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ACSA announces it is organizing a nation wide boycott against companies off-shoring its members' jobs: BOY-COT-OFFSHORING
Move suggests a strong reaction by economically harmed Americans to companies who hire lower cost programmers, assembly labor and Help Desk / Customer Care from outside the USA to increase earnings while leaving American workers unemployed or looking for work at McDonalds.  'American technology businesses are thumbing their noses at American technology and communications workers...'  Help bring about an end to the most dangerous trend in American History...

(December 1, 2004) ACSA - NY.


America's Thinking
Technology Workers

Hundreds of thousands of our peers are out of a job, lurking at the library or collecting unemployment.  Approximately 13,000 more are losing their jobs per week, as Chase Manhattan / Citibank dominated Corporate America blindly seeks shelter behind technology workers who earn $5000 per year in India and other areas of the world where the exchange rate and lower cost of living standards and lack of regulations has made it possible for them to do so.  Meanwhile, American National Security is totally jeopardized, America's greatest single global advantage, it's technological prowess, is slowly eroding, even Colleges aren't recommending Computers as a degree anymore, since jobs are gone, all because the five leading Billionaires who run this country, all involved in the Oil and Banking Business, are too old and too dim witted to realize they are SINKING AMERICA FOR GOOD! (Or maybe that's their intent... they were behind the instigation for global terrorism, the many wars and the rise of Adolph Hitler.  what are these self-defined American Aristocracy up to now?)

The American Computer Scientists Association has announced the formation of an alliance among it's millions of computer industry programmers, technicians, help desk workers, system analysts, software and hardware designers and sales and assembly workers, dubbed BOY-COT-OFF-SHORING: BOYcott Companies Off-shoring Technology-workers.  Companies who offshore knowledge worker and assembly jobs to foreign lands will be boycotted by the members and all companies and individuals who join BOY-COT-OFF-SHORING or BCO for short.

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Call Centers and R&D Centers they maintain.)

An Association spokesperson indicated that it had identified several key areas that justified the movement to halt purchases of products and services from companies who farm back office functions to India, Mexico, Canada and the Far East.  The boycott was called for not only the computer industry, but extended to all American industries using offshore labor to increase profits at the expense of American employment including the Credit Card Industry, the Internet Industries, eTailers, and anyone else. The Association indicated that foreign firms unaffiliated in any manner with American companies were excluded from the boycott.  The Association indicated the following principal consequences of off-shoring simply to save some salary expense as "objectionable" and "legally inappropriate" towards American workers, in addition:

a) Service Quality Declines.

b) Language Barricades lead to misinformation, misunderstanding and lack of care and quality.

c) "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" treatment of customers by foreign customer care

d) Loss of jobs in America weakening economy, forcing knowledge workers to take less knowledgeable and lower paying jobs.

e) Depletion of opportunity for new workers coming from college and older workers with substantial experience, off-shoring is "script driven" and represents acceptance of reduced capability.

f) Reduction in the quality of products under the myth of lower cost - hidden greed among technology companies eliminates the difference between far east and Mexican labor and American and European markets, putting the difference in class pockets while depriving America of essential infrastructure and work force.

g) Strained relations with companies by customers, dis-engendered customer syndrome

f) Depletion of quality indexes in American Government and American Business - a feedback loop spiral which if allowed to continue will so severely reduce proficiency in American business that eventually America will be reduced to shambles and it's former economic standing made the laughing stock of the free world.

g) Loss of Intellectual Property through erosion in countries where American technologies are not protected.

i) Creates the appearance of a country which does not protect it's own labor pools leading to loss of confidence in America, resulting in business declines and lack of RELIABLE and LOYAL personnel.  No country can survive on the labor of foreign employees in it's knowledge worker class, it leads to depreciation of quality, and opens the country up to outside dominance.

ACSA indicated it was responding to numerous complaints against AOL, Krell, MICROSOFT, IBM, and others employing foreign personnel to increase earnings against it's technological and help desk needs.

A spokesperson indicated:

"We are building a database of companies guilty of abuse of American labor pools who leverage the 'Labor Exchange Rate' or what we call the 'Slavery Pool' found in foreign dominions.  Such includes those who've been off-shoring to mainland China where workers are imprisoned for minor offenses and work in squalor at a few cents an hour (or for no pay at all) and produce products and services that are below market price.  Such includes those who have moved to Mexico, Latin and South America for uneven gains in reduced cost, where we believe political gangster-ism rules and where labor racketeering is common practice.  Such includes those who've farmed offshore call centers and assembly areas to India, Africa and the Far East where products and services have become "matrix management" exercises, yielding a far worse grade of technology and an infinitesimal quality of service provision that is both maddening and frightening to American and European consumers."

"We believe every company doing it is guilty of violations of American trade laws and should be forced to pay the net difference in Labor Cost (not counting communications network cost or transportation cost) to the US Government in protective import duties, so as to offset labor, and should be fined if they set up offshore businesses to sell into the United States to circumvent those taxes."

"Since, however, Congress is not listening to the People much these days, we are organizing a global boycott of all companies guilty of these abuses.  Such will not only include refusal to purchase the products and/or services of any such company who has moved any significant labor component outside of the USA, but will also extend to the owners of said companies, a refusal to do business with them on a broad spectrum basis. If they want to work without American labor in their technological and help desk pools, then they can work WITHOUT AMERICAN CUSTOMERS in their revenue stream.  Period."

ACSA, which has 9.5 million members in North America alone, indicated it was also going to approach key unions, trade associations, government agencies, and wholly domestically situated companies for alliances around the staunch notion that 'If you outsource our jobs, don't expect to sell it in America!'.

"It's about time for the shabby deception being engaged in by these wealthy companies seeking to line their pockets with even more profits, while claiming poverty to the Internal Revenue Service, to be brought to task.  America and it's people have been victimized from within, the Robber Barons have descended upon our workforce, raped it, and having done so, gone off to other countries to do likewise while simply raising a middle finger to the upper middle, middle and lower classes here. It's a pathetic excuse for profiteering, it's wrong and it represents an attack on the class structure of America by one key segment it's business leaders: those allied with our energy industries.  They ought to be punished by prosecutors for doing so.  In the meanwhile, it doesn't mean we need to buy their products" stated the Association.

Noting the need for a "progressive disengagement with offshore labor in the manufacturing trades by the building of efficient manufacturing infrastructures in America" the Association indicated American workers were going to have to "band together into cooperative programs" in order to afford "health services, leverage social security, and other commonly available compensation" ordinarily afforded every worker.


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