Former ACSA Chairman Dr. Jack A. Shulman comments about ACSA's opinions: 

"This Bin Laden Tape on Al Jazeera, October 29, 2004, is the 'GO CODE' ACSA's experts predicted. However, it has given it's message in "alternatives" designed to try and convince America to 'coward out', even though it is extremely likely Bin Laden is simply trying to clear the way for justification for further attacks on America.  It included messages for Al Qaeda terrorists who could engage in possible Election Day or pre-Election Day Terrorism. Or even more likely: to go on with their long range plans for after the election, while Bin Laden waxes metaphorically about withholding an attack, to see if he can help get Kerry elected.  To Bin Laden, a Bush defeat is as good as a win in war - reprisal against Bush for 'destroying the Taliban, and waging war against Al Qaeda.'  Clearly, the strongest aspect of the message is that Bin Laden himself appears to be wavering.  The proper response: send Bin Laden a clear cut message - reelect President Bush and endorse his strategies against terrorism, THEY ARE TAKING THEIR TOLL ON BIN LADEN. HE KNOWS BUSH IS GOING TO WIN THE ELECTION. So he wants to enmities President Bush, trying to make his policies 'scapegoat' for why the next attack was ordered.   This, to continue to try and erode America's support for the war against Terrorism.  It's a volatile situation, the more we successfully predict, the more Pakistan and Bin Laden will try and shift strategies and perception.  That's 'entropy' in motion, a process whereby the more you attempt to observe a phenomenon, the more effect you have upon it."

"It is interesting to note that Bin Laden's strategy, to promote Kerry (or rather: to oppose Bush), shows that Terrorists do not fear Kerry, instead they seem to believe his election would insure that America's ability to defend itself will be weakened. But they clearly FEAR GEORGE W. BUSH in a big, big way, or they would not be spreading around money buying up the Michael Moores or the Zack Exleys to lay down a deceptive smoke screen trying to hide their motives and methods.   Whatever the agenda, whatever the timing, rest assured any offer or claim made by Bin Laden is simply self-serving and meaningless, an empty promise he can and will not keep, and a false cause explanation - it had nothing to do with the election - they simply intended to attack us with MEGA terror.  They will do, or attempt to do, exactly what they intended to do all along. You can neither reason with nor negotiate with Terrorists - it is not in their nature, they are simply about killing in as terroristic a manner as many people as possible, that there is only one way to deal with them: take them out.  Yet it is in the Terrorist's nature to raise and offer false hope to try and better their cause (usually followed by going ahead with the murders anyway, just to evoke the terror against a blanched background of false hope).  And, in my opinion, if John Kerry were elected, that would quite certainly better their cause.  You see: Terrorists everywhere are in jeopardy if President George W. Bush is re-elected and if after his second term, another President takes office who is as capable of focusing our resources on bringing about an end to Terrorism."


"Combined with yesterday's 'Assam the American' tape, threatening an attack which will 'Dwarf 911', 'blood will run like water', 'Americans will mourn in silence unable to count their dead', seems to create 'plausible deniability' Al Qaeda may use to attempt to disclaim responsibility for whatever attacks are to be attempted on the United States by Al Qaeda. Or the two Tapes were simply to throw a curve to create Press confusion.  Either way, we have the new 1-2 punch tactic, like Al Zavaharis's two Tapes.  We at ACSA are now remaining mute on what we know to be happening, because we believe the US Government is in a position to successfully intercept Al Qaeda's bombers.  To us: 'Assam the American' appears to be a 'responsibility cut-out' or 'curve ball'.  It seems that Bin Laden is not up to such a long winded exercise in terrorist threatening, his health must be failing, in spite of appearances, so the 'two party calling' system is probably being used to simultaneously find him shelter and keep him from over-exposure.  This suggests a variation on the 'good Terrorist / bad Terrorist' ploy. It suggests that Bin Laden thinks he can get John Kerry elected by threatening, as if he won't direct terror at America if it votes Kerry (FAT CHANCE).  It suggests that he and Arafat are in league, too.  It suggests that they believe that John Kerry and Hillary Clinton will welcome this low Dog of a human Devil, Osamma Bin Laden, to the 'White House' in open arms if only Bin Laden's connection to the potential terror attack somehow caused Kerry to win, despite the fact that Kerry is losing in the polls by 16 percent at this exact moment."


"This message and yesterday's from 'Assam the American' are inexorably linked and constitute an international anathema, a crime against all of Islam and America and the world, fundamentalist blackmail.  It besmirches everyone from the good people of the middle east to our Muslim neighbors here in the USA.  It is designed to trigger racial hatred over the potential for impending terror while one of the two messages threatens an attack that will dwarf 9/11, the other offers to withhold it if America only votes Kerry. We say: KAH-KAH! It simply PROVES our point at ACSA, that the same hand coordinating John Kerry, is also coordinating Bin Laden.  It's not just that Kerry will be weaker on Terror, it's that there is a hidden agenda, particularly if it is followed up by a violent suicide attack or attacks on the USA even if Kerry were, however unlikely, to prevail.  It tries to hide in the cracks behind Hamas attacks on Israel, and in the splinters of the shattered terror network that gave it birth.  This perfidy suggests that Bin Laden is trying to be clever, yet he may just have been a bit TOO clever, because he proved our point here at ACSA - it's about getting Bush out and Kerry in so the $45 Trillion in barrels of oil beneath the sands of Iraq can be ripped out from under the Iraqi people and stolen by certain Big Oil companies, something Bush has continuously prevented."


"Worse: it all suggests coordination by third parties writing a script, parties in league both with Bin Laden and Kerry and who drive the incredibly naive US Press who have apparently no idea they are being carefully baited by both Al Qaeda AND John Kerry. The two parties have, perhaps wrongly, adjudged the Press stupid and lazy trouble seekers and trouble makers.  Our prediction of their intended goal regarding Kerry and Clinton is our predilection based on their perhaps wrong assumption Americans are so dumb they won't realize that John Kerry is not the right man to carry on this struggle against anti-American Terror and are too dumb to recognize the oil-intent behind the Rockefeller allied John Kerry. Well, American's are not dumb, far from it." 

"In my book, just to send a message, right now EVERY AMERICAN should be so angry at Al Qaeda's backers, so angry at the Democratic Party for failing to deal with him on Clinton's watch, due to liberal neglect of a multitude of opportunities between 1995 and 2000, and should be so angry at the Rockefeller Oil Consortium for apparently stirring this situation up, that not only should every American respond instantly and vote to re-elect President Bush, it should send a very strong message to Islamist Terrorists everywhere by shouting at the terrorists: 'We refuse to capitulate to the weak in the knees, fear-driven approach of cowardice driven vote getting.  No American who is a true American takes a threat like this not to heart in a way that responds with cowardly claims of trying to be more sensitive to Terrorist Causes.  [That is what Bin Laden is appealing to by demanding America stop 'threatening Islamic security' (what he means is to stop trying to fight against Terrorism, it has nothing to do with Islamic security) and if you recall, it was the catch phrase for John Kerry's 'plan' to deal with the threats from Al Qaeda - 'being more sympathetic to those causes' - a direct quote from the 1st Presidential Debate, and from numerous previous Kerry speeches.]"

"We must say to the Terrorists - "You want us to stop supporting President Bush's fight against Terrorism - here's our reply - UNITY BEHIND PRESIDENT BUSH and his fight against terrorism: the line is drawn at our borders, you cross them, Al Qaeda, in violence and you will pay for it with your very lives. To any politician who blames this on ANYONE OTHER THAN THE TERRORISTS THEMSELVES, we need reply: 'Mr. Kerry - you have only yourself to blame, you did not support the Administration's efforts, you have sought to undermine them politically to get yourself elected, even your own Wife has claimed the Administration is hiding Bin Laden in essence, in the basement of the White House.  You, Senator, are a weak knee'ed opportunist,  your behavior during the anti-War Vietnam era has marked you for the opportunist who will take any position that will promote him politically, even besmirching the entire reputation of your very fellow soldiers.  You and your allies are so far away from the facts, that when you or they speak it forces everyone to hold back their guffaws.' " 

ACSA tactical encryption expert, Dr. Milton Abrahamson added: "Even Arafat going to France for treatment is another indicator that the impending attack will either be done by a multitude of suicide bombs, or will use Biological Weapons or Nuclear materials. Arafat does not want to be in the driver's seat in it's aftermath it appears, or even in the West Bank during Bin Laden's Taped Messages. Our reply should be: Arafat be damned, Bin Laden be damned, Al Qaeda be damned, Hamas be Damned, and those in America and around the world who sympathize or for personal gain have invited this situation be on notice: strike us if you do and the penalty paid by Al Qaeda and any government harboring them will be EXTINCTION, any people who assist them or brokered terrorism will be Prosecution and the only outcome: we will bring EVERYONE INVOLVED to justice: American Justice. You who attack us have not judged us well, you who help them have not either.  Attack us and the responding vengeance will completely challenge your own comprehension of reality, will entirely reap tenfold that which you sow."


ACSA previously noted that it is giving it's endorsement to President George W. Bush because: "any reasonable man who thinks there is no threat of Terrorism is not sane, any person who thinks it is all a result of 'insensitivity' somehow equates anti-Semitic suicide bombings with 'justified military action', and bulldozing of the homes of suicide bombers as 'unsolicited aggression'. Same has no idea of history.  John Kerry has repeatedly demonstrated he supports Palestinian aggression against Israelis as if it was justified by their alleged dispossession of the territory, failing to admit that the Palestinians were from Jordan and GIVEN a HOMELAND by Israel, which they have repeatedly refused to accept until, to quote an older more threatening Arafat: 'we have driven the Israelis into the Sea.' "  This current crop of Hitlerian persecution of the Jews originated in the 20's and 30's in the United States, surprisingly, in the trans-genetic 'racial cleansing' theories of the Office of Human Genetics created by the Rockefeller Institute and Carnegie Foundation.

ACSA has cited many studies that demonstrate that while it's origins started with Supremacists in the US, among them those who had founded the KKK, it rapidly spread to Nazi Germany, and Russia (where hatred of Jews among the Bolsheviks and the Tsar had been key political levers for redirecting hatred of the Tsar and the Bolshevik leadership against a scapegoat), only to follow the few surviving Jews of the Holocaust and Eastern Europe who were summarily deposited in Israel after World War II. They found themselves having to form and defend a homeland to defend their very lives from Hitlerian, neo-Office of Human Genetics Master Race trained Islamist Fascists in the 1940's and 1950's, as well as to convince the world to treat them with dignity and respect.  Those Islamist Fascists, trained by Adolph Hitler's NAZI PARTY in the 30's and 40's, gave rise to today's Al Qaeda and other anti-Jewish, anti-American activities attempting to commit state sanctioned genocide against the Jews.  But they became a weapon of big business interests using them to manipulate Big Oil.  To claim that Racial Hatred is the sole issue, is untrue. It is actually largely about political manipulation at the expense of the Jews, a promotion of Oil and Resource thievery by one big business consortium, the one tactically backing John Kerry, which is using the terrorists as a prod to drive America to vote one way in the upcoming election, or to take military action by provoking it by threatening to lift sanctions and give Saddam Hussein the A-Bomb. And use the Israelis or anti-Jewish settlement as false justification, attacking their alliance with America that has been so beneficial to the world through the spread of democracy and human freedom.

ACSA has suggested that these big business interests are playing a very dangerous game of brinkmanship that could result in terrorists using nuclear weapons against America, killing those very business people with their covert oil-stealing agenda. ACSA has pointed out repeatedly that those business people are "FAR FROM representative of America or American Government but are giving it and us a bad name." ACSA believes the oil interests manipulating the situation for leverage in Iraq today trying to remove Bush, are committing "a crime against Humanity which the responsible Oil Company consortium and it's leadership should be prosecuted for instigating,  their assets Nationalized and their key management personnel sent to jail for participating in this misconduct for a number of decades.  We believe those responsible for instigating terrorism against America should spend time in a prison, time enough to think about what the consequences of their instigation and misconduct is.  Any who knowingly had a hand in stage managing the action, should pay for the terrorism as if they were participants in mass murder and treason.


ACSA has recently begun an investigation into the background of Theresa Heinz Kerry's strange statements during the election, among which denigrated First Lady Laura Bush, a former librarian, teacher and homemaker, for allegedly "never holding a real job in her life", and for claiming that "President Bush has Osamma Bin Laden in the basement of the White House and will trot him out in handcuffs just before the election to insure he'll be re-elected."

ACSA believes that Mrs. Heinz Kerry (and perhaps John Kerry) somehow had foreknowledge that the two Tapes would be released bearing the content and on the time and dates they were delivered to Al Jazeera and to ABC, and therefore such would even more strongly convince us that they're foreknowledge was indicative of some tie to Al Qaeda through a medium of communication that is not visible at the present moment.   Rumors have suggested that Mrs. Heinz Kerry made some very odd contributions to Islamic connected charities over the past years, some of whom, rumors have alleged, are connected to Osamma Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.  It would not be the first time that someone who ran for high office, was somehow indirectly connected with enemies of this country.  Frankly, however, this investigation seems to be touching upon an almost "Manchurian Candidate" story, so we will hold off expressing our opinions about it until we have all the facts at our disposal.  Meanwhile, we are also looking into Michael Moore to see if his connections to fundamental causes are visible, because his use of the 'big lie' has discolored the American electoral process, diminishing it to a battle over perceptions so distorted by his agenda that they are not even remotely footed in reality.  We will find those fundamentalist ties, we have a feeling we might want to start looking at his connectivity with left wing interests in the radio broadcast industry.  Either way, ACSA will continue to report it's findings so the public will have a right to know.

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