ACSA ASKS:  Is the Timing Significant?
   Is there an election eve plot to blow up the Sears Tower??

Special: is MET LIFE secretly aware that an Al Qaeda likely plot to slam jets into the Sears Tower exists?  In the mindless, conscienceless arena of Corporate hierarchy, is yet another Rockefeller / Standard Oil-related business preparing for disaster? They only sold the World Trade Center to Sheldon Silverstein’s Realty Group 9 months prior to 9/11... Is this a coincidence, or does, at Met Life, there exists a hidden awareness that during the United States Presidential Election in November, Al Qaeda intends to destroy the Sears tower, the tallest, most high-technology building in America??  Is there awareness that this plot might succeed?  Is there some unknown reason why, despite all of our preparedness, DHS, that someone wants to prove DHS unready, to influence the outcome of the election?  Is the unexplainable Rockefeller foreknowledge of future disasters spreading? Is Jay Rockefeller, an outspoken critic directly and through John Kerry, his family's "ward" (Ted Kennedy on a Chappaquiddick Diet, some have called Kerry),  of the Bush administration's refusal to allow Standard Oil to gain direct control over Iraq's oil, allowing it to be used to rebuild Iraq instead... is he aware that there is a plot afoot to embarrass the administration by taking down Sears?  Does this imply Rockefeller businesses have foreknowledge BECAUSE they solicit such disasters by stirring up hidden channels between their businesses, their Saudi Oil partnerships, and Al Qaeda, by casting doubt on the election's favorable outcome for John Kerry, thereby triggering an attack by an Al Qaeda who fears Bush but doesn't fear Kerry/Clinton/Kennedy liberalism?  What does MET LIFE know that we don't? READ ON

MetLife to Sell Sears Tower

20 minutes ago
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NEW YORK - Insurance giant MetLife Inc. said Thursday it has agreed to sell the Sears Tower in Chicago to an unspecified buyer, ending the company's long-standing investment in the nation's tallest skyscraper.

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MetLife, which is based in New York, expects to close the deal in the second quarter and take a $90 million gain. The company said the sale won't have a material impact on operating earnings.

MetLife spokesman John Calagna said the company entered into a confidentiality agreement with the buyer and won't disclose the price or the name of the acquiring company.

"This is a very good deal for company," Calagna said. "We're always looking at our real estate portfolio; it's a very favorable marketplace right now and we took that into account, so it was the right decision to sell this building at this time."

Sears Tower is a 110-story landmark in downtown Chicago.

MetLife's sale closes the books on the company's ownership, which dates back nearly 15 years.

It also marks a quick turnaround since the company acquired full control in August.

In 1990, MetLife purchased a mortgage on the property after the original owner, Sears Roebuck & Co., refinanced amid a severe real-estate downturn. Trizec Properties Inc., a real-estate investment trust based in Chicago, bought control of the tower in 1997 through a $70 million second mortgage purchased from another lender. Legal title was to pass to Trizec this past January.

But Trizec's equity position effectively dissolved over the past few years as the building's value deflated amid a weak office market in Chicago. Trizec instead sold its stake in August for $9 million to MetLife, which held the $766 million first mortgage. Trizec continues to manage the property.

The Sears Tower, which is 88 percent occupied, has struggled with sagging demand for office space and tenants' lack of enthusiasm for high-profile buildings after the terror attacks of 2001.

Shares of MetLife closed Thursday were at $33.47, down 80 cents, or 2.3 percent, on the New York Stock Exchange (news - web sites).