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While cheap political hack journalists like filmmaker Michael Moore and Al Gore run around complaining that 150,000 allegedly primarily Democratic votes in Florida were lost due to "chads" in the punch voting cards in the 2004 election:

Did you know that over 28 Million predominantly (by a ratio of 6:1) Republican "elder and handicapped voters" were unable to vote in the 2000 Federal Election?  Did you know that they will likely not be able to vote again in 2004?  Would you like to know why?

Over 84% of the Precincts in the United States have disability blockades due to one or more major facilities which significantly lack compliance with the Americans with a Disability act.  This situation, which has been dubbed “Election Engineering”, has been allegedly attributed to local partisan interference with ADA compliance by the predominantly Democratic-party run school districts who own and maintain the vast majority of the physical premises in which these polling places reside every year or two.

Election Year 2000, Republican candidate George W. Bush won the election but did not win the Popular vote, and was severely criticized for "stealing the election" when voters in Florida, who had mis-entered their votes, were discounted due to their errors, despite evidence that suggests that there would have been no change in the outcome had they been counted when the counts were audited.  We would ask now: what about the 28 Million Americans whose votes were never cast, because they could not muster the strength or resistance to pain to convey themselves to the polling place?  At a ratio of 6:1, President Bush would probably have won the popular vote as well, by a lead in the Popular vote of almost 20 Million, allowing a worst case for younger handicapped voters with a more liberal Democratic agenda.  Think about it.   The narrow margin of election and re-election of the past four Democratic Presidents: Clinton, Carter, Kennedy and Johnson, would probably never have occurred, had this country realized it's obligation to 28 Million of it's elder citizens and handicapped citizens. By facilitating Polling Place Compliance with the ADA, they would have made it physically possible for them to actually cast their ballots. The Right to Vote is the right of every citizen. No matter who's at fault or who's to gain:  Election Engineering Must End!

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