ACSA explains it's 60 Day "Red Level" Terror Watch Alert
October 30, 2004

 ACSA Advises: Al Qaeda has lost all but a tiny window of opportunity Monday or Tuesday to have any further impact on the US Presidential election.  ACSA believes Al Qaeda either missed it's opportunity when it flinched on October 6/7 during the week of the "October Surprise" or now fears worsening it's chances to influence the election to it's benefit. 

 We advise the general public that- despite the appearance of the Blackmail Bush Tape by Bin Laden (a classical whitewash job designed to fool everyone, but one which we believe fooled no one) yesterday and the "Assam the American" Al Qaeda tape the day before promising to make "American's blood flow like water", "an attack that will dwarf 9/11", and "American's will mourn their dead in silence" -a classic variation of "good cop/bad cop" by Al Qaeda almost seemingly cast and scripted by Hollywood,  seemingly coordinated to attempt to dissuade the USA from continuing to wage war against Terrorism - seemingly coordinated with certain left wing activities by the Democratic Party to spread false information denying there is a terrorist threat... ACSA believes that Al Qaeda is carefully gauging it's best likelihood of launching a successful MEGA attack on the USA from foreign vantage points.  Such will occur during, most likely, large holiday gatherings with a very small window of opportunity to attack on election day or eve to try and minimize the turnout - a tactic said to harm any incumbent's chances.  Whatever day they pick, they will target Washington, DC, NY, Chicago, LA, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami and/or other targets of opportunity. Sparsely populated rural areas will likely not be targeted. The main attack will be deployed, we believe, as soon as Al Qaeda believes it is tactically timely. Such dates as Thanksgiving Football, Christmas Mass or New Years eve are high on the list.  Great diligence is necessary.  Smaller attacks will continue to occur in the Middle East, the Gulf and even something here in the USA.  Hopefully the diligent efforts of a few very talented intelligence and law enforcement personnel has dissuaded Al Qaeda from attacking now.  Right now, intel chatter has calmed, but that can also be a preamble to attack.

 Perhaps with even more successful surveillance of Al Qaeda, it having relocated Bin Laden to a knew subterranean mountain house in Pakistan, and having started working it's old intelligence reserves embedded deeply within the USA, perhaps now we can now persuade Pakistan's dictator and it's resident terror leader Bin Laden, that even if they were successful in their next MEGA attack on America, we will respond by obliterating the entire region, now that we are certain of Pakistan's involvement and control over Al Qaeda's attacks on America around the world.  Messages sent to Musharraf and to Bin Laden through various communications back channels that another Mega attack will result only in the complete destruction of their Nation have not been believed by Pakistan's Heroin/Terror Central Command.  It seems that a demonstration is in order.

 Crippled by the destruction of channels of training and logistics that passed formerly through Terror Training Camps in Iraq, FBI arrests and INS expulsions here in the USA and disruption of the core ability of Pakistani training schools to funnel resources and money by way of Afghanistan through Turkey and Europe, opportunities have diminished due to the US's efforts in these countries. To compensate for the Bush Administration's successful disruption of their long standing networks, Al Qaeda is using a deeper sleeper net that has existed here in the US far longer than that lead by Mohammed Atta against the World Trade Center on 9/11 hoping it's not having been detected during the Clinton Administration will blind the Bush Administration.  This network, which has been under 24x7 surveillance since 9/11, consists largely of command and control personnel from Pakistani Intelligence operatives who infiltrated the US between 1970 and 1995. It functions using older recruits from Egypt, Libya and Jordan, Islamist embedded in the USA to plan for older attacks such as the first WTC bombing, the Oklahoma City Bombing and other activities. 

 Transporting explosives and biological materials is much, much more difficult today with heightened security focusing on capturing exactly that heavily in place.  ACSA believes such an attack attempt will take place between today and January 5. We have confidential information that prior efforts were successfully interdicted without publicity, quietly interdicted by the US Authorities so as to blind enemies of America as to the outcome. Some efforts were simply scared off by a network of intelligence personnel using carefully planned surveillance to force Al Qaeda to delay it's plans sufficiently to devalue such an attack as it might help President Bush gain re-election. That is something they simply will not do since President Bush has been so successful in routing Terrorism's centers of training and communications, command and control in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. The Terrorists could attack pre-election, on election day or after, but the events they created to try and influence America not to elect President Bush are now being supplanted by efforts to mount a major attack sometime in the indicated period.

Copright ACSA