and religions at opportune moments, with computerized records that are used to tabulate the racial depletion of advantage or gaining of advantage by one race or the other "numerically".  Hanging in the balance, the net effect on Rockefeller Economics. 

Their master race theory first organized by John D. Rockefeller III.  He was the father of Rockefellerian "People Control".  His massive racist theories were hand fed to Adolph Hitler prior to World War II. Aside from demagoguery mimicked by Hitler, the Rockefeller's "Master Racism" primarily consists of non-science- composed mainly of "editing" the genetic lines.  By cutting off bloodlines that represent a threat to the Rockefellers, competition can be eliminated.  By selecting bloodlines for marriage in races they wished to render lesser capable of defending itself to, they could breed good, docile working classes.  By enhancing certain bloodlines through selective breeding or GMB (Genetically modified breeding) they could make some more valuable as part of a strong cheap labor pool. John the 3rd's "Planned Parenthood" program was carefully implemented so that the dominant race could be led by the Rockefellers and could "cleanse" the competing races by cutting off threatening genetic lines altogether.  Religious disagreement could be eliminated by genocide, and where intelligence, performance or other advantages  might give the competing race or religion the upper hand, such were severed. In fact, any genetic aspects not harvestable by the dominant race's business could be blocked.  In addition to fostering Hitler and Nazi Germany, the Rockefellers also funded the very existence of the American Nazi Party, also contributing to the expansion of the Ku Klux Klan and the myriad of hate groups.  With enormous influence over global La Cosa Nostra, they exercise extraordinary force and sadism in the world of Organized Crime.  The notion of feeding on division and cutting down the minority mongrels has long been an abiding "muscle" of the thinking of the descendents of William "Levingstone" Rockefeller: liniment salesman, polygamist, and horse thief. 

So, one might realize that there is a "color line" the Rockefellers adhere to.  Talk up civil rights, but cut down the attendant minority - a double edged strategy.  Any strategy used by the Rockefellers to attack any Black-American icon in the fabric of America has a double edged "good thing" quality to it in Rockefeller-think.  It makes that minority look they are "field-hands".  Yet, in fact, the likes of Dr. Rice, AG Alberto Gonzalez, and General Colin Powell are unequalled by any thinker or doer anywhere in the Rockefeller camp.   Yet they want us to think of them as harvestable and controllable and to undermine the effort by the Bush Administration to expand the roll of minorities in government.   The Bush's have been fighting against the beliefs put forward by the Rockefellers' medieval racial and ethnic "bloodline Matrix" theories, the roots of ethnic cleansing, holocaust and racial supremacy, since the mid 20th Century.

Meanwhile, the rhetoric of numbers has been manifest in former candidate Senator John Kerry. Lately, Kerry has been attacking Dr. Rice on the basis that "we only spent a billion dollars on Russian containment of nuclear weapons, but will spend 300 on the Iraqi war..." 

To Mr. Kerry: it shouldn't take more than a Billion Dollars of AMERICAN MONEY for the Russians to contain their own nuclear materials.  But in Iraq, we have for the first time in history a rare opportunity to have a living, functioning free society in the CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION and the Land of Islam.

Iraq was formerly occupied by a savage regime of totalitarian devils, Saddam Hussein and his murderous sons. Today it could serve as a catalyst for freedom and greater quality of life for all Arabic citizens of the world - more opportunity - more rights - more education - more freedoms - a holy cycle. 

For the first time, all of the people of Arabia get a chance to sense how supportive to their Islamic religious freedom and choice are, how it can allow them to adhere to their lifestyle and yet improve the quality of life for THEM, for the first time - Freedom for Arabia right in the midst of the Middle East, there is no way to put a price tag on that - no way to pin a value on it, it's worth Trillions of dollars in terms of Human Rights gains alone.  It means a full life and quality for every Arab in Arabia eventually. And end to oppression and totalitarian regimes, no more dictatorial direction from merciless tartan leaders who create politicy by misquoting religious scripture in order to subrogate, brutalize and oppress their own people.  A major advance just around the corner.  Something the Rockefellers just can't live with, since it also represents their having to give up a piece of "the action" to the rightful owners of the resources of the Middle East.

For a very long time, the world has confused the Rockefellers' agenda with that of America.  The Bush Administration has demonstrated that there is a very big difference. Nonetheless, the Rockefellers and their elitist puppets in the Senate continue to spout nonsense in an effort to hide that difference.

America knows Russia will succeed at containing it's nuclear materials sufficiently for there to be no outbreak of nuclear war.  But can we trust the Rockefellers not to arrange for an AQ Khan to GIVE terrorists nuclear weapons and the material to fuel them or to enlist yet another Saddam Hussein to do so?

With Doctrines like the "Ugly Rockefeller" Syndrome upon us, even here in America where we have 280 million people living and only 50 of them Rockefeller scions, the issue is still in doubt - there is no way to tell, because WE CAN NOT TRUST THE ROCKEFELLERS NOT TO DO THE WORST POSSIBLE THING AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME, hence WWII, Korea, the Cold War and Vietnam.  And now, they are even instigating Terrorism throughout the world.

While on the face of it, the Rockefellers buying off the Boxer, the Baye, the Biden, the Byrd and the Kennedy, they think they can FOOL America and the World.  Note: they got rid of the objectionable Kennedys, by the way, another amazing feat of Rockefeller slight of hand, executed through mob and international partners.

The answer to the question: had not President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, SADDAM WOULD HAVE OBTAINED NUCLEAR WEAPONS, thanks to the idiot Rockefellers, and HE WOULD HAVE USED THEM ON AMERICA.  And biological ones.  Did he have some of them already?  Yes, undoubtedly.  Did America forthrightly report that to the world?  No, for reasons of American National Security.  Was he about to get more? No doubt he was, but that got cut off by the sudden invasion. 

When events like these transpire, the lesser of two evils: invading Iraq vs. getting covertly nuked by Iraq, the President had little choice.

And, another question: had not President Bush ordered the oil into the hands of Iraqi business and the benefit to be mainly going to Iraq and the rebuilding of Iraq, what would rebuilding it have cost American taxpayers? Another six trillion (like Japan, in 2004 dollars, after WWII). And, it would also have drained off all of Iraq's oil into those Carpet-bagging Rockefeller business pockets to be sold back to us at the pumps by the Rockefellers' through Exxon and Chevron at scalpers' ticket-prices. That is, assuming any Americans survived the Nuclear Winter those peculiar oil barons would have caused. You see, they still have Pakistan in their back pocket and there is nothing more that Parvez Musharraf would want than to say he successfully landed two nukes on American soil and was never prosecuted for it.

Good Morning, America, have you seen the Sun?

One more thing.  Due to IAEA regulations (the International Atomic Entergy regulatory agency) requiring full disclosure, had the US discovered the nuclear weapons in various states of assembly in North East Iraq, during the Invasion, it would have had to secretly whisk them away to Nevada or Utah for analysis, disassembly and destruction. America would have told nobody.  The discovery would have been immediately classified.  A special operations team would have made a mess of the above-ground and underground facilities of the Hussein Regime, long before the regular troops arrived. Which is what happened.  For, were the US to announce that such WMDs were actually discovered, that would have opened up a nest egg of worms that would have created a massive impediment to further US progress in Iraq: the need to fully disclose the technology and its sources to the world and turn it all over to the IAEA. 

Such is inconsistent with American National Security, as ALL MATTERS INVOLVING NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE AUTOMATICALLY CLASSIFIED AND MAY NOT BE SHARED WITH ANYONE.  Even WMDs we find in the field or in Iraq. It has been like this since the dawn of the Manhattan Project.  America only knows 10% of the story about it's own Nuclear Programs, if that.  The balance is so deeply classified that it will mostly never be known.  Neither will the Nukes the American special ops found under development in the huge underground replacement for Iraq's older Al Darwah facility ever be disclosed.  They've vanished inside of the vast American archive of National Secrets into places no one ever hears about (perhaps, except for: HERE, in this opinion, I'm very well informed).

I happen to also believe that another explanation is in order.  When it was determined that the source of the equipment and WMDs found in Iraq was from largely foreign interests and delivered from within our allied nations, backed by the Rockefellers, those with unscrupulous agendas might have pointed a finger at America itself.   They'd have drawn a false "smoking gun" pointing right back to American responsibility, such could have been drawn INCORRECTLY SO by apologists and defensive responses from the French, German, Pakistani and Russian companies involved. They'd have accused America of that which the Rockefeller family participated in (stupidly) through their foreign subsidiaries when negotiating covertly with Saddam during the "oil for food" program.  While such was done in total violation of American regulations and National Security, these are things the Rockefellers pay little attention to.  And so, one may rest assured that we will NEVER find out the true details of the progress Saddam had at acquiring such WMD weapons. Nor will the Pentagon ever reveal the status of the ones found by American special forces, since they are as buried next to the Lost Ark of the Covenant as in the Indiana Jones Movie by the same name, only more so...

For they would have been deeply classified and no witnesses would have been left over to disclose their existence. Accompanied by plenty of ex Saddam leaders thinking them in a safe place in someplace like Lebanon, to deny their existence as well, along with lots of Democratic Party Senators screaming and shouting up and down that "no WMDs were found" and "we were lied to", American National Security will be very well preserved and protected.

It is very surprising that the US Press hadn't figured out that the President and the Pentagon sent in special teams of specially trained Special Ops, who went in well ahead of the Southern-based Invasion of Iraq and attacked directly at the weapons labs inside of Iraq right at the outset, taking them out, taking the nukes and bugs there and "disappearing them".  It's a common place strategy and the right one, given the mood afoot in the world today.

It's also very surprising that no one has figured out that those Special American Ops not only immediately confiscated all nuclear and biological materials found, buyt that they carefully left only debris and chaos behind for the regular Army and Marines to find when they arrived.   All so as to preserve American National Security, America's reputation on the face of the indiscretions of the International Interests of Pakistan, our "allies" and the Rockefellers, and to keep the IAEA out of what, ultimately, are matters of America's National Security relating to Nuclear Secrets.

One might also imagine they had an interest in learning some of the secrets of the Chinese - Pakistani coalition who invented such bombs, first hand.  But that's another story for another day.

However,  it is quite clear that the Pentagon made darn well certain that Mohamar Khadaffi knew his own fate when they made it clear he faced the same consequences if he continued on his parallel program in Libya.

You see, Khadaffi was working in an exact parallel program to the one Saddam had organized in Iraq, in Libya.  When he was told through intelligence back channels that we had the goods on him: hence his sudden capitulation.  Why else would he capitulate if he didn't already know the outcome of that "sister lab" to his own off in Eastern Iraq?  America made it clear: shut it down or else.  There would have been papers left over in the Iraqi labs that described Khadaffi's program. Also: much would have been found out about the AQ Khan Network (which we also shut down), since the Khan Net was feeding both labs and both were being run by Mohamar and Saddam in parallel.  In Khadaffi's survival handbook, capitulating to the West and turning over his nuclear materials (provided him by Saddam's "food for oil" subversion) translates into: "Live to die another day..." in the Arabic verse.

So: as I said to my friends in the Press earlier today: Good Morning, America, have you seen the Sun?


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