ACSA Urges Department of Homeland Security to be on the lookout for a possible: "immanent, long planned biological or other attack on the US Mainland".
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by Joe Munsen, Asst Editor

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December 26, 2004 (Cranford, NJ) - ACSA personnel indicated that it had commenced a "total analysis" project whose long range goal was to "seek out cracks in the defenses that might be exploited, and timing for events that might defy ordinary intelligence gathering..." ACSA indicated it had hired a number of consulting experts on Terrorist behavior patterns and had even hired "several known clairvoyants with some proven ability to predict short term future events or detect the intentions of others". Combined with the broad spectrum intelligence from the computer and communications industries, ACSA had formulated a strong working theory "based in partial facts, known weaknesses, and observation of movements among the terror logistics groups in Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon and General Musharraf's de facto leadership of global Terrorism".

The theory, presented publicly for the first time, was summarized by a spokesperson:

a) International Terror is organized well across multiple country lines, feeding on monetary support from diverse elements. Such included charities in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, England, Germany, France, the USA, Canada and elsewhere, oil businesses with specific agendas, such as getting control of Russian pipelines to India, or softening up America's policy on Iraqi oil strictly for Iraq's people, using international press organizations ranging from Pacifica Broadcasting to Al Jazeera, but NOT omitting CNN or NBC, as sources of second tier intelligence monitoring, and even turning the occasional international or US law enforcement official with the help of key executives in these press and oil companies, to make decisions that complimented terrorists' needs.

b) Had allied itself, through Pakistan, with elements of the former Standard Oil company, today spanning Exxon-Mobil, Chevron-Texaco, BP-Amoco and CONOCO-Philips, largely unbeknownst to it's executives, through the premises of channels within the company infiltrated by Organized Crime who'd been using those channels for some time to manage logistical flows of illegal narcotics and small and large munitions brokering with Pakistan. ACSA also concluded that the original ownership of said oil companies were "likely well aware of the value of terrorism against the USA for instigating invasions of countries where resources would become less expensive to them as a result." and suggested they were in part backing Terrorism, much as they'd backed Nazi Germany's rise during World War II, hoping to soften up Europe and Russia ripe for plundering while leaving the USA reeling from the expense of defending itself, making it easier for them to exploit the American business community.

c) Using the oil tanker "pipeline" for personnel and other strategic situations, had managed to build since 9/11 a group of 45 Active Terrorists embedded inside of the United States planning a "5 at a time" or "10 at a time" group of assaults on the United States using intelligence photographs and strategic information obtained between 1999 and 2001.  The goal of said activity was to create a major terror bombing/bio/chemical or nuclear attack on the United States some time between Thanksgiving 2004 to June 1 of 2005. 

d) The primary requirements for said attack include:  the ability to meet up with the intended materials for the attack whether chemical, biological or nuclear, shortly before the attack, while being fully trained in their handling and delivery beforehand; the ability to create the appearances of a "meaningful martyrdom" for the participants by leaving a trail of information showing a devotion to Islam and the support of their family in their respective countries for attacking America; the ability to reach the intended targets entirely unimpeded so as to insure a 100% "devastation" goal.

e) The Pakistani logistics experts involved in planning at the Intelligence Service of the Pakistani Government, noting that after reelection or election, an American administration is often at it's most vulnerable due to personnel changes and discontinuities of priority that take place when Cabinet and Department heads and Secretaries are replaced, originally targeted the November 2004 to November 2005 window as the "we must attack them" window of opportunity.  Key holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, while attractive, represent time periods when people are not gathered in large enough numbers in any one place.  New Years Eve, however, is considered a potential windfall: as large gatherings in Times Square, and elsewhere, are big, visible targets.  Past bombings in Bali and elsewhere during such gatherings represented enormous opportunities to the Terrorists.

g) Also, of importance to Bin Laden, Musharraf and the Terror community is somehow gaining access to the White House or the President himself, and so a "back plan" involving direct activities of the Pakistani Government was put in place to assess and gather logistical information for attacks on the President in Washington, Texas, Camp David and the United Nations.  It is not clear which "target of opportunity" might have appealed most to the Terrorists based on reports by the ISI.  To further assess security, additional personnel accompanied General Musharraf to the UN and White House on his last visits.

As a result of assessment and analysis of the above, ACSA has concluded that a targeted Terror Attack on mainland USA was immanent for as early as New Years Eve, with Times Square and the White House being keys, along with the Rose Bowl and Parade in Pasadena being additional targets of opportunity given the successful interdiction of the attack there a year and a half ago when Navy Seals and the FBI successfully raided an Anthrax Prep camp in Mexico and took out a large Al Qaeda cell preparing anthrax bombs for the Rose Parade.

ACSA indicated it was asking the Department of Homeland Security to consider the threats by Bin Laden for retaliation against reelection of George Bush, to consider the threats by other elements of the Al Qaeda, the obvious efforts by Pakistan to pretend it is our ally, and the supply of terrorists being launched against Iraqi democratization, coming from Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and Iran, as key signs of frustration by Pakistan against the inevitable loss of Iran and the need for it to demonstrate, once again, that it can catch the United States "off guard".

A spokesperson said: "We are anticipating an attack during a period that seems most obviously the time period that would to America most harm, and we are hoping the somewhat intransigent Department of Homeland Security will start to take steps to prevent such an attack, by placing obstacles in it's way.  Some time ago, a matter of Domestic Terrorism was brought to our attention by a contractor who had reason to know about it, through family, and that it involved what might have cost the life of a public figure if we remained silent, fearing credibility attacks that erupt whenever you report anything to DHS." 

"When we reported it dutifully to DHS, the FBI and the Capitol Police, it was not fully followed up on by DHS, but the publicity so threatened the players involved in the crime, that they eliminated their operatives and retreated back into the "woodwork".  We received a threatening phone call from a DHS agent for reporting it, even though the individuals involved had by that time been identified by the contractor.  We would hope that the DHS has matured somewhat since then to come to understand that some of the business people in this country and one or two members of the Senate, are not what they appear to be, and in some cases are not above resorting to murder to prevent a Presidential nominee from getting to the nomination or being confirmed.  We also hope that DHS finds within itself, a means to attain diligence in it's investigative operations and a degree of ability to recognize that it should not rest on it's own judgment alone, that International and Domestic Terrorists alike HOPE that they do, because the greatest single crack in the system, is the incredulity Law Enforcement and anti-terrorism often generate, when presented with information from third parties about a potential threat."

"That is our greatest weakness as a Country, the poo-pooing that goes on, it is the very weakness that has been leveraged time and time again by Terrorism, and 9/11 was no different."

We hope DHS does grow up to the job it's been given. We believe the FBI learned quickly.  We are not at this moment aware of DHS having taken the steps to mature as quickly as did the FBI.  Yet we have high hopes.  For retaliation by those involved in such plots, against anyone who would report them to DHS or the FBI, is not above certain businesses or individual Senators with the family interests that have businesses that can easily be used to attack someone with in retaliation for blowing their little plot to get rid of a political competitor who might unravel their corrupt interference with the operation of something like the Central Intelligence Agency. And that retaliation is precisely what has happened."

"This country NEEDs the CIA to be able to do it's job in an unbiased and unbusiness-corrupted fashion.  That means that America's needs vastly outweigh the needs of an oil, power or military equipment company, 1000:1.  When someone working in a high position in the Senate or at an agency doesn't see it that way, he or she simply does not belong there.  That applies to the Senator in question.  He was guilty of plotting assassination, he is guilty of attempting murder and he does NOT belong in the Senate. I think DHS and the rest of Law Enforcement knows that.  The sooner he is convinced to leave his position there, the better for everyone on all sides of the aisle."

"His family was responsible for funding the rise of the NAZI party in Germany in 1930's, and stands as a notable influence behind Pakistan coming to believe it can conquest central Asia and the Middle East using it's "two faced" behavior of arsonist and fireman. The family even influenced charities to take donations that were redirected inside of Saudi Arabia to back Osamma Bin Laden, since same prevented unwanted competition against their oil partnerships in Russia, gave them time to get control of Lukos-oil and Yusko and buy the rights to pump oil across Pakistan to India, and allowed them to be in a position, at least, to try and gain control over Iraq's oil (which the republican Administration blocked). Said Senator has been doing harm to this Country as long as he has been in government.  We have notable observation of his use of Organized Crime to fund his private ventures before he became a senator, observed during the 1983-1987 time period.  Such are his lack of ethics and his belief he can cloak his corrupt influences and racketeering partners behind carefully worded political colloquy, that now we believe him capable of murder if it suits him.  He and his family are as two faced as Pakistan. We call for his voluntary resignation or general censure-ship. He's a brat turned bad boy, and hides behind a seeming humanistic agenda, an anti-humanistic reality that uses whatever gains it can from his position and influence. He obviously learned nothing but how to steal during his Peace Corps term.  We most vocally condemn him for his horrifying agenda, intentions and methods.  There are ways to succeed at business without being a Tyranny and a Criminal hiding behind "sheep's clothing", something he and his relatives quite obviously never learned."

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