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ACSA to mentor/validate the Hydrogen Super Highway: more >
Freeing up Petroleum for industrial uses, eliminating the need for nuclear reactors, cleaning up cars, trucks, jets and busses, and heating homes, offices, running your PC, your TV and your business,  Hydrogen from Solar could eliminate sources of cancer, toxic pollutants, and disease from our environment, since it is clean, free from byproduct, and enormously powerful.  The H-S-H could save humanity by cleaning up the Industrial Revolution's negative consequences, while making the wealthy wealthier as their businesses triple and quadruple their profits!  And you and me will be paying the equivalent of $0.15 for the equivalent of a gallon of gas for our cars and homes and offices. more > 

ACSA makes inroads against Lung Cancer, exposing Tobacco Radiation's role in the Smoker's Holocaust:  more >
The Tobacco Industry has known that for years, Growers have been buying cheap fertilizer whose content contains Polonium.  Polonium in trace amounts in Tobacco is causing 99% of the Lung Cancers in Cigarette Smoker Deaths.  ACSA is fighting to get the Growers to use fertilizer that is safe and organic, so that 150,000 Americans a year do not have to die for greed.  more >

ACSA fights to protect the rights of Arizona's First Americans from the complete deception and human rights deprivation practices of Arizona Senator John McCain, his St. Louis sponsor: Peabody Group (a Rockefeller Coal Company) and his closest associates in the US Senate more >
First Americans in Arizona were brutalized and forced off their lands by laws enacted by John McCain for a corrupting perpetrator, Peabody Western.  They got the Coal from the Black Mesa, and now the battle is over Big Mountain.  This misuse of Official Status by John McCain runs contrary to the man's heroic statute. We've wondered what could have happened to this Air Force Pilot that made him sell out to the Coal Company, in such a way that deprived 50,000 Native First Americans their Human Rights, forced 20,000 of them off their lands, and resulted in the deaths of 7,500 of them?  more >

ACSA "Eat Organic" Initiative sparks rasher of restaurant and mart startups >  as carpetbaggers move in to corner the market for organic food, since it's adoption is inevitable more >
ACSA has endorsed the educational support program called "Eat Organic" for several years, and our constant publication on the subject of eating foods not from highly processed sources, is having some impact.  Companies and individuals of wealth are expanding their investments in healthy/organic foods, and are realizing that even they are not immune from the heart disease, cancerous food processes used in post Industrial Revolution America.  And over time, we hope to convince most if not all the food companies in America to "Go Organic".  There is nothing unusual about "Organic" Gardening and "Organic Food".  It's the fallacy of modern food production that has caused America to become one of the most obese and unhealthy countries in the world. more >

ACSA righting a wrongdoing committed by RCA, AT&T, University of Penn and Univac: More public awareness emerges that British Scientist Sir Tommy Flowers invented the 1st programmable electronic computer long before America's Eniac was built, brings history into focus more >
Before Univac, before Eckart and Mauckley, before Eniac 1943, there was COLOSSUS, built in 1941 by a shy, warm, intelligent scientist/engineer who had tried to automate the British Telephone System in the 30's, name of Thomas Flowers.  Not one for public statement, Sir Thomas Flowers work was declassified by the British War Department in 1981, long after the history of the computer industry had been written and become entrenched in school books and the marketing literature of Univac Corporation, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University and RCA /  IBM.  ACSA's discovery led to incentives to rebuild the original programmable electronic computer, Colossus, for display at the Bletchley Park Code breaker's War Museum in England, and now has caused history to be rewritten.  And it's about time! more >

ACSA endorses the x86 64-Bit Computing initiatives of Microsoft, Intel and AMD "effective June 1, 2005".   Note: you must accept "pop-ups / file downloads" from the ACSA website in Internet Explorer, to activate this Macromedia Presentation from INTEL. more >
Providing support for 1000's of times more than the 4 Gigabyte directly addressable storage and virtual memory limit of 32 Bit CPUs, the x/86 64-Bit Microprocessors from Intel and AMD are upon us.  And, Microsoft has revamped it's Windows XP and Server operating systems to expand the physical and virtual address space of their operating systems to allow businesses and individuals to work more naturally.  Gone are the artificial limits of about 64 windows open at a time in Windows XP.  Gone is the 4GB limit of Main Memory in PCs.  Blown wide open, allowing embedded Database Managers, Advanced Multimedia, and things that take up many Gigabytes of space without any elbow room or headroom problems.  64-Bit Computing is taking off in a big way, and it will set you free! Watch this presentation by Intel more >




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