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Oh, Willie Nelson, balladeer of the double standard, why is it I never hear you writing protest songs against:

    a) Saddam Hussein slaughtering over a million Iraqis and burying them in unmarked graves. I never hear you protest the use of electrical torture on their testicles, the beheadings of women whose skirts are too short, the gassings of the Kurds, his murders of members of his own family who he fears might be more popular than him;

    b) I don't hear you protesting Parvez Musharraf creating enforcing laws that have lifetime slavery for Pakistanis in Heroin Refining plants, worked to DEATH for owing a debt as little as $60 U.S. currency, their children born into a lifetime of slavery; You didn't complain when Musharraf's ISI organizing, funding and commanding the Taliban in Afghanistan to murder and rape and pillage an entire country, leading to terrorism throughout the world, including the USA;

    c) I don't hear one single complaint from you against Hezbollah or Hamas, who aren't even from the West Bank or Gaza originally, blowing up innocent teenager girls in night clubs in Israel or children on busses, hell: you'd probably blame the Israelis for going in after the Militants as the cause of that - hell - an effect can trigger a cause you say - obviously Hamas blew them up BEFORE the fact in preparation for being sought by the Israeli IDF, right?  Perfectly justified, you say?  Suicide bombings the world over killing average Joes and Josephines just traveling to or from work, the store, their daily lives ended in a moment of explosive hell on earth - I don't hear your protests AGAINST that, either, do I?;

    d) I never hear you singing protest songs against the unrestrained and barbaric stoning to death of women for being raped by a family member of their husband's family, accused wrongly of adultery in certain fundamentalist Muslim nations whose laws protect the man but not the woman; 

     e) I never hear your protest songs against the clitidectomies (removal of genital structures to eliminate pleasure during coitus) taking place throughout certain Fundamentalist and very Backwards Islamic tribal societies;

     f) I never hear your protests songs about the Young Men used sexually (since it's not Adultery, imagine that) in Arabic cultures of the world, older men taking on young men as their sexual concubines - a protest song for that? But noo!!

    g) I never hear your protest songs against the $40 billion stashed in banks all over the world by Saddam Hussein, or it's being provided to Pakistani and other terror cells to buy guns, explosives and bombs murder, all used just to civilians globally in the name of supremacy, falsely promoting strict Islamic Law and engaging in Jihad against, well, about anything that isn't those Terrorists or their financial supporters, I do not hear you protesting the thousands who die every week from that, do I?;

      h) I never hear your protest songs about the WTC disaster or Pentagon Bombing or about the Alfred Murrah Building Bombing, or the attack on the USS Coles, or the Barracks in Lebanon, Yemen Republic or the Sudan, do I?  Nor do you protest when Bill Clinton lets Osamma Bin Laden go free in the Sudan, no: you applaud his honoring Human Rights, right? Yet, when Osamma Bin Laden then blows up 3500 people in NYC and Washington, you protect against President Bush, obviously it's wrong to BE President Bush and fight terrorism, but it's right to BE President Clinton so long as your a Democrat and have backing from you in Hollywood - it's okay that so many thousands of people's lives are lost as a result of his negligence, right? You applaud when his wife kisses Arafat in the name of peace, while Arafat's militants blow up Jews in Israel in the name of driving them into the Sea! You and your peers play music on stage with Clinton and his Saxophone, but never hold HIM accountable for causing such things in any music you write, you just keep on mindlessly doing your job, you and your peers all modern era SS Grupenfurors "for World Peace" (that was, by the way, the same excuse Hitler used while playing a slightly different tune than Bill Clinton, yet with about the same effect, we understood why Hillary Clinton was kissing Yassir Arafat on the cheek, only to go home and verbally assault one of her staffers as "You F-ing JEW!");  We're on to you! It's great to be Willie Nelson, Bill / Hil Clinton and Jay Rockefeller / Janet Reno, but if you're a JEW: a people who stand for Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Family structure, Freedom of Worship, and about everything else written into the Constitution and the 10 Commandments: that, by your logic, has to be terrible, after all, all those Jews dying in Israel, according to you that's terrible, the Jews should be punished for that (were I to accept your reasoning!) by promoting and nurturing Saddam Hussein, ultimate backer of Hamas and Hezbollah and Arafat - they should be driven into the Sea while you protest any action taken to remove Hussein and stop the slaughter!! Do you even think before you write a song, Nelson?  Obviously not.

     i) I never hear your protest songs about Pakistan and Afghanistan making addictive Heroin from Poppy seeds, or the 6,000 civilians murdered by Pakistani terrorists to attempt to block free democratic elections in Kashmir, or the millions of children and adults whose lives waste away addicted to Heroin, Hashish abuse, Opium, or Crack produced by the same cartel the world over, no, instead you and your peers write songs saying "it's cool" and celebrate drug abuse to trigger easily influenced children in our own society to leverage their rebellion upon coming of age and turn it into more money for the drug carterl's coffers who fund your albums, promotions and music;

     i) I never hear your protest songs against the owners of your Record Label whose companies profit in these nations from the big oil and energy and resources that creates the resonance of poverty in nations throughout the world that fosters these inhumanities, the RCAs, Sony's, Standard Oils, Shell's, Chevrons, Texacos or GEs.  Got a Rockefeller in your pocket, do you, Willie Nelson - as they try to churn the anti war movement trying to move the Government (who doesn't want to) so that Standard Oil's many businesses can sneak in and steal the Iraqi oil the way Saddam did, even replacing our president (with your help) with a pliant Nazi like Howard Dean, just to do so, even if it costs the lives of every Iraqi and every Israeli - what are a bunch of Jews and Camel Jockeys anyway, right? Is that your protest song's message, Willie?

Are you willing to protest any of these true Horrors? No, instead, I hear you singing merrily away against an American government fighting to end these horrible things in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere, trying to keep the world and the US safe so Willie Nelson, balladeer, can sing his empty protest songs from an empty mouth, an empty spirit and an empty head.  Nelson - you are a big fat false witness claiming it's all about oil, when the oil is being returned to the Iraqi People.  False witness that it's all about big business, when it's really not, it's certain big businesses manipulating the situation using YOU as a rabble rouser while trying to make it into "all about the oil" so they can march in and grab that oil.

It's about the constant murdering of civilians by these Fundamentalists and by Saddam Hussein and his tribe. But you- you protest any effort to put an end to that. Why? You intentionally keep people in the dark about such things trying to prevent us from voting for anyone who might put an end to such barbarism?  Why?  Did you invent the Internet, too, like Al Gore claims he did?

I think I know why.  It thing it's because you are the empty and mindless mouthing of a silver tongued devil of a man who, behind the skirts of a pretense so deep it runs furrows through his face and body: prefers to help the Heroin cartel, rejoicing over the bodies of civilians killed by suicide bombers, slavery throughout the world, the abuse and murder of women, and the cycle of terrorism being spread throughout the world, by trying to make the people attempting to do something to stop the carnage by direct action, wrong.  You work for the bad element here in America that actually sides with the Terrorists because businesses who profiteer from their agenda ARE PAYING YOU TO SAY ALL THAT STUPID BALONEY.

Willie, we hardly knew ye to be so shallow, stupid and pathetic. And your pretty music so barbaric because you have Standard Oil's money and agenda behind you, you are naught but a traitor to your fellow humanity who disguises his betrayal behind the false appearance of noble causes.  I feel sorry "for all the women (you) ever loved!"  They should have themselves checked at the free clinic.

The price we all have to pay for freedom in this country is: we are forced when we turn on the blanking GE controlled radios and televisions, to listen to total idiot fools like you, Willie Nelson!  Because your backers censor what we have to listen to by blasting your classless abuse of spotlight and blues all over our eardrums - leaving many with no say but to "Hate, Hate, Hate" whom you tell them to.  Worse, you're a pretty big blanking bore, on a par with the Dixie Chicks. You two deserve each other, and both of you are a cloud on America and it's nobility and integrity, right up there with Sean Penn (what, he hasn't visited Saddam Hussein in Jail yet?) and Susan Sarandon and her husband, both of whom I used to like - all of your screw loose opinions have been bought and paid for by a mob dominated entertainment industry that does David and Larry's dirty work by spewing this pseudo-left-wing BS all over the airwaves trying to force Americans to go against the Truth and line David and Larry's well lined pockets even more!  What absolute USURY! One more time: the great Hungarian deception rides again!  Did you know that as a people, the Hungarians believe themselves the master race, superior to anyone else on earth?  Hey, that they could buy you and a hundred like you is living proof!

Frankly, the lot of you are nothing more, the lot of you, than a bunch of no-integrity, scurvy little spiders, about this big ||, not worthy of anyone's attention, misleading the ignorant, uninformed and children, trying to turn them into good little Standard Oil consumers objecting to about anything that doesn't maximize Standard Oil/GE's profits and promoting any Standard Oil / GE business agenda.  Just in case you don't know, that is precisely what you are doing!  Promoting the ROCKEFELLER MACHINE, Willie Nelson!  Promoting the Democratic party, a party so gone to seed it's own members don't know suicide when their committing it.

No one wants War, Nelson, but sometimes people like Parvez Musharraf, Saddam Hussein, Mohamar Khadaffi, and Yassir Arafat do not give anyone any choice.  It's simply: defend ourselves or die. Only a musician like you doesn't have the ability, apparently, to understand that.  Neither did Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, or any of the other Hollywood pundits who misguidedly protest about the only thing that will allow them to continue to live the very freedoms they celebrate.

However, in your case: you sold out, Willie Nelson, everyone else I mentioned above may be blind, stupid or worse. But not you.  You just sold out. With total morons like you writing popular music, this WORLD can't handle the Truth, instead they buy your ridiculous lies.

Well, here's to the Truth and just don't you ever try to cross the hearth in my House!  You're not welcome here!! 

SIGNED: Jefferson Smith - January 4, 2004
          Jefferson Smith, a pseudonym, is a character featured in an original Frank Capra movie: "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" staring James Stewart...
           The writer focuses on abuses of the election process by public figures, big corporate interests, and those disinterested in social responsibility for
            their political and business behavior.  In today's world, Mr. Jefferson Smith would be facing a mélange of corporate political machinery that would
            have made "the Taylor Machine" look small by comparison in the film from 1939, one of the best ever made.