President Bush sends a message to Planet Earth, one that says: Self Governance, Democracy, Freedom and an end to Oppression of Human Rights- not only is this worth fighting for, it will prevail and bring about an end to terrorism, slavery, oppression and the very poverty that fuels the 'poverty, crime and terror cycle', the vicious cycle of terrorism that has not only threatened our security, but it threatens every Democracy and every other Nation on earth by attempting to pitch one people against another, while profiteering from the disputes of Palestinian against Israeli, Iraqi against Iraqi, Terrorist against Civilian, X against Y. Terrorism is a parasite on Humanity's soul.  It undermines our ability to be free and to have quality of life. It must be fought in all it's forms and not confused for the battle against terrorism.  Whether it's Saddam murdering his own people, or Osamma making Anthrax or flying jetliners into buildings, or a suicide bomber in Israel, the Philippines, Chechnya, the USA or Iraq: it's all the same - Terrorism is a threat to Human Existence.  We must bring about it's end.  For so long as people make a living from it or feed their power madness on Terrorism, Terror will continue to be a significant weapon of conquest, and lunatics will support it by fighting against those who would bring about it's end.  Today, in America and the world, there are such lunatics fighting a political battle to try and influence the world to oppose American initiatives to bring about it's end.  A marriage of greed, terrorism, power madness and lunacy can still be overcome by a show of Unity among Free People's everywhere.  We must stand up to Terrorism, stand behind our Democracy and behind our President and must demonstrate that no Thugs will ever intimidate, undermine or steal away our Freedom ever again... 

THIS WAS THE MESSAGE WE ALL HEARD AS PRESIDENT BUSH SPOKE IN ENGLAND, IRELAND AND TO NATO THIS WEEK.  President Bush has been correct, not only are their major Terror Groups harbored in Iraq, they are acting against American and Iraqis in Iraq with suicide bombings, RPG attacks and other forms of terror, including beheadings aimed at trying to terrorize international military from deploying their troops in support of a free Iraq.  The fact is, a Democracy and Free Country, in the form of the new Iraqi Government, SEVERELY threatens the remaining Terror Sanctioning Nations in the Middle East, it cripples their demagoguery, by demonstrating the extraordinary benefits Democracy and Freedom offers to the Arabic Peoples of Central Asia and the Middle East.  It is the VERY LAST THING the Terrorists want - they are going to fight this with bombings and murders and beheadings because it PROVES that their Terrorist Causes are TOTAL BALONEY and that what the Arabic People really need, is to move forward to Modernity and adopt Free Democracies in support of both their Human Rights and their Religious Freedom. That is why the Terrorists are fighting in Iraq and why they are influencing "ride along politicians" such as Senator Jay Rockefeller, who is a hair breadth from a Master Race Nazi himself, further right wing than Patrick Buchanan if you can imagine that, yet pretending to be a conservative Democrat, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Kennedy and others, to take up political attacks on the administration that are at times, petty and pathetic, like the exchange against Vice President Cheney from Leahy that had the VP quite pleased with himself for telling Leahy off for being a big liar.

    We live in a country where even our Senators and Congressmen can behave in a dishonorable manner when they believe by doing so, they can get their party elected come November.  And that is exactly why the Terrorists are FOR Kerry - because he reprsents a form of pseudo intellectual, wealthy Massachusetts, anti-War Liberal, whose in office behavior is BOUND to be BETTER FOR THE TERRORISTS than continuing on with President Bush.

    In a world full of despots like Saddam Hussein, Osamma Bin Laden and Muhammad Al Zarqawi, filled with people who make money gouging others for necessary staples such as oil, medical care, and food, in a world where oppressors enslave others to refine heroin, trade cocaine, and become addicted, who repress creativity to steal it for personal gain, where corruption and terror refine power out of religious dogma, President Bush has found it sometimes difficult to gain understanding, not acceptance, of the fact that as Democracy has worked for America, so it can work for other societies at

a) Providing self rule and governance, equality and freedom of self expression

b) Removal of the abject poverty that allows people to become recruited to engage in terrorism and nihilism.

c) Improving the quality of life.

    Clearly most of humanity learned nothing at all, or has forgotten, what WWII and Hitler brought about, and how the opposition, the spreading of Democracy, conquered Hitler as it will conquer Bin Laden and has already conquered Hussein. Bush's strategy against the Terrorist-Nazis is quite simple: fight back and share out democratic values and successes with others.

    Unfortunately, much of Humanity is literally stuck in a cycle embodied by a white knuckled grip of fear, holding desperately onto it's own present way of seeing things... fearing that anything so different, so compelling, that they wrongfully jump to the absurd conclusion that such a message about Freedom actually threatens their survival, and have simply refused to accept the TRUTH being spoken by President Bush, a process we call know as "Living in Denial of the Truth". And in some, it's just the fear of retaliation by the oppressors, the terror consortiums and the dictators who walk hand in hand to trampling every right of humanity.

    Bush has demonstrated the validity of his assertions. By engaging in a removal of regime and replacement in Iraq, the Islamic world is reeling from the notions of an enhanced democracy within their own realm.  Iran has begun refining nuclear weapons, as it's religious leadership fears being deposed by a democratic movement in Iraq.  Pakistan is pretending to be a Democracy while it's leader hides his terrorist forces behind an equal and opposite show of fakery.  Libya hopes to side WITH the US even though Khadaffi, the buffoon himself, goes on and on rocking the boat.  Israel is churning attempting to reconcile it's horror at the idea of allowing legalization of a place for the Palestinians, whose terrorists who've murdered tens of thousands inside Israelis' borders, self justified on the basis of Israel's periodic military responses to the Palestinian terror attacks.

    In the midst of it, President Bush with a simple message for the Irish: DEMOCRACY is the answer.  A message not lost on the Sean Finn, and the IRA long committed to acts of violence for political point making, where anger from poverty and the sense of inequality of life in Ireland which has long harbored, may be able to come to grips by considering how DEMOCRACY and Self Governance and so on, can help them, too, rise up above the feelings of inequality to embrace freedom and sincere self-expressions in a peaceful manner.

    And the same message repeated over and over while lunatics like Michael Moore and his Standard Oil funded Brownie Camera, and like Barbra Streisand in Fatigues and Willie Nelson in bandanna simply just don't get it.

    Spreading DEMOCRACY and SELF-GOVERNANCE, an elimination of the repression by repressive governments, and an escalated war against actual terrorist groups globally to protect our own security is the ONLY ANSWER. We tried everything including flowers, acid and the Beatles and look how far that got us and that was during a Democratic Administration under Johnson and Humphrey!

    They're just returning their heads to the sands of time next to Bill Bubba Clinton ("launch those Tomahawks into the desserts to put on a show of force") and Hillary ("You f*cking Jew bastard!", and "Kissa me, Yassir!"), Al Bore Gore ("How dare they drag us through the [Democrat Jay Rockefeller and Jack Reed funded the pictures staged and taken in Abu Ghraib prison, and published them with the help of Ben Bradlee] scandals of Abu Ghraib Prison!") and Tipper "the Air Commissioner" (strip away those Air Marshals and X-ray Screeners, we don't need 'em, so why do the Airlines have to pay for 'em?") and Jamie Gorelick ("No, we can't let those damned Intelligence Bastards get a hold of Criminal Investigation Information, they might damn well find Bill and Hillary's money laundry!!! and White Water's connection to the Medilin and Pakistani Heroin Cartels - the big payoffs to the Mob, too!") and Sen. Bob Kerry ("Hey, we don't like Rudy Giuliani, he prosecuted our buddies in the Mob, and is a Republican to boot... let's cut back NYC's Federal budget for National Security to $300,000 annually, what do you say, guys?").

    Along with them sit Sean Penn (spokesperson for the IRA in the Actor's Guild), Susan Sarandon ("Rocky Horry Picture Show" and tri-sexuality, and look at the rate her husband and she are growing breasts and white hair, do you think they are both dopers?) and the various and sundry in Hollywood who have demonstrated their own affinity for corruption by trying to influence people AGAINST the spread of Democracy, and AGAINST the effects of National Security the Bush Administration is trying so hard to protect.  And now "the Irish Incident" - an impertinent Irish Woman who prefers to try and interrupt the President of the United States rather than hear the truth.

    In a world like this, one living in total Utter Denial about the value of family values, the value of living a clean life, and the value of being moral, where people think it's appropriate to drop out, stone out, zone out, smoke out, drink till they drop, expose their booty, blunt until they grunt, jag on gangsta', do porn until the cows come home, and webify the sale of narcotics, it's completely amazing that a George W. Bush even exists, much less that he be President, a moral voice in the immoral firestorm around us with a simple message that may very well be coincident to a message from the Almighty:

1) Self Governance, and Democracy stem from my 10 Commandments

2) Respect each other and stop destroying your own lives with childish ways: greed, abuse, violence, narcotics, blatant uncontrolled immoral behavior, psychotic aggression against your fellow man.

3) The roots of amorality is the oppression of human rights and the enslavement of men, women and children - it is an utter violation of God's law - let the People go and be among themselves, and be FREE and Democratic and rule their own lives.

    It's going to take a whole lot more of President George W. Bush and his leadership to make this point clear enough, that the roots of all evil is that which we are fighting: oppression, terrorism, despotism, aggression against civilians.

    And it's going to take a whole lot to get Humanity, the Michael Moores (fat a*s) and Victor Bhuts (arms dealer) and Bill Clintons (book writer, now?) to realize that greed intended to profit from the horrors of human folly and what it is taking to prevent it from destroying humanity, and to realize where they've gone entirely wrong.

    The simple act of attempting to bring Self Rule and Governance and Democracy and Freedom to Iraq has demonstrated how frightening the prospect is to Islamists, to such an extent that they will stop at almost nothing to try and prevent it, claiming "We, the martyrdom brotherhood, will not stop (blowing up civilians, men, women and innocent children) until  Islam Rules the Earth."

    And President Bush has thereupon proven his point beyond any reasonable doubt.

    Now comes the problem of getting Humanity to admit the TRUTH they see demonstrated in Iraq, into their lives and souls deeply enough to get their heads un-wedged from out their backsides. Now to continue the message while not losing track of the Terrorists.

--- opinion piece filed by a special correspondent to the
--- June 25, 2004 ---

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